Jalda Croc Clutch

As a little girl I always dabbled between being a girly-girl and a tom-boy. One day it was Barbies, ballet, and lipstick and the next it was baseball, toy cars, and jerseys. Pink only recently became a color of choice for me. I actually was always a girl that loved baby blue, but my attention has turned to pink lately. So the combination of a beautiful material with some pink, all in a clutch, just makes my heart go pitter-patter. Thank you Jalda (umm, I did not know you until now but I am more than pleased to meet you) for you Jalda Pink Croc Clutch. I’m in love- which happens way too often, but I can’t help it. This divine clutch is actually made from crocodile patterned embossed leather in grey and pink. Closing with a magnetic snap closure, this clutch just comes together so perfectly. Yes, you may be fooled that the bag is merely croc embossed leather and not actual croc skin, but that sure does save the wallet some. The clutch measures 10″L x 3″W x 4″H. If you are looking for a nice holiday gift (doesn’t have to be for someone else, it is ok to be selfish sometimes ;-) ), make your way to Shop Bop and buy this for $201.

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