Somehow, I made it through almost the entire spring and summer wedding season without attending a single wedding. At 27, I’m a little too young for most of my New York contemporaries to be getting hitched, and my good friends back home haven’t been doing a lot of vow-exchanging lately either. That means I haven’t had to plan a single wedding outfit for all of 2013 – until tonight. Hilary, who some of you might remember as a former member of the PurseBlog team, is getting hitched in Central Park and I need to figure out what bag I’m carrying in, oh, the next eight hours. In an ideal world, it’d be the Kotur Morley Reflective Iridescent Clutch.

Currently, I’m trying to decide between a black, vaguely Grecian cocktail dress and a cute little black-based floral frock. It’s going to be a game-time decision, as far as dresses go, but I’ve picked out a pair of metallic Prada sandals that will go with either dress. Now I just need a bag, and to tell you the truth, I’m not liking any of the options that I have in my closet. I have plenty of great clutches, but I just want something fun and bright – it’s an outdoor celebration, after all! “Fun and bright” is not my normal fashion speed, though, so I’m coming up empty-handed, both literally and figuratively.

I’ve found this perfect, color-shifting minaudiere a little too late for my purposes, but if you’ve got summer weddings left on your schedule, there’s still hope. Pick it up for $560 via Net-a-Porter.


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