Vintage Chanel Caviar Jumbo CC Lock Bag   Vintage Chanel Single Chain Bag

Well ladies and gents, this is certainly a bit of a surprise. Just a few moments ago I pulled up Shopbop and I could barely believe what I was seeing – vintage Chanel bags for sale. If you are anything like me you probably are saying to yourself, “no friggin way”, because believe you me, that is exactly what I am still saying!

Vintage Chanel Double Chain Tube Bag

After a little more looking around I came to the conclusion that these bags are in fact genuine and without a doubt gorgeous. While we usually try and break posts down one bag at a time, I can’t help myself, I need to share all three bags with you. The three beauties that are available are: Vintage Chanel Caviar Jumbo CC Lock Bag for $3960, Vintage Chanel Single Chain Bag for $3190 and the Vintage Chanel Double Chain Tube Bag for $2750.

These bags come from vintage distributor What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA). While the first two bags I’ve mentioned are already sold out, the Double Chain Tube Bag is still available. I am hoping that although these bags are almost all sold out if Shopbop will replenish. I certainly hope so!

Are you still in disbelief? I certainly am!

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  • Lacey

    This is uhmazing =D

  • Jane

    Whoa! This definitely makes me want to visit the site more.

  • winnie

    wow its amazing i will go to have a look the site now

  • Mira

    ooooh my god !

    I want the first bag Vintage Chanel Caviar Jumbo CC Lock Bag for $3960, Vintage Chanel Single Chain Bag for $3190 !

    please help me find it ~ !


    • swank

      I have the first one on hand, I live in Hong Kong. If you wanted to buy, please email me.

  • DanielleZ

    I just checked out the site, now they all sold out!

  • mj

    Wow! Ridiculously high prices! Vintage Chanels are lucky to go for $1800 on eBay. Since when does ShopBop sell used handbags?

  • divnanata

    I saw it as well earlier today and had the same reaction. I couldn’t figure out the initials they used to identify the brand under which the Chanels were sold? What am I missing? But sheesh – it is good to know there is a solid place to buy these vintage bags for the 20 minutes they’ll be viable.

  • Marielle

    Holy sweet mother of Chanel!
    Those are gooorgeous! I want the first one!!

  • liz

    Ah that’s amazing! I wish I had seen this yesterday!

  • 19yearslater

    Wow! Chanel online at all is crazy.

  • sweetsavvy

    Unbelievable! I just got one! I trust shopbop more than ebay…

  • kemilia

    Love Shopbop, though I cannot afford their vintage Chanels.

    I always get great deals during their sales (but of course, this won’t happen on Chanels!!).

  • neesa

    owning a vintage chanel would be a dream come true (=^_^=)

  • ferrara105

    Geez, unbelivable. Super high prices though.

    • Bellae

      I have a question what is the price right in the states for a Chanel classic jumbo size?
      I hear the prices are going up feb 1st does anyone know how much they are going up by?

  • gabriel

    Its rediculous price. I bought vintage second camera bag with 2 double strap for 600 dollar in singapore.

  • Windy

    The prices are astronomical!! I would never pay the prices they are asking, no matter how much I loved them.

  • jerseys

    wonderful like it very much

  • baby boo

    whoa the prices are a bit over inflated

  • CoolRiverDenver

    I’d rather just say nothing

  • Hien


  • Sarah

    Vintage Chanel Single Chain Bag is here 3190, but I saw it in Chanel store in NY this summer for 2500 + tax (tax is around 8%), so i don’t know why is this so cheep? Btw i’m from Europe and if anyone is comming here, you should buy it here because it is around 1100 eur + tax, and you get tax back.

  • zarle

    I don’t see any, what happened?

  • mariet

    ordinary people in philippines average wage is only p325/day. who can afford that chanel bag? donate ur money to the poor people.

  • natalie

    i saw it the first time they where available i want them so bad!!! i agree with som of u 3000 bucks for vintage chanel too much!

  • Alice

    I don’t know to be honest, i checked out and i found they were quite highly priced for Vintage bags, ok fair play if they were new but i think i’ll stick with my new bag i just bought, take a look and tell me what you think?
    I’m so excited, i wish i had it here now :(

  • Susanne

    can you tell me ifthis bag is a fake? I’ve never seen one like it. He say’s it’s vintage, and no sertificat. the price is ca. 250 us dollar. What do you think? please send me an e-mail, if you answer! I’d be so greatful.

  • loura

    does anybody know about the limited edition chanel caviar 31? my husband just got me one,but i don’t know if i should keep it or exchange it. help!

  • Discount Shopping

    I love the Eva, but I feel like I can’t wear it as a should purse. It just looks off on me, I guess. Looks much better as a clutch!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not for me (fb)

  • lamiy

    i liiike the circule one :( its verrry nice + classsic (LL)

  • Janet

    Chanel bags are too die for! magnificent.