For tonight, three PB-exclusive shots at some Chanel purses that just hit the store shelves. Grab these beauties at your nearest Saks Fifth Ave store. Prices as shown on the images!

Perfo Chanel Flap in Red


Chanel Blue Jumbo Flap


Chanel Shoulder Bag in Eggshell


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  • Katie

    Sorry, but I’m not a big fan of the first two. They remind me of a purse made from brightly-colored band-aids.

  • Angel

    I agree but the eggshell purse is beautiful. I love Chanel.

  • Jess

    Agreed, the eggshell purse. Breathtaking. J’adorrrre.

  • preppyrich69

    i luv these purses so trendy fo this up aand comming year so treny it amost kills me

  • DaddysSpoiledLittleGirl

    Im a BIG fan of chanel.:grin: i have about 5 r 6 chanel purses and i have a couple of her sunglasses and some T-Shirts. i love the Chanel Shoulder bag in Eggshell thats my fav. :grin:

    • Haley

      Sweetie, Coco isn’t the one designing the products anymore… so “her sunglasses” are actually not “her’s.”

  • preppyrich69

    we dont care about how many you have ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :smile:

  • Fashion Freak

    Hi everyone! Anybody know the price of “perforated aged calfskin zipped shopping bag” the navy blue one for precollection spring-summer 07. is it in store yet? Please help!!! I love it to death! Thanks a llllllot! :razz:

  • Adrienne

    Actually I do! It’s $2395. The bag is even more amazing in person. I bought it in black. It’s part of ACT I. I got it from Sabrina in Chanel at Neiman Marcus Boca. She was really awesome & she knows her CC!!! :lol: :lol:

  • Pamela

    I love chanel!!!!! the purses are so beautiful!!!! who wouldn’t want one :?:

  • Roxana

    ‘Horror’ :shock:
    I’m a big fan of chanel’s, however these perforated bags in red, white and blue are horrible! They look so cheap (and sort of remind me of sneakers from the 80’s) and the colors have a french nationalistic scent over them, which I cannot really appreciate (although as a dutch girl you would reckon I would also like these colors). But sorry, I find it a misstap from chanel..
    But then again, even the best make mistakes :smile:

  • Chloe

    Does anyone know if the perforated bags come in metallic gold or silver? I like them, a different twist on the classic! By the way I just gotthe egg shell (picture 3) and I absolutly L.O.V.E it :)
    Cheers everyone

  • lee

    Wow. I really love these bags. I have a black quilted CC and i really want one in a fun colour now! These are cuuttee!

  • Sue-z

    Those bags must be on fire cause its HOT!!!

  • I. Arenas

    Does anyone have a picture of the first handbags she designed?


  • Punchalee

    Is anyone know whether I can order the red purse online? I live in a small town in Florida and we don’t have a Chanel boutique here.

  • Monica

    I Love Chanel Bags….Best Style On Earth. :cool:

  • lisa

    Hi! does anyone seen the chanel perforated patent bag it looks like the neverfull of LV I wonder if it is authentic saw it from a friend….:)

  • Naggy

    I don’t see a style I like here but at least the first one is more different than what I’ve seen from them in terms of flaps. (ipad)