Look at this clutch. Look at this clutch. Not only is it vintage Chanel, but it is beautiful, gold, and best of all, not tacky in the slightest. Could we ever expect Chanel to be? I think not.

But via vintage powerhouse What Goes Around Comes Around, Shopbop is again bringing in some unbelievable vintage Chanel with which to fill our closets. And this beautiful, queenly, sophisticated Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch is absolutely no exception. Now, besides the fact that it oozes 50’s glamour more than a sponge oozes water, the size is of particular note.

Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch
You see, this clutch is tiny. It’s miniscule, perfect for holding delicately in the palm of your hand. That unique tiny size for clutches is hard to come by this day and age, where massive envelope clutches are all the rage. See? The power of this clutch has even inspired me to rhyme, like a handbag blogger muse has touched me. But that’s quite beside the point. What is on topic? I really cannot think of any evening gown (or 50’s wasp waist dress, why not?) that this would not complement. Buy through Shopbop for $4,180.

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  • Jessica Jean Benson

    I DIE. Really is beyond beautiful.

    • papertiger

      I DIE 2

  • Kimberly Marney

    I bet it is unelievable in person.


    Can I ask a probably dumb question? Is it an authentic Chanel? How many do they offer–I mean, they obviously couldn’t have a warehouse full of them. (Thanks, Newbie here….)

    • It’s authentic – ShopBop is uber reliable, I love ordering from them. It looks like they have 2 in stock currently (when you add something to your cart on ShopBop, change the amount to a higher number – I used 6 – and try to update it. It’ll tell you “Sorry, your cart cannot exceed X number of this item” And whatever that number is is the number they have in stock.

      • MRS TIPTON

        Thanks for the answer….appreciate it.

  • Michael St. James

    Absolutely stunning!


  • 19yearslater

    It is pretty, but I have to disagree that it isn’t the slightest bit tacky. It’s a gold bar. Like villains in old movies tried to collect.

    • matilda lea

      it is not tacky!!!!!!! whats wrong wtih you!

  • aashleigh

    love it!

  • Kelly

    Its absolutley beautiful. Sometimes I hate living in NZ as we miss out on all the great shops/boutiques that other countries have. But I won’t complain because there are 2 Louis Vuittons within a 3 hour drive from my house. lol

  • G

    This is stunning ! <3 I miss the teeny clutches, I still love my new patent tiny envelope clutch though.

    @ Kelly :: 2 ? Wow! :D

  • Chicken

    I love it! I can’t think of an outfit it wouldn’t go with.
    I think it would be nice if shopbop listed more info- like what year it was made, or how many were made. It would also be nice to see pics of the exact purse you are buying. I would be wary of spending $4K on an item I can’t even a picture of.

  • Kelly

    it’s not at all beautiful…monitored. Inappropriate contributions will be deleted.

  • Rach

    Hmm…its cute and eye-catching, but I disagree a bit – I think it could easily look tacky if the wearer were not careful with the rest of the outfit.

  • Claire

    Gorgeous! I need the lifestyle to go with that clutch!

  • Sarah Shaw

    How fun and chic! Love it!

  • Ana

    I agree with Rach.. and I’ve seen some tacky Chanels, sry2sayyyy.

  • bunny

    i know this is completely out of topic but does this bag here look like a rip off from any bag the purse blog covered lately? i just CANT put my darn finger on it.


  • pinkstreak

    looks like a doppelganger of rebecca minkoff stud devote

  • The Girl in Grey

    I feel like it would be worth the 4,000+

  • bunny

    wow thanks pinkstreak. lol. ur right. it is almost exaclty the same, except without the studs at the top and using a diff kind of stud. why does Bebe ripoff stuff. sigh.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    in a fight, i would hope this would make a good weapon (fb)

  • Maleficent

    It’s currently on sale for $2,926.00 (30% off).

  • Ana

    the price is really too high…but yes it’s G O R G E O U S

  • haya

    how will i know if i bought th e real channel bags ?

  • Hi, this clutch is so stunning I was inspired to DIY my own out of a tin pencil case.  Please check it out:  http://byebyesoccermom.blogspot.com/2012/03/diy-gold-bar-clutch-out-of-tin-pencil.html