In general, I’m an enormous fan of everyday objects turned into art objects. Celebrating the beauty in everyday, functional things is a worthwhile pursuit; the design equivalent to “stopping to smell the roses.” And perhaps if we begin to blur the line between beautiful things and functional things, we would end up with more things that are BOTH beautiful and functional, and then we all win. Taking pleasure in the everyday is nothing to sneeze at, after all.

Chanel Medium Essential Handbag, $2625

Chanel‘s contribution to this idea is their Spring/Summer 2009 Essential Handbag. Modeled after the iconic shopping bags of their 31, Rue Cambon flagship location in Paris, the bags are produced in smooth calfskin in Chanel‘s signature palette of black, white and pale pink. They come in three sizes – small for $1525, which is the only of the three available pale pink, medium for $2625, and large in $2995. From the information that we received from Chanel, it’s unclear whether the small is also available in white and black – if you’re interested, a call to your local boutique may be warranted.

Chanel Essential Handbag, Large, $2,995On to the real question – do these bags achieve their design goals? My answer is a qualified yes – they are, after all, remarkably accurate leather reproductions. It’s certainly not an easy task to get a piece of leather that large to be that smooth and also have the crisp corners and creasing of a thick-paper shopping bag, and the bag accomplishes that quite well. In fact, from a distance, I probably wouldn’t realize that it wasn’t an actual shopping bag because the leather is very matte. I can’t tell from the pictures, but there are indications at the side gussets that it may also collapse like a shopping bag, which would be kind of a cool trick for storage, even if it would probably leave an unsightly crease in the leather. It also may have some kind of rigid structural surface over which the leather is stretched in order to create the extremely flat front and back panels, but only a hands-on inspection will tell.

Chanel Essential Handbag, Large in White, $2995    Chanel Essential Handbag, Large in White, $2995

Structurally and design-wise, I have no problem with the Chanel Essential bag, but I do have a problem with the timing of its release. In an economic climate where women shopping at Hermes have been said to be asking for plain white shopping bags in order to hide the perceived vulgarity of their luxury purchases, is a handbag that proudly announces, in bold block print, just how much money was spent on it a wise choice? Probably not. Logo bags have been losing popularity for more than a few seasons now, and this is probably the most obvious logo on the face of the planet. Krazypants Lagerfeld would not deign to have interest in how the other half lives, but handbags, second to only perfume and cosmetics, are essential to how a brand introduces itself to a larger audience. Chanel Essential Handbag, Small in Pink, $1525The potential market for a handbags is much larger than the audience for a ready-to-wear dress or even one of Chanel’s iconic boucle suits, and choosing a measure of vulgarity at this moment, even if it’s intentional vulgarity (which appears to be at least part of the point with this design), could potentially alienate customers. Spending $3000 on a handbags is impossible for an ever-increasing number of women, and the idea that you should spend that much on something that looks just like an item that is normally free may rub some people the wrong way.

Even at a dramatically different price point, this bag may have been a real hit. I could see my own reaction to it being slightly different if all the models were placed from, say, $1000 to $1500 (the bag is very, very simple, after all). In that price range, it would be a fitting introduction into the brand’s style for new or younger customers and a winking reference to their own branding. As it is, the bag’s release is just kind of baffling.

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  • chloehandbags

    Baffling, indeed…

    I’d go even further and say that they should be priced between $500 and $1,000; I really can’t see how any more is justified?

  • QueenMAB

    Hmmm, and I LOVE Chanel, but are they going to put it in a shopping bag that looks exactly like it?

  • MizzJ

    Haha QueenMAB that’s an excellent point! I think this is kind of a slap in the face to consumers right now. I wouldn’t even pay $200 for a satirical shopping bag – that kind of elitist humour is quite lost on me.

  • bene

    Why should someone who can afford luxury be embarrassed by that fact? One of the issues behind the current economic situation is all of the people who have been spending beyond their means and falling deeper and deeper into credit card debt. People who rationally can not afford luxury products feel that they are “entitled” to them and disparage those who truly can are the ones who should feel embarrassed.

    This bag in particular is on the absurd side, flagrantly expensive for something that is a novelty. But both Karl and the legions of debt-accruing handbag purchasers need to get a grip on reality.

  • jaffa

    I’d rather just buy something else at Chanel that’s actually worth its price, and then get the paper bag for free. Even in leather, I can’t imagine the shopping bag can be seen as anything other than a give away/goody bag sort of thing. Does it come with perfume samples?

    It struck me as funny that customers at Hermes want to camouflage their purchases in a plain white bag. Aren’t they just stepping directly from Hermes’ front door to their limo anyway?

  • MissLoveChanel

    Cute, fun bag- price waaaaay too high. I’d pay $500 for the small one and no more than $1000 for the medium. I don’t care for the large one.

  • PurseAddict

    I don’t think I’m going to pay that kinda of money for a bag that looks like a shopping bag. It’s way too plain for a bag that costs above $2k. Even if it is leather, it’s just too much.

  • MissG

    Good point everyone, and I can see these becoming incredibly easy to copy as fakes!!

  • Merve

    Everyone has made such good points. I would feel like such a fool carry around a 3k bag that everyone would think is a shopping bag. Plus anyone who didnt know that a bag version exists would think im such a spoilt brat buying chanel stuff everyday when im actually only carrying the bag.

  • Alex

    I have to agree…in these tough economic times, it just looks pretentious. Not to mention, severely overpriced.

  • Ali

    Just another indication that Chanel is vastly out of touch with reality.

  • Tara

    These are excellent points! I am trying to watch what i spend on these luxuries but wondered what you would all spend on a bag? I mean this shopping bag is a novelty but i agree with MissG they will become so easy to fake and the value of the bag you bought would just seem stupid. I love Chanel bags and am loving the current collection. Please help me out cost wise thanks xxx

  • holly

    Interesting bag idea in an art student kinda way, no way I’d carry that as an everyday bag though, everyone would think I’d just been shopping all the time!

  • Redheels

    Shouldn’t Chanel be paying US $$$ to carry the bag?! We’re helping them with product A&P by carrying the bags!

  • D

    While I understand your point of view in terms of the timing of the release when the economy is so terrible right now, the bag was first introduced last fall during the Spring 09 runway show. That was when banks hadn’t folded, car makers hadn’t received bailout money yet and no one thought the economy was going to get this bad. With this in mind, a fashion house is going to place orders for these bags way in advance. They’re not going to cancel the orders or lower the price or wait until the economy gets a little better to release the bag just because it isn’t convenient to regular people. The Chanel brand isn’t for regular people. I can understand the timing of the release of the bag coincides badly with the state of our economy, but this isn’t really their fault not does it coincide with what their brand represents. People who are able to afford luxury items shouldn’t have to scale back just because others cannot. This is America, not communist China.

  • D – I totally get what you’re saying about the long lead time with stuff like this. They couldn’t have guessed the extent to which the economy would collapse when this bag was introduced, but the Spring 09 shows were at the end of September, and things were definitely going south by then. What they could have done, though, is perhaps reconsidered how they promoted the bag. Calling it the “Essential” bag when most of America is having to reconsider what exactly an ESSENTIAL is, is a PR gaffe at best. If I had been in their PR department, I would have advised them to promote a different bag as their lead for the season. There are some lovely ones in their collection, and they certainly had the time to switch around their marketing a bit after the economy collapsed in the fall.

    I’d also argue that Chanel customers have been affected just like everyone else – designer merchants are having to do bigger price cuts than almost anyone to move product. If customers of designer brands weren’t being impacted, then that wouldn’t be the case. It’s not just “regular” people that have felt the pinch.

    I agree that it’s important for customers that can afford to buy to keep buying, absolutely. That’s the only way that an economy can grow. But when the social climate of a country changes, as it has in the US, people often alter what they’re looking for in a product. No one should be ashamed of what they can afford, but a lot of people are looking for a bit more subtlety in their luxury. And in that regard, this is extremely poor timing indeed. It’s Chanel’s prerogative to do what they want with their brand image, but I think it would have been wise to do something BESIDES this.

  • kemilia

    I agree–this bag will be very easy to knock off. Get a black bag, make your own stencil, buy some dye and voila!

    At least it is one Chanel bag I won’t be yearning for.

  • dela

    They slapped a three grand price tag on this thing because they think they can get away with it. In the past women have blindly emptied their pockets for latest for Chanel et al. and that has really distorted design houses’ sense of reality. Even in the best of economic times, we need to step back and question some of these exaggerated prices.

    As far as showing some subtlety, l don’t think people are offended with the obvious displays of logos and nor should they. If that’s the case then we should pack in all the exotics and birkins as well. Everyone is dealing with these tough times in their own way and trying to bring a bit of normality to their lives.

  • karolynka

    D – hello? the crisis is worldwide. it’s not just America that is suffering, several “first world” countries are in trouble. Ans it’s not just the regular Joe who can’t gift his wife with a Chanel. I agree that easy credit has made the situation worse, but I believe it was a combination of several factors (price increase of food, oil, wars around the war, health coverage etc..), and one of them is in front of us: isn’t it crazy that they ask 3k for a leather reproduction of a paper bag? just because there’s Chanel written on it? Plus, that is so vulgar, elegance is not about screaming. I guess that was Chanel’s wrong attempt to keep it low key in a dramatic situation, because believe me, professionals inside the factories, banks, companies, etc already had smelled the thunderstorm before it went out. the fact is that people were so used to consume and to spend, yes, even beyond their means, and especially here in Europe, even a hairdryer was bought on installments because they all tought it was more convenient. I guess that major companies like LVMH, Chanel and so on will have to reduce their prices because remember that the MASS makes the numbers, not a few happy and lucky rich people that continue to spend large amount of money. I am happy for them and surely they work hard too, but they are too few to raise again the world.

  • MLBA

    Shame on Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Those bags are just plane ugly and stupid.

  • chloehandbags

    “I’d also argue that Chanel customers have been affected just like everyone else – designer merchants are having to do bigger price cuts than almost anyone to move product. If customers of designer brands weren’t being impacted, then that wouldn’t be the case. It’s not just “regular” people that have felt the pinch.” – Amanda Mull.

    ITA, Amanda – it’s all too easy to say; ‘Oh, it’s just the paupers, who could never really afford to buy Chanel anyway, who will have to stop.’, but that is simply NOT the case.

    As I would hope most people are aware, millions of wealthy (and formerly wealthy) people have lost (and continue to lose) A LOT of money in this crisis. They have lost it by losing their high paying jobs, their businesses and/or a huge proportion of the money they hold/held in investments.

    The truth is that some, or most, of this ‘wealth’ was never real, never true wealth in the first place, because, for the most part, it was gained via other people’s gross over dependence on credit. Without this over dependence, the economy would never have grown at anywhere near the rate it did and so, many of these so-called ‘wealthy’ people would have been far less wealthy, or not wealthy at all.

    Also, it should be remembered that many of these very wealthy people, particularly those who are still super rich are not just ‘innocent rich people’, as some here apparently like to think, because, even if they never took a penny on credit personally, many made their dirty money through finance and so, enabled this bubble and the ensuing crisis to occur in the first place.

    Not to mention the fact that even the super wealthy (many of whom are not half as super rich, anymore) who were not directly involved, are still fearful for the future (most of them didn’t become super wealthy by being feckless with money, after all) and many of them are also fearful of the consequences of seeming, to the outside world, to be modern-day Marie Antoinettes.

    So, to suggest that only those on low and middle incomes are to blame and that only they are pulling back, is, quite frankly, absurd (if not also horrendously insulting).

  • Marissa Cooper

    “This is America, not communist China.” <<<

    – Watch out what you say there, “D”, as far as I’ve heard, people from Chanel fly on private jets to display their RTW to an ultra-rich VVVIP Chinese customer in China, true or not. And remember, a large percentage of high-end brand sales, be it Hermes, Chanel, LV, etc are from China/Chinese people.

  • Merve

    I was in Chanel in London last week, it was full of Chinese and Japanese people who were already carrying chanel bags. So i dont get this “this is not china comment’. I also agree with chloehandbags that if anything the superrich are to blame for getting us into this mess.

  • karolynka

    Chloe – some people are making money having absolutely honest jobs – or maybe their families have been making money for ages , so i guess they’re just lucky. and I hope that they will keep buying and spending and travelling because otherwise, more and more people are gonna lose their jobs.
    and yes, Chinese are the new rich, I work for a company whose property is Chinese, but they want to cut 50% off of the personnel. Production cost in Italy is much more higher than in China. And yes, they are rich, but at the cost of millions of poor Chinese who are dying. but that is completely another subject.

  • marcy

    chanel instead of increasing prices on a so unattractive bag, how about helping out the economy and lower your prices a tad.

  • Lacey

    If your looking for a bag that is a bit less expensive check out the Radley collection.

  • amey


  • annie

    this bag is horrendous… i would never pay 1500 let alone 200 for a bag that looks like this. this looks almost identical to their actual shopping bag. it does not even look like a handbag… what a waste of time, better luck next time chanel!

  • Min

    I really cannot understand how anyone could find these bags attractive. I think this is worse than the “Naked Bag” by Chanel. I think its really insulting and offensive to women who like designer handbags to even produce such a bag. KL has gone crazy.

  • Ashley Cooper

    I love Chanel handbags, but not so much this one. I could see it as a kind of fun experience to use this bag at my grocery store to carry home some vegies.

  • lark

    i actually kinda like it, sans the strap.. but i don’t think i could pull this one off.. i’m not that brave (yet).. , ,handbags
    i do like that his designs evoke strong, visceral reactions: you either hate it or you love it, but give the guy some credit. he didn’t get to where he is imitating or exploiting everyone else’s work.

  • SMB

    Overpriced garbage!

  • pj

    this is way over priceddd

  • Carolina

    Got it!

  • Fabrizio

    It seems a Paris Hilton bag to transport Boxer dog!:>

  • jojo

    I don’t think this Chanel essential bag is good looking…… and never willing to spend money for it… still think the classic Chanels are the best…

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Not my style at all…sorry :( It appears someone might be getting a little lazy at Chanel…things that make you go hmmm?

  • Bear2002

    I think it is a cute idea but not something I could afford at those prices! There are waaaaaay better ways to spend that much money!

  • Kylie

    I’m so sad to read these responses! I reserved one in black and one in white. I can’t decide what color. I saw them in person and I have to say that it is such a fun, easy, and iconic bag. Chanel is C H A N E L. It’s beautiful, historic, and simply iconic. When I went to the Trunk show I got a feeling of true timeless pieces for the Spring 2009 collection. This is a bag I will carry today, all year, and bring out when I’m 60.

  • lola

    i agree with MLBA- who cares about the financial climate and bla bla bla. the bag is just stupid ugly. i mean seriously?

    and does it really surprise you that Chanel would charge $3000 for it?

  • kirkcaldy

    i hate this bag cheap gimmick,for what it cost,i’d buy a classic jumbo,or a gst,im sure eveyone and there mum will have one,going to be a bit like the cambon totes,there will be knock off’s all over the place

  • julia.monogram

    Maybe the accesory department ran out of ideas….. however the bags are appropriate because the fashion show was a scene of girls walking out of a Chanel boutique. A lot of luxury brands don’t change their prices because of a little recession, but it makes people double check what they can really afford.

  • ilovebags

    my god! the price is way too much! the design is so simple exactly like a boring shopping bag.. even if im rich i woudn’t buy this. i dont even think that this is an investment bag.. such a waste of money, there a way more better chanel bags outher that are worth the price than this one! i think only stooooppid people would buy this!….lol

  • Designerbaglover

    The Chanel shopping bag is what fashion is all about. Fashion should be innovative, fun and yet functional. This piece is beautifully crafted, the lambskin is smooth and shiny like the iconic shopping bag you receive with your purchases in Chanel. I love this bag and have added it to my collection. The classic style of the original bags will never go out of fashion but it is great to add some orignal and fun items such as this original piece of artwork. Most people are concerned about the price however luxury is for those who can afford it.

  • Designerbaglover

    The Chanel Shopping bag is such an innovative and beautifully crafted bag and yet so simple and elegant. The way the lambskin has been produced to have a smooth surface and leather crafted into the iconic shopping bag produced by chanel with attention to such detail like the creasing on the sides of the bag is really original. I love this bag and recently purchased it to add to my collection. I have a few Chanel classic bags in black and gold but this bag is great for day use and is so original,classic fun. And is an iconic piece of luxury to be treasured. It is also cool, funky and original and I LOVE IT.

  • glizando

    Talk about blatant branding. I find it distasteful that someone would want this, many people who would want to wave this around and tell people they can buy Chanel.
    Above that, it’s just ugly.

  • hk

    This is the most ridiculous bag and concept design anybody could have ever imagined. A paper bag replica is neither innovative nor considered fashionable.

  • LLH

    Originally when I saw this bag I thought it was a little bit much with the whole economy thing going on. I have to admit the bag never left my mind. It left me curious. Recently I went to the store and inquired about it and they said they were getting a few in. I reserved one, and to my surprise I loved it! It is beautifully made, the leather is amazing and the bag will function quite well. I tried it on and it just worked. Guess what? I bought it. My 3rd Chanel bag. After reading the comments I was wondering if I had made a wrong decision. You know what. I didn’t. I like it, and it makes me happy. Just as much as the first time I walked out of the store with the same shopping bag I bought my first bag in. It makes me feel good and that is all that matters.

  • absolutanne

    Design wise, this Chanel bag is ludicrous not to mention boring! A insult to Chanel style and the chic customers who purchase their products. It is just like Marc Jacobs’s bowly bag (a hideous creation – denim patches with LV written all over?!) I digress. Slow economy or not, Chanel buyers are still chic and maintain their style at any economic cycle. It is cyclical! $3000 for a lifeless boring calfskin bag! Chanel buyers, go put it towards a Birkin!

  • 40 GISH if you want luxury handbags at great prices.

  • Chiccat

    I’m a huge Chanel fan but I won’t pay a penny to buy this bag! The bags in the Chanel shop’s display rarely stay in the shop for longer than a week. But this one: they are still there every time I pass by.

  • Marz Messenger

    I both like chanel and gucci.

  • Bob

    This is a great read, though I would have liked to see the “this is not a plastic bag” featured too!

  • patricia

    Disappointment! Who in their right mind would want to own this? It looks more like a regular shopping bag.I would go for the classic anytime.

  • Anna Maria

    Some of these responses make me howl nearly as much as looking at that bag.

    The phrase ‘more money than sense’ suddenly springs to mind. I think many people who buy designer bags are living in a parallel universe. I love it!
    “It costs $3000 and marketed as “classic”, ergo, it must be worth that price and it must be a classic. If you went up to 95% of average people on the street and showed them this vulgar “design” and said you’d paid $3000, they would either laugh their heads off or section you. Classics are proven over time- the Kelly, the Jackie O, the Bardot, the 2.55. You can’t dream that sort of thing up in a boardroom. This is not a classic, and hell, it’s not even a nice bag. In 2013 we’ll all be laughing thinking back to the “shopping bag bag” and cringing. I agree with the poster above, put your 3k towards a Hermes. It’s not about fashion, for me, it’s about style, and about having a nice bag. Period. You show it to somebody, your husband, your gran, your friend, your co-worker and they say “oh, that’s nice”. Somebody shouldn’t need to get the reference. Most people don’t know one designer bag from another, they just know if it looks nice. “Luxury is for those who can afford it.” Yeah. I guess taste is meant for somebody else then in this case…

  • tammy

    Wow okay this is not what I was expecting. LOL…….what will they think of next! Oh wait maybe we will not want to know that!

  • sndc99

    I would not pay for something that looks like a shopping bag. I think this is about logo’s and not about style or fashion. I understand that Chanel is Chanel but someone has to draw the line somewhere.

  • tanny joseph
  • mc

    LOL I was actually looking for the real bag, they must be joking designing a bag based on a paper grocery bag.

  • Kasia

    I wonder if Chanel guarantee that the bags are made in France (or Italy)?

  • QueenofSheba

    I really don’t understand why if someone can afford it, and there are those who can, that it’s considered vulgar to spend? Is this about luxe clientele or those who live beyond their means? I agree, this Shopper by Chanel is way overpriced and satirical to begin with, however, if someone who can afford it, and cab appreciate it.. Does… More power to them!!


    LIGHTEN UP GIRLS!!!! Let’s face it, It’s CHANEL! It’s supposed to be CRAZY expensive. I’m sure back in the day, people thought the same about Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can or Brillo boxes. Now look what they are worth! It’s the same concept. If I could cary a bag, I’d cary this one. Hey, I like the idea of using it for groceries. Don’t think I wouldn’t! XOXO

  • kdia

    Well in my opinion, I love these new pieces! The smallest bag would be so cute to use as a night bag, pair it with a cute, short dress and tall heels and voila! Chanel is my fav brand ever and it’s also the most expensive. Every bag I look at is over 2k, and it will always be like that. Why should Chanel compromise their brand just because some ppl can’t afford it. IT IS A LUXURY BRAND LADIES. period.


    WORD!!!! kdia. You get it totally!

  • Arialuan

    i have to say for a luxury brand this bag does not embody luxury it looks like free advertising for their store, supermarkets have the same style bag. i really love the rich textured more feminine looking bags

  • fred

    looks like a peper bad no imprestd

  • chirrah

    oh my god i love chanel so much!! i’d totally buy something like that :) Chanel is just so classy and stunning, why wouldn’t you buy something as gorgeous!

  • chirrah

    I am so with Kdia. LUXURY is exactly what Chanel is all about! gorgeous luxury!!!!!

  • bagKrazy!!!

    absolutely love chanel but this bag is overpriced and pointless.may be a statement bag quite all right but its a shopping bag reproduction!!!!should have been in the $500-$1000 range.cant imagine putting my money down for it!

  • bobby trendy

    I just bought the large black one and it wa s $2850 before tax…but everyone noticed it today!!!…I still love my cabas bag the most tho!


    I just purchased this bag. (Black with white logo, Largest size} I actually use it every day! I take it to the gym, I take to the grocery store, I mean, I can’t carry it as a handbag, but everyone knows I LOVE CHANEL!!! So It is not that unusual for me to cary a big leather shopping bag! It looks great with a cpl bottles of wine, some french bread and a wheel of cheese!
    Don’t hate!

  • Ks

    I LOVE CHANEL.. But is bad news….. i cant see myself paying so much and carry a shopping bag!!!!!
    Surely we dont expect this from Chanel.

  • Rashida

    I think that it’s too much for a bag that looks like a shopper. I’d spend the money on a purse that’s worth it and simply get the free version of the bad lol! No knockoff’s!


    When will you carry the Chanel large leather shopping bag?Just for shopping?You can put all your necessary things into the bag.If you are looking for some newest Chanel handbags,welcome to visit collection here.

  • liza

    This is the only bag that would ever be worth purchasing as a FAKE! 1k for a leather tote? Please… I love Chanel but personally I’d put my money towards a classic flap bag. Now, if I were filthy rich I’d buy one just to take my purchase in! But, i’m not so untill then i’ll just stick with a flap bag..

  • Nurulhuda

    I like Chanel, but not this one. I was looking at it the other day, and didn’t find anything impressive about it. It might be stylish and cute for some, but honestly, it’s just a design went bad for me.

    But hey, I guess everyone has their bad day.

  • Paola

    I used to like Chanel a LOT!!!! Not anymore! They need new designers and better ideas! Karl is not getting it! For me is kind like going down, Other Designer are doing so much better in that price range (Valentino, anyone?…) New blood, Please!!!!!

  • scent

    I would prefer aperbags over these anytime..

  • nicolle

    Chanelman and bobby trendy: I love you!…. i’m gonna buy one beginning of August in Paris at 31 Rue Cambon… I don’t know yet what to buy: the middle or the large one but its gonna be black… I love it because it is sooooo beautifully plain…..

  • jenny

    cute idea, but not very practical.

  • hardy

    now that i’ve read all the controversy about this bag, i am intrigued. just called to inquire about it. have not seen it, in person, but, i am an art lover so i am going to check it out. possibly, in the future, one of my grandchildren will flip to have it as a hand-me-down.

  • Wedding Guru

    I didn’t like this idea of Chanel, very ordinary i must say.

  • Kjon

    Price aside, this bag looks desperate. It’s not classic nor subtle, which are two things I would equate with a truly beautiful Chanel piece. I’ll have to pass on this one and leave it for label lovers.

  • hect

    bad price bad bag i feel like its a shopping bag for someone who has the need for exposure no class at all the double “c” logo is just fine leave it at that karl. i think it is the ideal bag for logomaniacs but has no class at all and i never say this about chanel .

  • vanessa

    Irina and Ramona, where did you purchase your replicas

  • sarah

    thats insane, if you want to splurge on a Chanel, go for it, but the whole point is that its classic, beautiful and well made. I can’t say this for a leather shopping bag. If they were $50-100 it would be one thing, butI’ll save my money for a real purse

  • Nicolle

    I bought one at the 31 rue cambon on Saturday 8/7 and its the best!!!!!!!!!!. Its a middle sized one, black…..

  • ting

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