Chanel Coco Cocoon Handbags

We brought you information on the Chanel Coco Cocoon line featuring Lily Allen earlier this month. If you have a registered email address with Chanel, you can access the Chanel Coco Cocoon website and be the first to own a piece of the line.

Now we see more of this line, which includes handbags, travel bags, and small leather goods. Prices start around $400 in the small leather goods for a lambskin keycase and go up exponentially for the handbags and travel bags. The Chanel Coco Cocoon line offers nylon and lambskin on most of the bags which have a puffy finish, think fluffy down jacket for skiing. The line is a departure from classic expectations of the brand. But the casual finish and high ticket prices for the products, including the nylon, has this line a miss on our list.

Chanel Red Quilted Lambskin Key Case
Red Quilted Lambskin Key Case | $375

Chanel Grey Quilted Large Nylon Toiletry Case
Grey Quilted Large Nylon Toiletry Case | $505

Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Backpack
Black Quilted Lambskin Backpack | $2,575

Chanel Black Quilted Trolley
Black Quilted Trolley (Nylon or Lambskin) | $2,700 – $4,125

Chanel Ivory Reversible Quilted Lambskin Medium Tote
Ivory Reversible Quilted Lambskin Medium Tote | $2,395

Chanel Quilted Lambskin Medium Zipped Tote
Quilted Lambskin Medium Zipped Tote | $2,375

More on the Coco Cocoon line here.

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  • emily*

    Yeah, not a fan.
    Not of Miss Allen or these horrendous bags.

  • justa9url

    Wow…I still can’t believe those bags are from Chanel.

  • Paulina

    The lambskin key case is not bad…

  • tony

    the bags look cheaply made. looks like some counterfeit bags.. maybe the nylon materials that made it look bad…

  • Merve

    They kinda look weird and no offense but Lily Allen is just not the right image for Chanel unless drunk, mouthing off at people and swearing are attractive attributes.

  • Marissa Cooper

    I’m saying no this time…I personally think the bag looks like a knock off…or entry-level Chanel

  • My New Bag

    a season or two ago, I bought a shiny plastic[ nice to touch] Chanel bag with the chain with the same material woven through just like any Chanel bag, and with it’s great size and material, it is my RAIN bag, so I can look stylish without hurting expensive leather.

    So there is a place for such bags. How many of us panic over rain on our good bags?
    Even though I have a “rain Coat” for my Birkin, that is the only bag that has one.

    Keep it real

  • atrophia

    I think the backpack is cute.

  • Michael St. James

    YIKES…These bags are REALLY FUGLY!

  • Jimmy

    Nylon? It’s okay for Prada, after all that is their thing but when Chanel makes it puffy and shiny with a chunky handle it’s just gross.

  • Handbag Lover


  • pe. riche.

    The bags look cartoonish and cheap. When I look at them, I instantly think of the Michelin Man. Maybe he would fancy this line?

  • Sarah

    I adore Chanel and have many bags from other seaons, but I cannot say I am a fan of this line. It looks cheap and the only suitable use I can find for any of them I see is for a gym bag. At least the Winter line is gorgeous.

  • lllfashion

    I can’t tell which is more disturbing! The ugly, fake looking bags, Lilly Allen being the face of Chanel posing as a silly version of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or that the fact that the photos are of the worst aesthetics!!

    What was Karl thinking???

  • LDJ

    I like the ad ft. Lily Allen, nice photo and the and the Black Quilted Lambskin Backpack, LUVS it!!!!!

  • RP Jones

    I love the trolley, but I just wish the purse were a little bigger

  • jill

    i like the trolley!!

  • Judith

    I am not a fan of Chanel Coco Cocoon collections. It looks not as gorgeous as other series collections. There is a big price difference between Nylon and lambskin leather.
    evoguer/com has more details.

  • Pia

    not a fan at all. the key case is the only thing that is acceptable.

  • natalie

    horrible!! even if there/s lilly allen as the new face !!! however the backpack rules!

  • savannah

    I don’t know what the hell all of you are bitching about, these bags are really nice you just to dumb to see the quality that go’s into a bag like this. He is trying to appeal to a younger crowd, and you all are obviously to old to see it!!! They come from Chanel so you know they are well made. so you all need to just stick with carrying your nock offs, because you are just mad that you are to poor to buy one!!!

    • Ellen

      I am not a mean person most of the time. But I have to say that you are definitely a brand name slave. Not all designer items are fascinating, neither does all Chanel’s. I personally own authentic Chanel bags and clothes and I love the brand. But even though I dislike some of its collections. (ex. 05 Fall/Winter and the Coco Cocoon)
      Maybe different people will have different opinion toward this new style, but saying that not liking them means “can’t afford it”? Never agree.

  • stephie

    i like the purses, i think they are so comfortable, the big tote is pretty for travel. i like i think lily is cute and she looks so elegant in the campaign

  • Claire

    Love Lily Allen and so excited for her that she got the opportunity to be a part of the new campaign but I’m really disappointed with the pricing of the collection! I thought since it was nylon, it would be a lower price point so that I could afford a little piece if Chanel. I understand lamb is more expensive but come on! It’s NYLON!!!

  • lilu

    Somebady know the price on this reversible large tote? Really luv it!!!

  • karily

    YIKES¡­These bags are REALLY FUGLY!

  • ashley

    I love that quilted backpack, it’s so adorable.. and that’s about it, don’t like anything else…

  • Linda

    Horrible. Have seen the ads in all the magazines and they just look dreadful.

  • Discount Jeans

    going home to the province for my mom’s bday!

  • vallie

    I love this collection!!!!and I also like that’s nylon because I’m against the use of animal products for fashion!but I don’t like lily allen as model.

  • cyndi

    I have always been a HUGE Chanel fan. Handbags, clothing and accessories alike. I think the Cocoon line is fun and fashionable and I have nothing bad to say about this line. I think it’s cute!!

  • Vuittonia13

    I just think Chanel is trying to target a younger and punkier crowd this time, hence the casual looks and materials, as well as the new face – Allen. but the comment said by Savannah was a bit hateful and unnecessary. however if Chanel was to appeal to a younger market, they should have probably lower the price tag of these bags, or start a sub-label just like Marc by Marc Jacobs. anyways I guess I don’t belong to the “younger and punkier” group and I stand by the old classics all the same.

  • liyananaznim

    i think younger people would love this!
    it’s cute!!

  • July

    So nice, I love them…:)


  • Ana JB

    I Like the backpack.

  • sohoaccessories

    It’s a Puffy daddy !!! LOL…I don’t think it gives the style of Chanel..certainly not classy.

  • stephie


  • Jose

    Just Lovely.

  • Joyce

    wow i wud love to hav tht black quilted trolley! except i think ur more likely to get robbed while traveling haha (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    love the bottom one (fb)

  • kiss

    So nice!

  • Yati Osman


    is the key pouch origanal? Can i take a clear look?

  • Yati Osman

    Is this origanal?