Look at this clutch. Look at this clutch. Not only is it vintage Chanel, but it is beautiful, gold, and best of all, not tacky in the slightest. Could we ever expect Chanel to be? I think not.

But via vintage powerhouse What Goes Around Comes Around, Shopbop is again bringing in some unbelievable vintage Chanel with which to fill our closets. And this beautiful, queenly, sophisticated Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch is absolutely no exception. Now, besides the fact that it oozes 50’s glamour more than a sponge oozes water, the size is of particular note.

Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch
You see, this clutch is tiny. It’s miniscule, perfect for holding delicately in the palm of your hand. That unique tiny size for clutches is hard to come by this day and age, where massive envelope clutches are all the rage. See? The power of this clutch has even inspired me to rhyme, like a handbag blogger muse has touched me. But that’s quite beside the point. What is on topic? I really cannot think of any evening gown (or 50’s wasp waist dress, why not?) that this would not complement. Buy through Shopbop for $4,180.

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