Let the Chanel bags madness continue! Tonight I’d like to feature the Chanel Hollywood NS Hobo, which is straight from the runway and goes for a terrifying $3,750. This hobo is also available in a gold version.

chanel hollywood hobo silver


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  • Wow, this bag is amazing!! :)

  • mette

    The price is unbelieveable! I would not pay a sum like that for advertizing any bag.And it is about advertizing,cause of the great logo on the side of the bag! :!:

  • maggie

    great bag. fabulous design! I would love to get one

  • Alexia

    oh gosh!!

  • Sandra

    That looks like a sporting bag. With an ad on the side, who’d thought you could get people to pay for being walking ads?


  • labellabonita

    is this leather?!

  • Roxana

    Think it’s a bit overpriced. And again, it reminds me too much of the mirage line by LV…
    It is pretty though, I would wear it, just not for that price.

  • Jahpson

    me likey likey!

  • my new bag

    what is worth $3,000 with this bag, I am curious to know

  • purseloco

    waste of money!

  • lisa

    i dont like anything from this line so far and i am usually a chanel freak.

  • :oops: :shock: Now I am LOVING that bag….OH SWEET JEBUS!

  • Sarah

    Oh my oh my, I don’t love Chanel (I know, I know, but my taste isn’t really all about overpriced quilting, no matter how collectible), but this bag is HOT! Very very modern and chic, an attention grabber, and a walking billboard for the new Chanel line. Too bad the price is so high, but if I had that much cash to throw around, 3k wouldn’t be too bad to me!

  • Lisa

    FAB! is it leather though? and what is the actual size of this bag?

  • DaNii

    i LOOVE dis bag ,,i wuld wear it anywerr anytime!! verrry hot INDEED!! BUT ,,i wuldnt buy it 4 dat price (mayb if i was loaded lyk oprah),,i mean 3,000 for a tote bag!! its not made of 24ct gold is it??! i rekon fakes r da best option and dey’ll always be betta dan 3000 bukz!!!!! :grin:

  • ginger

    It comes in both silver and gold color theme, i’ve seen the gold color in 3 different styles;
    1)exact like this silver one in gold
    2)smaller and shorter than the silver one like the foto
    3)flap handbag with chain

  • ginger

    I think this is just a fashionable bag/season, so for the price of it where you know it would be outdated then it might not be worth it. If it was a classic piece or a style that isn’t so trendy where it would be outdated then it’s worth it!

  • ginger

    It is lambskin leather very buttery soft! Do you think the large black luxury tote with the modern chain in patent leather is prettier than this one or vice versa??? But this one i’m thinking is the gold color in the smaller hobo style.

    My gfriend ask me to buy it for her since where she lives they don’t have this kind. So help me out which one to get??

    The black one is $2795

    Thanx all!!



  • mariam

    i’ve got the bag as a gift for my birthday today its amazing really luxury .. but when i saw the price i’ve got headache its 10250 DHM ( emirates dirham)

  • sara

    ummmmmm, i bought this bag, the same fabric and the same washed golden colour, but the one that i have, has the classic chanell shape with chains,, its great and its worth it cause its limited and not everyone has it :twisted:

    • Jeanette

      Hello! I have the exact bag pictured that I purchased 2yrs ago. I LOVE the look/style, however, the metal fabric sticks out and ruins my clothes! Do you experience the same problem? It’s been sitting in my closet b/c I can not wear it much. I just wanted to find out if you’re bag has metal fabric “needles” that poke out and feel a bit rough to touch? Thank you in advance for answering!

  • Priscilla

    I LOVE THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dee

    omg im in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • rhonda

    I have 3 words for this bag, HOT, HOT, HOTTER. I will save a few checks and purchase immediately, it is a must have.

  • Geri

    I JUST purchased this bag at Saks, LOOOVE it!!!! It is so beautiful, hip, modern, simply HOT! I highly recommend it, sure it’s VERY expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s so worth it.

  • Kelly

    i seriously think this bag is f ugly

  • nayan

    i own this bag and love it its fabulous thogh the logo could have been a little smaller,but all the same still love using it : :smile:

  • sitoube

    this bag is the most expensive i ever bought ……….i love it………


    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!
    ITS GREAT !!!

  • nuke

    Woowwww ……I love that bag !!!!!!

  • Jeanette

    I purchased the bag 2yrs ago as well and LOVE THE STYLE AND LOOK! However, does anyone have an issue with the metallic fabric poking out, rubbing against your clothes and snagging it?? It’s sad that this bag mainly sits in my closet b/c I can only wear it with jeans and a jacket. I know this is an old issue but I just brought it back out to use and I just learned about this forum from hand bag repair shop. UGH!! Thank you to anyone that replies and has answers!



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