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Aztec prints are a trend of Spring/Summer 2008 and will make a place for themselves next to the floral print trend. We recently introduced you to Bird Handbags and the designer behind the bags, Liz Carey. One of the biggest hits from this line is the over sized One Night Stand clutch. While the clutch is already available in leather, ostrich, and python, Liz Carey released the Bird Handbags One Night Stand in Aztec Fabric for Spring/Summer 2008. While this bag may not meet your fancy, it is a stunning piece and perfect for the over-sized clutch trend. For those that yearn for a hippie-chic bag or a fabric print, this is a great option. Bergdorf Goodman will be carrying the Fabric One Night Stand February 1st (all of the bags are one of a kind). This fabric clutch retails for $995. Buy through Bird Handbags online. Also Lux Couture is carrying some Bird Handbags.

*Additional info*: There were a few pieces of information I was missing that I’d like to add: The bags are all embroidered by hand and have ostrich handles. The vintage fabric used on these bags originates from Guatemala. Right now some boutiques that carry the One Night Stand are Fred Segal Flair, Satine and Presse. This month Elle Accessories has featured this handbag! And the list of celebrities that love this bag include Cameron Diaz, Patricia Arquette, Lake Bell and Rosario Dawson.

bird handbags fabric one night stand
Bird Handbags One Night Stand in Fabric

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  • Chi town Chanel

    Colorful, but not really in a good way. If the overall shape were different, I think it may have looked better. Don’t really like the name of the bag so much either. It seems like a rip off of “the morning after” bag name.

  • estella149

    I actually really like this one. It looks really durable on the website.. and I’m a mom so my bags definately take a beating. I can’t really do the bags that I have to baby, can’t set down in a metal shopping cart etc..
    This looks like a great bag summer bag. Although.. I would probably have to wear it with a lot of solids.

  • Judi

    I love bright ethnic-looking fabrics and wish more bags would incorporate them. Love this one. :lol:

  • Fashion Victim

    I love it and actually think this print would be fun to wear in the spring. However, WTH with this price tag?!?!?!? I mean give me a break: who is this Liz Carey person to demand such an awful lot of $$ for mainly fabric cluch (be it oversized or not). Geeeez, designers are really trying to milk us poor consumers out of our wits! And even those lesser known too!!!!

    • Nina Woldorf

      I have to agree with you here. To tell you the truth….I love the bag…however I have been looking for a cool ethnic handbag and have been learning about the people of guatemala who design the fablic,etc. These people are the true artists! The bag is not worth the money unless she giving some of the proceeds to these people who will never see $1000!

  • amanda

    $1000 for fabric?
    Cute. But so not worth it.

  • Amie

    I think this bag is too colorful and as some have stated, way too overpriced.

  • dela

    With the Aztec print and that leather handle it looks too craftsy and homemade.

  • belle

    Totally agree with Fashion Victim. WTH? $1,000 for fabric and I have never heard of Liz Carey either. You do not become House of Gucci, Vuitton, or Hermes overnight by charging an exorbitant amount for your products!

  • gratytude

    well, here I go. All the trends point towards this bag. There is a huge trend coming with all of this multi cultural stuff. Bird may just be a little ahead of her time. I love it. It’s cool, earthy, very Malibu looking….

  • Lpat

    Reminds me of Guatamalan textiles. Might be ok for a fun summer bag but never at this price. Looks like something you might find at a flea market.

  • jenlovesbags

    I completely agree with Lpat. The first thing that came to my mind was “Tijuana.” It’s not so much that I hate the bag, but nothing about it merits the high price tag.

  • KaylaAnn

    This looks like a toy purse a five year old would have.

  • LoveforCocoChanel

    The price tag on this bag is just stupid! Who on earth would pay almost $1000 for this bag?! I can just go to Tijuana and get one like it for $20.

  • shasta

    okay, I’m going to catch major heat for this, but Eva Longoria is such a fame whore! I love the bag, but she is constantly pulling on the coat tails of Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. She tries so hard, that it is annoying. Nothing looks effortless. Please note that I think that VB has horrible style, but I still love her and her birkins.

  • shasta

    this was supposed to be posted on Eva Longoria Coach post…

  • Kate Jones

    I think the bag is beautiful and puts these beautiful, traditional textiles to use. But they are Mayan not Aztec and I can also tell you what they cost and it comes no where close (to say the least) to warranting its price tag. I agree with one of the other posts and hope that a healthy portion of the proceeds goes to the Guatemalan people, for whom a little goes a very long way…Too bad such a high price for others to be able to enjoy these amazing embroidered textiles.

  • Marco Antonio

    Yes, the fabric is Mayan, not Aztec as Kate points out. I am pretty sure that none of the money goes to Guatemala or its people.

  • S.T.

    Okay. All these bags are totally handmade. And that is ostrich( not cheap obvi) which is handstiched onto that fabric which is fully line. Now as a bunch of fashionistas I would expect you to know the common mark up for stores is 2.5. That means whatever liz sells it to the stores for they multiply that by 2.5. At the very least. Then you factor in the price of the skin and the leather work. She actually makes very little on each bag. If you want to yell at someone, yell at Fred Segal, Bergdorfs etc., By the way, these fabric bags are the least of her genius, if you really wanna lose your mind check out Take a look at the one night stand in python or the lil’ lady in snake or any of the clutches. Those are the timeless pieces.I can tell you having seen many of these bags I think the reason people are liking them so much is that they feel very subtantial when you hold them, and well crafted not just “banged” out like much of the more mainstream brands. But good luck getting your hands on one, she’s one of my best friend’s and I’ll be lucky if I get one before ’09. Or see her ever again for that matter. Ladies wants their bags!

  • Mich1513

    I love the bag- but the price is outrageous!

  • Anoulack

    Does anyone know where to get a bag that looks like this online but at a more reasonable price. The fabric actually looks Asian also. Cambodian, Thai and Laotian people use these types of fabrics also.


  • Sawsan

    the price sis really good, thats one “great buy buy” and t goes with everythning, good jeand and a wow bron leather belt,, and i have never seen like it before,,