When we first talked about the Oscar de la Renta Grafton Clutch, many of you shared my love for the design. I rekindled my love for this sleek design from designer-extraordinaire Oscar de la Renta over the weekend.

Just in time for the holidays, the Grafton is the ideal holiday party clutch. The stand-out design remains simple while still gathering the perfect amount of attention for your outfit. The shape is classic and feminine, just as Oscar knows how to do. The options below range from solid color (the lizard is truly gorgeous) to fun and spunky multi-colored python. Which version do you like best?

Orchid Python Grafton | $2190

Cork Grafton | $790

Denim Elaphe Grafton | $995

White Python Grafton | $2190

Peanut Lizard Grafton | $2190

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  • salomé
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  • Vitta

    Nothing special or new. Predictable and very overpriced. Not impressed at all.

  • Fur

    Love the lizard cluch

  • Alana

    Love these!!

  • carrie

    Hum…don’t get it.

  • Merve

    I like all of them unfortunately

  • Mila


  • edoardo

    Beuatiful clutches, especially the cork one but they don’t look “De La Renta creations”. I don’t know but I believe that he lost a bit of his elegant and unqiue style in these creations….


    • Stylista

      I actually think they are very much like de la Renta. They are simple, elegant, and I can definitely see them working with any of his creations. There are no embellishments; it’s just a clutch, and that, I think, makes it perfect for the de la Renta woman.


  • Eleanor

    Cork? I love, love, LOVE the lizard! Usually I am not a fan of lizard, but that clutch is gorgeous. However, CORK? As in, the material used to plug up wine bottles? What a dreadful idea.

  • Stylista

    The white, denim and orchid are all so amazing! I love python!


  • RedoMyShoe

    I think they’re all hideous. I honestly don’t understand killing a snake, lizard, or any reptile to make anything, especially ugly clutches like these that eventually end up at Goodwill in 10 years. It’s so unnecessary.


    • Tara

      I agree.

  • CL

    any color, just in my closet please!! (ipad)

  • Smith

    i love these – i settle for any version frankly haha (ipad)

  • Lola

    I couldn’t choose between them if I had to, they’re amazing! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    This is what ADD looks like (ipad)

  • nini

    I like the last one the best. (ipad)

  • Bettye

    I love the clutches, they are very beautiful. (ipad)


    this would go perfect with my outfit tonight (ipad)


    great clutch (ipad)

  • Ellen

    The only one that I like is the peanut lizard which is to die for. (ipad)

  • Limey

    i like it.. very unique patterns (ipad)

  • Naggy

    This looks off in the execution of asymmetry but I still like a few of the patterns used. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    nothing beats an exotic skin clutch..
    no need accessories, it rocks itself perfectly! (ipad)

  • Cindy

    I’m not a fan. (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    Love the second to last one! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    does it come in red? (ipad)

  • Joanna

    Love the lizard! (iPad)

  • Jen

    I like the cork one! (ipad)

  • Alison J.

    Love the cork-looking one! (ipad)

  • Lara

    gorgeous! (ipad)

  • helen

    I was about to say that it was one complicated piece. Then I realized it was a collage of all the separate items. (ipad)