I’ve come to a conclusion folks, I am constantly intrigued by Christian Louboutin handbags. It goes practically without saying, Louboutin shoes are gorgeous, chic, and often considered a must-have from any shoe lover. Well, what about the handbags? There are some out there who dismiss Louboutin handbags because they are over-priced and nowhere near as fabulous as the shoes.

Christian Louboutin Mount Street Bag

Well, I beg to differ. Are the handbags pricey? Yes. But do they offer a sense of uniqueness and flare? YES! This is what keeps me wanting to see more. The Christian Louboutin Mount Street Bag is no different. Whether you like the bag or not, the fuchsia satin with a ruffle petal finish will grab just about anyone’s eye. I love the signature shoe fastening top; it is a clever way to incorporate the two worlds. Pair it with your favorite Little Black Dress or even a pair of jeans and a crisp white top and you have a hit! Let this bag be the focal point of your ensemble and you are bound to be noticed. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1495.

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  • Sarah

    I really like this. It would make a simple black dress grab attention in a great way.

  • Jane

    this is embarassingly bad.

  • A-T-G

    This bag is just beautiful! I want the kind of life that would justify this bag! We would be so happy together.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    ITA with you A-T-G…my lifestyle does NOT warrant this bag either, especially in our current hard economic times right now. I just WISH Msr. Louboutin, would design something a little more pirce concious when it comes to his handbags…I know, know wishful thinking…right?

    Well at least I can continue to LUST over his gorgeous shoes…yeah!

  • Cherie L.

    ridiculous and outrageous. i love it. you can wear a sack and this bag will make the whole outfit look expensive, hence the price is justified.

  • MizzJ

    At first I thought this purse looked a little ridiculous, but I actually quite like it! The color is fun and exciting and I imagine it as perfectly fitting for a young, rich socialite. Unfortunately, I am not one.

  • Merve

    At first glance i thought wow way too much flower going on but on second thought its kinda funky and the clasp is nice HOWEVER i would never buy it as the price is outrageous and i have no need for it

  • Merve

    Guys I know most of you are shoe fans as well as pursees so beware of a site called http://www.louboutinbox.com. They are being advertised everywhere including nymag and shoegodess’ blog. They are fakes!!

  • Mama M

    So pretty! Love the color and the shoe clasp is really cute.

  • Shannon

    i love it, would look beautiful with a simple neutral dress

  • Anna

    I like the design (clasp, etc), but for the materials it’s made out of, it’s not really worth the money, not when they probably had it made for less than fifty bucks cost price.