Miu Miu Honeycomb Metallic Clutch

Being an American traveling in Europe makes you realize just how young the United States are. The endless numbers of castles, architecture, buildings, and styles seen in Europe are mind-boggling. We made it to quite a few stunning cathedrals and castles, stayed in a hotel that manifested its beauty in age and refinement, and saw artwork and sculptures that made my jaw drop. But can a handbag that reminds you of Joan of Arc be just as stunning? I am not sold on the fact that it transfers over. The feelings behind the Miu Miu Honeycomb Metallic Clutch shows age with honeycomb/antiqued effects on the sides and mesh/chain-like linking on the front. The brown with gold metallic finish really ages the clutch, which meets at the gathered top. I attempted to let this clutch grow on me, but I think I will stick to visiting Europe to get my dose of old-beauty and stick to new beauty in my hand. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $685.

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