felix rey lola clutch
Felix Rey Lola Clutch

I’m having a clutch moment lately. I don’t really have anywhere to wear a clutch since my days of going out on the town 4 nights a week ended when my big-girl job began in May, but that doesn’t stop me from looking (and coveting). Besides, I’ve still got Fridays and Saturdays (and, ok, sometimes Thirsty Thursdays), right?

As with all handbags, my tastes lean towards the brightly colored; most of my cute little dresses are black or grey, so I depend on statement accessories (bright bags, chunky jewelry, look-at-me shoes) to pull together my look and add personal style. As a result, I have a ton of clutches. Red, patent, purple, blue, quilted, faux snake, chain male, embossed croc. Everything. What I’m missing, though, is pink. I had one that I used incessantly, but I left it on the floor one night, after which it met the same fate as my favorite Gucci sunglasses the next morning – I stepped on it and completely broke the closure.

So now I need a replacement, and I’m eyeing the Felix Rey Lola clutch in magenta satin. I prefer my pinks to have lots of purple undertones because that sort of pink looks amazing against almost everyone’s skin, and the Lola fits the bill perfectly. The satin material may skew a bit formal, but the cut of the clutch and oversized bow add enough of a quasi-casual flare that the bag shouldn’t be limited to only formal events. To top it all off, the leopard lining is a perfect nod to the many parties in the clutch’s future.

Pair this with a simple dress and some not-so-simple jewelry, and you’ve got my idea of the perfect night out ensemble. Buy through Shop Bop for $115 (marked down from $230).

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