The Captivating Chanel 22 in Multicolor Tweed

I didn't think I loved the 22 bag, but I do love this one

Sometimes you need exactly that: time. Time to let a bag design sit with you and your thoughts, letting you mull over your personal likes and dislikes, seeing it on other people in the real world and on social channels, and then you can make the proper decision if it works for you. The Chanel 22 bag is a bag that has taken a bit of getting used to from some, but I’ve found the version that turned me into a big fan of this bag.

The Chanel 22 is the newest big push for Chanel, a somewhat simple in theory bag, imagined by Virginie Viard, and its name refers to the year of its creation. Compared to the other bags that are cornerstones of the Chanel lineup, the 22 is quite simple in design and the least structured bag the House has designed. However, this bag is meant to be slouchy. It’s a way to show that you can casually throw this bag over your shoulder for ease of wear, a truly elevated designer touch answer to the pared-down outfits we’ve been gravitating toward in recent years.

All About Tweed

The newest Fall Winter 22 bags lineup just hit, and you’ll be met with bright colors, tons of tweed, quilted velvet, and more. This version of the Chanel 22 combines much of that, with a combination of bright acid tones sitting atop a more classic black tweed with white streaks throughout the body of the bag. This bag is a tribute to tweed, one of the most notable elements from the history of Chanel.

The 22 bag is quite simple, with a large opening with a zip pocket alongside the back of the bag and a removable pouch on the interior. The chain and leather strap offers that quintessential Chanel touch, and its dimensions are quite sizable at 14.8 × 16.4 × 3.1 in. The Chanel letters, in different acid tones of tweed, grabbed my attention first and made me fall for this bag.

It feels nostalgic in a way, this bag. While the 22 bag itself is very new and still looking for its footing amongst the Chanel giants, this bag throws me back to many years ago when similar design elements reigned supreme. If you are a casual dresser, with denim making a permanent place in your repertoire, a bag like this against a simple white top or blouse really stands out.

Purchase for $5,300 via Chanel.

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The Details

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