Chanel has been producing some of the world’s most iconic and beloved handbags for over 100 years, and one of the things that the brand has become remarkably good at is taking its classic designs and updating them each season. Whether it be denim or tweed, sequins or studs, feathers or velvet, there are countless iterations of Chanel icons that have existed over the years. If you’ve ever watched or read coverage on Chanel’s fashion shows then you’re no stranger to the intricately planned collections and themed shows, which transport the audience to another world, the world of Chanel that is.

Though I write about Chanel quite a lot because of the nature of the industry, I’m not exactly a Chanel person myself. Like most handbag lovers and collectors, I often dream about owning a Chanel bag but more often than not I question whether or not Chanel’s core aesthetic and overall traditionally feminine feel fits into my wardrobe. However when Chanel debuted the 19 bag in late 2019, that all changed for me. Something about the slouchy leather silhouette and the chunky chain felt a little tougher and more of the moment than Chanel’s other flap bags. Though I wasn’t immediately set on a color that also changed when I discovered this purple tie dye version.

Those that know me best know that purple is my all-time favorite color. It was the color my childhood room was (and still is) plastered with and to me it just feels good, joyful, and very nostalgic to wear purple. But this bag is more than just any shade of purple, the calfskin leather is dyed the most beautiful hue of violet with tie dyed hints of blues and teal and a lacquered metal chain. This bag has stolen my heart and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s a true statement maker—a fun, fresh take on a new icon and a one-of-kind piece unlike anything I’ve seen. At $5,500, this bag is far from within my budget, but that won’t stop me from obsessing over it and all of its stunning details.

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