The reason why the Chanel section has been filled with crickets other than handbags is because there is so few places online that offer authentic Chanel handbags for sale. That means there is little to talk about, really. Sad, Chanel has the prettiest quilted handbags that are both timeless and superbly fabulous, too. Where can you grab a good deal on a Chanel beauty? Try our Purse Forum. Not only does it have its own dedicated Chanel forum, there is also many members that happen to have gorgeous Chanel bags for sale once in a while – 100% authentic and guaranteed a great deal. Unfortunately, our Marketplaza is restricted to members who have been around for a few months and have contributed to our forum substantially. So what are you waiting for? Register and get participating!

In the meanwhile, here’s a preview of what pretty Chanels you’ve already missed out on. :-D




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    • Vintage

      I have a Chanel black, gold chain bag…the one that’s the first one in picture. I’ve had it a couple of years but its in excellent condition. I bought it for £1200 and I’m selling for £800. Reason I’m selling cis because I want to buy the new black caviar Chanel but its too similar to the other one. Call if interested 07884365347

  • cammy1

    anyone know the retail prices of these bags?

    • babyg

      if you want to find the retail price of these bags, i found a great website where u can also buy the bags from.

  • kristin

    how much are they? i cant find the price your selling them for! i want them so email me back! thank you~

  • shaneqwa

    i reallly want a chanel purse
    kinda like this but different color..
    whats the site where you can order&&buy them.!
    super cute!
    its my dream!

  • Danelys

    this bag is amazing i love this bag!….i’ve been dieing for a chanel bag like this one!

  • tavia s.

    I can never forget when i bought my 1st chanel purse,i cant stop buying them they are so addictive…… but i love them!

  • Nikki

    I have a customer who wants a Chanel bag with the CC’s on the side. Does anyone know where I can purchase this bag?


    • Frosty2000

      Yes I’d like to find out where I can get this bag too, or even the model number so I can search the web.

      Does anybody have any info?

      • sandra

        The website I just used was, I just bought this bag in black and I love it!!!

    • Mysti

      I am a designer handbag wholesaler. If you can send me a photo of the bag your customer wants, I can supply it for you. I can guarantee that my price will be much better than retail. But, please be realistic. These bags are authentic, so they will by no means be “cheap”. However, I will do my best to accomodate your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Best Regards,

      Posh Bags

      • Sarah

        Hi :smile: i would like to buy the chanel rock and chain flap bag in the black leather. How much do you sell this bag for?

      • Kahila

        hi there

        are u still selling bags?

      • Terry

        Please inform me of any AUTHENTIC CHANEL BAGS you have for sale.

        Thank you

  • kaylene

    Does anyone know the name of the black quilted chanel handbag pictured under chanel galore? Also, how do I purchase these bags on this website? Thanks

  • sussy

    okay i need to buy a CHANEL! But i cant find where to purchase one! If i wanted to buy one where would i buy it? I live in Texas. I would want to buy it off the internet.

  • Dodz

    Does anyone know the prices for these bags??

  • Diana Rihanna

    Are they original or replicas?

  • collector

    I think they’re called grand shopper totes – there are some beige ones on ebay for about 1500USD.. i got mine for around 3400 AUD – black with white CC

  • Sophia

    I bought this ecxactly purse but in black, with the CC’s in white, I love it! I think is a replica but I dont care! I got it for 150USD…

  • Becka

    i love chanel,i have hundereds of chanel purses and bags

  • Becka

    how do u buy these bags and what r the prices of them

  • sissy

    hey ur bags are super cute !!!!! i really likes this one and i just wanted to know how much it is i would like to get it for someone for christmas it would be a great gift!!

  • susie q

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I have got to have that purse!! I will like seriously like die if i like don’t like have it like right like now. I would give my virginity for that purse

  • Amber

    Hey there.
    I’ve wanted and have been addicted to Chanel since I was a little girl. Fasshion i smy life. I finally can purchase one on my own. Where online can I buy one for real? I don’t want to get suckered into another scam; that sucks!

  • Kylie

    OMG i love this purse so much i have one sorta like it but it is pink i want to get this one some time how much is it maybe my boyfriend will buy it for me for Christmas wish me luck bye

  • Danielle-

    Hey, I love that “pocketbook” is it orignal or replica. How can you tell? I just bought for $1,000 and I’m not even sure it’s a “real” one or not. I examines it several times. It’s all leather and has at least 18 chanel trademark symbols. It’s a beautiful purse, hope I didn’t get ripped off!!

    Thank you

  • Sarah

    I JUST got a very similar purse for (early) Christmas from my boyfriend yesterday. I think a girl mentioned the quilted one she got that was Black with white logo… for 150. I heard that they DO NOT make them anymore because they were being faked too much… so now they went to a patent leather logo instead. If you want to know how to tell if it’s real… maybe we could compare “markings” did you get the hard plastic authenticity ticket?? And I don’t think you can buy real ones online… maybe that’s one of the oohh ahhhh things about chanel??

  • Bagopoulos

    Knock offs stink, they ruin it for the rest of us. LET THEM EAT CAKE.

  • Don’t ever buy CHANEL purses online,they are all fake.The only autentic Chanel bag you will ever buy it has to be at the CHANEL boutiques, for the real prices of $2000 to $3500 a bag,that’s how much they really cost.Don’t be fooled by fakes.If you want a real CHANEL bag you have to be willing to pay the price.

  • Jenny

    Hi everybody!
    Cambon line camera shoulder bag of Chanel has 3 type,right?
    1st is black (with white logo of Chanel)
    2nd is pink with black logo
    3rd is white with like a croccodile colored logo
    Is there a 4th type?The one in white with black logo?
    Anyone who knows,plx help me.thanks alots

  • Iris

    Hey girls I really like this one also and i want the black one with the white logo and i can’t seem to find it anywhere, but i just saw some responses and i can see why they won’t make them which sucks because this style is my favaorite. By any chance do any of you know where i can find one as i described?


    In France we can’t sell Chanel Bags on Ebay because Chanel wants only Chanel’s retailers. I have one Chanel with invoice (bought in Paris, France) to sell the Luxury Ligne light gold Chain Flap Bag/Handbag. If every one is interested, please contact me. I send pictures and receipt. I don’t know if i can sell on US ebay, i’m Ebay powerseller in France. Some one can answer me ?

  • jeannette

    Hi Love your Handbags How does one purchase . Is there a site Love the Beige one for Summer in fact LOVE LOVE CHANEL jeannette

  • Narsina

    Hello I love the bags I want to purchase the cream/beige bag whats the website?

  • Narsina

    Please tell me where I can purchase one of these bags on line?

  • miranda

    I really like the chanel bags, but I liked the white and black style better!!

  • joey

    there are chanel cambon authentic bags on ebay

  • linda

    What is price on this ligne cambon biege flap bag, if available

  • nelli

    this bag is hott!!! i want it right now. i told my boyfriend i want a chanel bag 4 valentine’s day and this has to be it

  • b

    if you made the handbags in the price range of to dollars even though they are real more customers would by the handbags. You would still be making a lot of money because more people would by.

  • b

    The bags should be cheaper.

  • b

    You would have more customers if you lowered the prices. I am a huge hanel fan but don’t have many bags because of prices.

  • Ashley Martin

    That’s part of what makes them sophisticated and coveted. You cannot buy them from the chanel website you must buy them from a boutique. If everybody could afford one then they wouldn’t be special anymore. I would save up and then buy one. It might take close to 6 months but when you carry a real one it will feel completely different than the fake one off of ebay!



  • Cynthia

    Is it less expensive to buy Chanel in Paris than in America?

  • Jenny

    hey christine that website you bought it from… is it legit or what? did they actually send you the purses or was it fake? but i doubt its authentic cause those are really cheap haha but i want to know if that website is real or not. email me back please!

  • Chanel for 80 bucks? C’mon now, your common sense should tell you that you got a cheap replica for that money. Why people fall for that is beyond me.

  • Thu Nguyen

    Hey i love these bag they are delicious like OmG….. OmG…. i love ChaNel i have everything excepts for a nice looking bag… i want to be able to have a big enough bag to fit everything…. :lol: … THAT’S HOT… LUV IT…i think iam in love with the bags and everything else…. if i had a dream it would be to have everything CHANEL EVEN MY :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: CHANEL IS MY LIFE………………. :smile: HOLLA AT UR GURL tHU nGUYeN


    SHOULD BE MOREEEEEE CHEAPER :!: :!: :!: :!: PleASe……………

  • Laura

    Yall deffoantly need the white & black & the pink & black. There the hottest chanel bags in the world .

  • Odette

    I found a site— Can you please tell me if its authentic or not?

    • mandy pie

      this is a tuffy//becasue its more expensive than the obvious fakes..but its not quite as expensive as the authentic ones…you should get a hold of an authentic one and compare…i hope this helps some what

  • kylee

    honestly i bought a bag from your online purchase center and it was dispicable and ugly and i will never buy from here agian it fell apart with in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madi

    If you want a cheaper bag
    Go to walmart

    I love CHANEL purses, they are expensive but totally worth it.

  • Chiammana

    I LOVE U CHANEL :lol:

  • Isis

    i love chanel.. and i want the black and white purse :smile:

  • mandy pie

    i am getting one for xmas…so excited :D

  • lefirme

    Why are the fakes sites allowed to mention their names on this post???

  • Donna

    I have over the years purchased what I believed to be vintage chanel purses and payed quite abit of money. Could you please tell me how I can determine if these are real or if they are fakes. Thank You Donna

  • Krystina


  • sexymama

    i dont like those ones. i think
    that blan bag with white chanel symbol on it
    would be way nicer.

  • Farah

    I am looking to sell my Chanel Classic Flap Bag, it is the medium sized one, does anyone know how much it is worth? Or is anyone interestd? Why are so many people selling fake handbags on this post, is that allowed????

  • kate

    Hi Farah, are you still selling the bag?? if so i am interested and would like to know how much for?

  • Ashley

    The forum is a great place to find real Chanel bags. They have lots of info in how to spot fakes too.

  • Shannon

    March 17, 2007: You are an idiot…bad spelling is SO not classy.