I’m so utterly pleased to see the bags from the Fendi Spring 2010 catwalk starting to land in stores. This bag collection is my favorite from Fendi in…well, almost forever. It had a bohemian grace and ease to it that is difficult to capture, and they did a fine job.

The Fendi Wood-Frame Leather Clutch is a great example of the slightly boho vibe that the collection had, and unlike the emerging clog trend (no no no, I cannot live in a world where clogs are ok), the wooden touches on this leather handbag are totally acceptable. They might even be pretty.

I was slightly more unsure of the wood when the collection first walked than I am now. It was featured on several different styles of bags, and I didn’t know if its use on these clutches would fly once I got a better look at them. Well, as it turns out, my concerns were completely unfounded.

The walnut handles are totally chic and feel really modern, despite their retro roots. The juxtaposition of such a hard material with the soft black leather brings out the best in both, and the small gold studs that dot the confluence of the leather and wood are like little cherries on top. Buy through Saks for $1450.

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