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  • andredre47

    The beige and black Boy bags with the metal accents at the corners are to die for!

  • april

    for cowboy not ladies

  • Flaw

    They look like something 00´s Britney would have carried

  • CameronByars

    These are amazing! I’m a Texas girl so maybe I’m a little biased.

    • cigalechanta

      Chanel must be turning over in her grave. What a herd of unattractive bags.
      Especially the ones with a sheriff’s badge and the ones with tassels and the silver engraved corners. If you gave me one I’d sell it and go to Paris.

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  • Lovisa Laufke

    so much Texas, as I see it from Sweden….they are just genius

  • Lori

    These are the most unattractive bags I have ever seen. I wouldn’t pay $24.99 for them at Target….

  • Sandy

    The prices are listed on Chanel.com….for example the bag on the first page of this post is $3800.00. I agree with most….not the best Chanel offerings…

    • Sly

      I can never see the prices, where exactly are they listed? Thank you!

      • Gina

        click the + to reveal the prices and info about the bag. The prices are all there. Btw i like some of these but some are rather over the top.

      • Sly

        Is this on the american site? Because I see the info such as style #, description, size. That’s it.

      • Kim

        Love Texas–hate the bags! Don’t care what the prices are, wouldn’t buy one. I will stick with more classic styles that my great great granddaughters will still be in love with and let the “tasteless followers “have these.

  • Edía Paff

    the fringe! the horror!

  • S

    Omg everyone close your eyes, and walk away.. let’s pretend this never happened.

    • LucyHobbscig

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  • OShirleyUjest

    As a native Texan, I’m stunned. Where into the bowels of Texas HELL did someone descend to and escape from to be inspired to “design” those “handbags”?

    (DISCLAIMER: The bags shown here designated as a Texas inspired theme are in no way associated with the State of Texas USA. Chanel has labeled them as such without the express or implied permission of State of Texas, it’s counties, cities or people. IF they had bothered to ask, we would’ve just said “NO”).

    • Lola

      I find your statement interesting. I’ve indian origins (and african too, while being french) and Chanel had shown a indian inspired collection. At the time, i was surprised because the clothes where half french-half indian but it seems like Karl was playing with all the elements (or cliché) people have about india (of course he made Saris, pink was a predominent color, he even made suits inspired by police uniforms).

      I think in France sometimes we are not always aware of cultural appropriation. For us it feels normal (and we are wrong about it) to mix classical and existiing texan references with western, which is something that was created by hollywood but which feels totally “texan” for us.

      • OShirleyUjest

        Oh yes. Forever “Karl”.

        By a very long stretch of the imagination, one could possibly presume the saris were a triute to southern India and the pink a homage to Jaipur. (polite cough)

        But as in any large country, there are defined differences in various regions and presumptions that will continue until dispelled. People in other US states wonder if we still ride horses to work/school and if everyone wears “cowboy” clothes in Texas. (heavy sigh)

        And in reference to India, many people are not aware of the various dialects of Hindi and the many languages spoken in one country. Also, most know and recognize a sari but have never heard of the salwar khameez (phonetic spellings will vary) and it’s variations.

        Oh well…one misconception at a time! LOL

      • Anita

        OShirley.. what can I say? Am loving your comments:). Now they are inspired!

    • Mary S

      So a few corrections, no one needs to get the permission of the state of texas to design texas inspired anything.

      but of course its not texas inspired, no one is getting shot for no reason, chanel does not oppose science, in fact im sure a lot of science was used to make these bags, nor are these bags, completely bat poop insane. so you are right, they are not true texas. for which we are all eternally grateful.

      overall the bags are quite nice and i approve.

      • OShirleyUjest

        Oh for the love of…

        Satire madam…look it up.

        And I’m sure they are no longer tossing and turning since they now have YOUR approval.

  • laura

    I can’t believe Chanel created something as ugly as these bags.

  • Kate

    Some of the ugliest bags I have ever seen. And I am a life long Texan!!!!! These look like some the cheap handbags I see for sell in certain restaurants in Texas and at flee markets. Double ugly!!!!

  • uadjit

    The tooled leather Boy bags are pretty and some of the beaded diamond stitch bags. But wow. There are some hardcore fugly bags in this collection. But then, I believe that Karl Lagerfeld is a huge troll who laughs every time someone drops a few grand on one of his ridiculous creations (I’m looking at you, saddle bag with a full beard).

    • JWhite

      I agree, and except for the Boy Bags and a few clutches, these are so fugly! Chanel, how could you do this?

  • “Woopie kai yea! Let’s tie one on on the way down The Trail of Tears!”

  • Rashida

    I like some of them. Some are a bit over the top, but that is Chanel for you!

  • ecooper

    I am not tempted by any of these bags. I think of Chanel as being more classic than trendy or thematic like this collection. They almost look like tacky imitations.

  • Dana Hansen

    The designs looks retro a throwback to a lesser designer look.

  • BagAddict

    I honestly would’ve thought these photos were a prank if I hadn’t seen, with my own eyes, the small boy bag with the “burnt” brown leather flap tooled to resemble a tacky rodeo belt. To the credit of the sales ladies at the Chanel boutique, they did display it ‘waaaay up on the very top shelf. The small boy bags with the metal tooling on the front flap corners were also quietly on display, but really, these other bags in the “collection” are downright insulting: to the House of Chanel, to Texas, to All Designer Handbags and to the Women Who Love Them. Karl, darling, what have you been smoking!??

    • lisastarrstyle

      I agreee. the small boy bags are nice ,but the rest OY VEY

  • Sydne

    Although I like a couple of them, frankly, I’m sick of Chanel co-opting street looks that friends of mine and I cultivated when we were in school and broke.

  • ckc57tbird

    There was a big ice storm in Dallas when Neimans had the Chanel show so I missed getting to see these gorgeous bags first hand.. Yes they are over the top but so are real Texas women.. That’s what I love about Texas!! Thanks for recognizing and appreciating our style Chanel..

  • These are awful.

  • Janelle

    Is this an attempt to make fun of Texas?

  • Sly

    I love these bags and when I hear Chanel Must be Rolling over in her grave, all I can think of is Chanel was a rebel in her day: Menswear for women, getting rid of corsets, freeing women from the clothing of that time. She took risks, and chances, and that is exactly what Karl Lagerfeld does with Chanel. He is not Chanel, he was not hired to imitate Chanel, but he does imitate what she stands for, taking risks, makng women comfortable.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Oh gosh, it became worse with every click. Come on Karl!

  • watchesandmore

    I’m from Texas and I love this!
    website owner

  • Koala

    The Flap Bag(AUD9,290)needs Brazilian Wax!!!

  • eintahn

    well i guess i love them all.. they’re not ordinary, cliche designs of chanel. i dont prefer buying chanel boy bag with just in different colour, but i’d like them different. i’m kind of an over the top girl, so these bags are so me!!

  • kleon1613

    You can really see Karl Lagerfeld’s love for Chrome Hearts in these purses. The hardware is definitely Chrome Hearts ‘inspired’. Nonetheless, they’re gorgeous!

  • Hasan Akdo?an Favori Çanta

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  • chris

    I’m not a native Texan but recently moved to the DFW area, have visited Austin and Houston and have met, gotten acquainted with and visited many native Texans’ homes and those who are transplants like myself. I can definitely see why the collection is ‘Texas inspired’. Of course it’s not a complete representation of Texas is and what it stands for, but looking through the collection I definitely see reminiscence of the Lone Star state. I’m getting my hands on that tweed red/pink flap….not exactly ‘Texas’, but I am partial to anything tweed….even if it means I’ll only get to carry it for exactly 5 days of winter we’ll be having…..ha!

  • We will have 2014 Pink and Turquoise classic flap bags in next week. Limited edition, only one of each color in NY. I also saw this exact same color at Chanel in Soho today with Chains (pictured is Balenciaga Crocodile): http://colette.com/products/pink-crocodile-balenciaga-purse-limited-editionso just imagine this in a Chanel classic flap with chains for $40k it was really beautiful, but I kind of like the Balenciaga better…I love the hot pink Python Chanel though! Pics to come!

  • Amanda

    I hate them all except for the tooled leather ones & the Boy bag with silver embellishments like Western Show saddles. Being a horse enthusiasts from TX, I of course love those but find the rest hideous & am starting to wonder about Karl’s mental state. Chanel is already on the verge of being bat schit crazy pricing their stuff at what they do. Gabrielle Bonheur aka Coco Chanel herself would be rolling in her grave if she saw what a greedy corporation her once small business has become & she would be made ill I’m sure to see some of the so-called designs of today.

  • WhosThatBag

    Stunning! You can always count on Chanel to keep you on your toes.

  • Ani

    Hi,about Boy Chanel Medium Quilted Flap Bag in Black with Metal Adornment,does it exist in large and what price?Thank you

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  • Christopher Levy

    O shirley why such a sour puss. we disagree.

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  • Hasan

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  • Vim

    Love the jeans bag and bag with sheriff star black ! Super beautiful ! I like something original . I have bravcelet with the sheriff star . It is so beautiful .. The boys are also beautiful !

  • Vim

    You dont understand anything if you dont like them ! It is not ordinary ! I hate ordinary bags ! When you can see on Everyone and everywhere .. It is original . I like them .