We are excited to present to you a few exclusive images and information on new Chanel handbags that were presented at the Chanel Cruise 2008 Trunk Show. In the next few days I’ll be reporting on the goods with crisp pictures and pricing. You Chanel bag lovers won’t be disappointed, I promise. For the impatient, an immediate Chanel fix is available in this Chanel forum thread.

chanel bag melrose patent degrade

Chanel Melrose Patent Degrade, cost is $1,595. Available at your nearest Chanel store or authorized Chanel boutiques like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.

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  • divnanata

    One look at this baby and I am in LOVE! Time to save for my first Chanel!!!

  • Roxana

    I’m a big chanel fan, but this is just a bad copy of the monogram degrade line by LV… Sorry can’t apprciate it a lot. :neutral:

  • janis

    I’m not a Chanel fan, but this is yummy!

  • Rach

    Um you forgot to mention that NORDSTROM carries Chanel! Shame on you! But I love the bag :grin:

    • Jahpson

      Nordstrom carries Chanel? where do you live? Nordstrom around my area carries Chanel sunnies and thats about it.

      I dont even think of Nordstrom as high end really.

      • liz

        at least mall of america, seattle, and topanga carry Chanel

      • Frankie

        I know that Nordstrom at Topanga Plaza in So Cal carries Chanel, ( have purchased a Chanel bag there since the boutique opened–I believe in early 07)You can go to Chanel website,and find Nordstroms that Have Chanel.

  • Jahpson

    $1595? one of the few Chanels that are in my price range these days. [shaking my head]

  • Jen

    I’m a big chanel fun but this bag it’s just toooo much. Sorry but this bag is ugly in metallic!

    • samantha crook

      This bag is ugly and it is not user friendly to carry on your shoulder.

  • Frankie

    I’m a huge CHANEL lover, and I love this bag, can’t wait to get it! As another posted—it is Yummy! It will probably be one of the must have bags for the season.

  • Lady

    I am looking for a chanel bag like this but slightly smaller any ideas?

  • Frankie

    To Lady,
    I just got a call from the boutique that my Melrose tote just came in, when they called they mentioned a smaller, “classic” style Melrose also. So you may want to contact Chanel, because it sounds like they do have something similar in a smaller style, (maybe a flap style—that’s what I think of when I hear classic Chanel).

  • I love this handbag!! I also found at Target store through CouponAlbum site many stylish handbags at discounted price…

  • zachary_nicole

    Hi ladies!

    I just ordered Chanel Melrose in Metallic/Silver/Black/Grey…I’m having a trouble describing the color since I don’t have the actual bag…I think I will have it tomorrow or before end of this week…I will post some pictures and comments about this bag:-)

  • dina

    I absolutely love mine and everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful it is…I don’t think that the picture does it the justice it deserves. This is my first Chanel handbag and I am anticipating that its the first of many!

    I also have no problem getting it on my shoulder or carrying it. They also have a lovely clutch for the person that cannot handle a huge bag…

  • dashing diva

    I wore this bag last week during fashion week and got sooooooo much attention! It is perfect for me and perfect for NYC. It is a great big bag you can toss everything in and look chic on the go. I also agree that there is no problem with getting it on my shoulder although I prefer to wear it in front.

    • Katie

      Adopt me! Haha.
      I think I like this bag better in the satin than the patent. I wouldn’t know what shoes to wear with this other than patent shoes, and I’m not a fan since they are like mirrors for up-skirt pervs.

  • Speedbird007

    I have just ordered this bag and am not sure if this is suitable or big enough to carry baby stuff in?

  • Kamala Randjelovic

    i just got this bag and let me say it is just purely DELICIOUS.

  • mimi nguyen

    hey i was wondering did any body know where i can purchase this bag right now. ive calld many places and theyve allbeen sold out

  • nleeli

    please let me know too…kinda late to grab this…but really wana have one..

  • jennifer

    i know this bag is 2 years old, but can i still get it?

  • lina

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