Belen Echandia Clutch Me

There is something striking and different about this clutch. The mix of silver on the black makes this clutch perfect to stand out in the evening, and perfect for a holiday party. It says look-at-me without screaming and flashing in your face. Designed by Jackie Cawthra, who is the founder and creative director of Belen Echandia, this clutch features a perfect hand held shape. The name given to the clutch is perfect as the Belen Echandia Clutch Me is asking for you to hold it in your hand. Dimensions are W 13 in, H 6 in. The inside is lined with fuchsia silk and there is a zip pocket. The designs from Belen Echandia have been garnering quite a bit of attention on our forum, and we are thrilled to see a new designer making her name known. This clutch is also available in pewter, red, purple, and black for $375. Buy at the Belen Echandia online store for $399.


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