Emilio Pucci Bean Shaped Clutch

Entirely unique, I will give this bag that much. And maybe that is what Emilio Pucci is going for. Why bring one more predictable clutch into the handbag world when you can bring an eclectic one to the bunch? The Emilio Pucci Bean Shaped Clutch truly is shaped like a bean and finished in a navy metallic shine. The body is a hard box clutch with a silver tone frame and push clasp opening. I would have to see this ‘bean’ in person to know exactly what would fit inside of it. This is a conversation piece. One of those funky bags you see someone carrying where you try not to stare but you continue to stare wondering what exactly it is and who created it. This is Emilio Pucci, it stays fun but strays away from his signature prints. The price tag is hefty and this is a clutch that I will be content to leave out of my collection. Though, I will admit, it did grab my attention. Buy through Net A Porter for $1385.

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  • chirpy_gal

    Love it….. new style :)

  • michaelstjames

    i absolutely LOVE this clutch, but it’s overpriced for a novelty bag!


  • Jessica Jean Benson

    To be brutally honest. The bean shaped clutch looks like…well, a bean. That being said. Its a bit too plastic/futuristic for my taste. It looks like something from a twilight movie that will melt into a puddle of liquid. I would much rather have a more timeless piece, especially for that price.

  • MizzJ

    It’s kinda cute, but it reminds me too much of a glasses case.

  • 19yearslater

    There are better shapes to make novelty bags in. I don’t know who’ll pay over $1000 for a bean.

  • Amanda

    Wow to the price of a cute lil’ blue bean!

  • Mika

    C’mon – $1335 for something that looks like a specs case?!? I don’t think so >3 – still I really like the colour ;)

  • heidi

    that is seriously….the fugliest, most horrid clutch i have ever seen! it looks like something left over after surgery.

  • Merve

    its funky but for that price i prefer a BV box clutch thx

  • hect

    fantastic and the spirit of pucci is so in the bag the odd shape the material and so so pucci

  • Naggy

    It is pretty cute and definitely unique; I like it and wouldn’t necessarily call it bean-shape, just futuristic and modern with that glass-look as well. (ipad)