Chanel Coco Cocoon

Lily Allen is the face of the new handbag line, Chanel Coco Cocoon, which is set to debut in October of this year. The line brings a fun twist to Chanel handbags as the bags are reversible. And straying from the expected, the Coco Cocoon line sports puffy leather.

Lily Allen rocks the bags in the photos shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Only question is what the Chanel enthusiasts will think of this line.

Chanel Coco Cocoon Bags

Here is a first look from the video of the behind the scenes with Lilly Allen. What do you think?

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  • Septembre

    I love the ads (I’m really surprised that Lily Allen pulled it off. Her reputation isn’t the best) and the bags look fabulous in black and white but in colour they are horribly tacky. Definitely not Karl’s best work.

  • TheWinglessBird


  • MizzJ

    Yeah in color they are a flop but b&w is pretty cool!

  • 19yearslater

    Wow, I didn’t recognize Lily Allen. I knew she’d lost weight, but she’s really skinny here. I guess that’s the Chanel girl. I like the black and red one.

  • May

    hum, the quilt black in the middle of the print add is definitely my thing, dont like color versions tho

  • Shirley

    Definitely not a fan. I love the classic Chanel. Too modern for me perhaps.

  • Bunniee

    I love the ad and the bags look awesome in it!!
    The coloured versions are not my cup of tea either :(

  • Jimmy

    The video brought some hope back for this Chanel/Lila Allen thing. They all look so chic and Chanelesque! I mean in my opinion those 3 black and white photos are really… dissappointing and tacky. Her head just looks somehow oversized in those pics.

    Moving on to the cocoon bag itself is an issue which is even worse, they look cheap and hardly like anything that is luxurious made with amazing artisan skills. I even find it hard to imagine they are made out of leather. Seriously, it totally looks like nylon stuffed with down or something.

  • MickeyBlue

    A wicked modern touch to the classic Chanel, and a brillant idea to incorporate the new age, with a celeb such as Lily. The traditional colours look devine, as does Lily in head to toe Chanel, but definatley agreeing with everyone else. The colour is abit cheap and tacky.

    Kudos & congrats on a wonderful and well thought campaign and i wish the team at Chanel the best of luck with the colour!


  • Gingerstar

    in a word….tacky.

  • uptowngirl

    the colours… terrible, but the design is practical..

  • fuchsiafury

    I thought Kirsten Dunst fronting for Miu Miu’s campaign was inappropriate. But this is worse! How could such an esteemed house like Chanel have Lily Allen. The Cocoon is a great concept – not sure about its execution in color though…

  • sndc99

    I think she looks amazing and the bag is ok

  • Urooj

    I’m sure it may work and maybe I’ll start liking it if/when its in my face a lot more but as of now I prefer classic Chanel. Love the hair make up and clothes of the photo shoot though!

  • atrophia

    I love the idea of the thing, but I’m not crazy about the shape. Would be more appealing in a smooshy hobo incarnation, I think.

  • Linda

    Are these bags still being produced in Italy? I’m getting bad vibes from the look of them that they are secretly being manufactured elsewhere. I can usually judge from a picture and the quality does not look the same to me as years gone by. My radar is up and I’m doubting the quality!

  • otter

    LOVE her. LOVE this song. LOVE the new line. I am a weapon of massive consumption.

  • postrancher

    I don’t like it. The handles look strange, not a huge fan of the puffy look. Someone will rock it though, just not me.

  • mette

    I like recognizable bags ( = does not mean, that the brand/ logo shows by any means ). I´m not exactly sure what I think of these new Chanel bags. Wearing a fur or down coat + puffy bag might not be a good idea though. I will have to think about this one..

  • Tammi

    I love the the Coco Cocoon line sports puffy leather! Especially the Burgundy & White, perfect for sport to a Redskin’s Game! LOL! I’m all for Puffy, too! So Haute!

  • Al

    I agree that the colors are a flop. I don’t like what I see… it strays too far from the classic, haute, and sophisticated designs. I mean, if I wanted a quilted bag this ugly and poor looking, I’d get a Vera Bradley and call it a day.

    Well, the one on the farthest right (in the ad) is okay. However, the ad looks great. I love Lily!

  • high_notes_4u

    It’s great that Chanel wants to experiment with new directions, but I think this is a mistake. Those cheap, plastic inflatable toys come to mind… I agree with the quality concern.

  • effie

    I love the ads, I loved the song before, and the new bags should be interesting! It’s a good twist for Chanel, any idea on pricepoint?

  • Anne

    Horrible. Not my taste. Appears to me that the demographic they are trying to gear is 18-30? I am a 25 year old woman and it is not hitting it for me.
    Lily Allen could not be a worse choice to be the face of Chanel. Grace, class and lady-like. Not 3 things I think of when I read “Lily Allen”. >.<

  • Lola

    LOVE IT!

    She reminds me of Gabrielle Chanel: she’s a self-made woman, not in the norm, behaving the way she likes!
    …just like COCO in her time!!!!
    Shes cool, young and extremely witty. Great choice.

    ++LOVE the soft lambskin bags, want to touch it!

  • MAX

    I think it’s better to invest my money on a classic Chanel bag. This one, honestly, is like a replica Chanel bag with a very bad quality that i can find it in cheap replica market. Moreover, the styles are exactly like the fake ones. I think the classic Chanel bags are worth the money, the rest Nope !!

  • fashionistaO

    Nope for the most part, I’m a Purist. Looks like sleeping bag material …. maybe it is, can’t be sure. Trying to appeal to the tweens with money.
    On the flip side – Like edgy also, but what does this fall under?

  • Sheraciara

    Oh no. No, NO, NOOO. It looks awful reversed. And what a gimmicky concept anyway!

    Lily Allen wouldn’t be my first choice for Chanel but actually she does look very well

  • Michael St. James

    these bags are hideous and so is lily allen’s soul! lol…i’m so dramatic.

  • bruna

    yeah… I didn’t like those bags too… i liked the concept of making reversible bags, until I saw those awful ones. but lily allen’s gorgeous on the ads!

  • renee

    Anything poofy looks tacky. Remember those giant poofy, down, full lwn trenches that made everyone look 300 pounds?

  • papertiger

    I have nothing good to say about the bags or the woman but even I’m shocked by how much they’ve airbrushed the photos – the reason her head is so big is that they’ve reduced her body size by 50%.

  • Julie Weekes

    Don’t like her or the bags. It looks like they are trying to seduce a younger generation and this is so not Chanel. Chanel has that aloof, je ne sais quoi appeal – they are just trying too hard.

  • popita

    I love Lily Allen!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Puffy leather is a little weird, but if you have the $$$ to spend, why not??

  • Marissa Cooper

    I like her, not the bags. They look like sleeping bags to me.

  • Rebbeca

    Lily’s pulled off the Chanel look really well.. but honestly bags are just ok! The middle ones still fine though

  • Maryne

    Actually, I hated them at first – very non Chanel. But seeing the real thing totally changed my mind, whether the canvas or leather they are softest things you’ve ever felt, I just couldn’t stop hugging it…. and they are incredibly light……

  • Say whaaat?

    I dont understand what your all talking about? THESE BAGS ARE AWESOME!!! I want one soooo badly! you all say it looks cheap and not chic but seriously you could spot one of these a mile away which i personally think chanel is about, creating an out of the norm bag. too be honest although i love the classics, im bored of them, too predictable but now chanel has launched a new revolutionary bag that actually is decent im remember the prada debacle…those hairy bags…even with V beckham wearing it theyre still disgusting and the new fuzz ball one uggh! all in all i love this bag but thats just one opinion i repect everyone elses point of view :)

  • Kelley

    They remind me of those puffy coats people wear to ski in. Not a fan!

  • Ana

    Too puffy, like a cheap jacket.

  • Jillian W.

    cool! i like this change, very unexpected.

  • soooooon

    um…i like chanel but not this one

  • karily

    YIKES¡­These bags are REALLY FUGLY!

  • Betty

    I didn’t like them at first from the photos until I saw them in person at the store. I totally fell in love with them. They are so light and soft, very good for traveling. I already had a few of 2.55 chain bags and started getting bored with them. This time, coco cocoon line is something different, no more chain bags. Yes! I am going to get the leather backpack and the reversible med size tote.

  • Chloee!

    lookksss cheap, im so disapointed that karl L. did this. It biggest mistake.

    It looks like a diaper with straps!!!!!!!!!

  • christyca

    how much this bag?

  • Ariel Williams

    I LOVE THIS BAG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD ! if i dont get this bag for christmas i swear I’m going to kill myself. not literally.

  • replicadrop

    They are so light and soft, very good for traveling

  • Designer Boots Store

    W-O-W. That is gross, I knew it was bad but when you see the numbers, its just plain scary!

  • maggie

    chanel coco cocoon nylon large tote bag how much the price in paris? im in malaysia. is the chanel coco cocoon nylon bag have medium size or small size? how much the price?

  • maggie

    how much the price for chanel coco cocoon nylon large tote bag? the code no. A47086 Y06157.

    • lee

      Hi there, did you get any reply on the “how much the price for chanel coco cocoon nylon large tote bag? the code no. A47086 Y06157”? I’m also wondering how much it is

      • seran

        just bought it in Paris – 1000 euro

  • donna

    I love the bag, just don’t like the colors they put together.

  • Joyce

    i onli like the trolley! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    these poofy ones look like they would rip easily (fb)

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  • bailey

    Hi gals
    Price for cocoon quilt large tote bag
    bought for MOP 11350 around RM4800
    I guess europe wil be more cheaper

  • sophia
    Dolce &,

  • some sleeping bags are waterproof and weatherproof too, they are nice for camping outside the house :’-

  • beanyce126

    loving the hair do on the models but not feeling the two tone. (ipad)