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When I met StyledOn creative director Casey Kettleson for lunch in Soho yesterday (go to Cafe Falai, try the burger, thank me later), I knew I’d get a great meal and even better company. What I didn’t expect to get was such an awesome photo of my beloved Celine Luggage Tote in Spring 2011 lipstick red. None of my shots every turn out this nicely because I’ve yet to master the art of the cell phone photo (I have, however, mastered Angry Birds), so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share it with you since I’ve mentioned the bag so often.

Looking for a Celine Luggage Tote? Good luck…

I waited three months on the list at Kirna Zabete before my dream bag arrived in April. These bags can be had, but if you want your pick of colors, you have to plan ahead. Far ahead. Most large retailers will put you on a waiting list and take down your credit card number, but if you want to pre-pay and be sure that you’ll get what you want, you can contact Kirna Zabete at (212)941-9656.

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  • Lucija

    It’s perfect!


  • Diane

    Such a beautiful shade of red. Is this bag heavy, I have not see it in real life.

    Amanda, do you have a favorite bag?

    • Lindasmith1215 celine luggage tote bags on sale for just 285$

  • It’s a bit heavy, but not terrible. The leather is really thick, and all the weight comes from that, plus it’s also lined in leather. I think the leather lining is worth the extra weight, particularly since it’s the same color. It gives the design a really nice feel. Very Celine.

    I don’t know if I really have a favorite bag. I love this one, and I also love the violet Balenciaga Day that I’ve had since 2007. It’s beat up and faded, but it’s mine, you know?

    • Alessandra Nguyen

      Have u got this one but in orange or green colour ? i really like this and how much is that ?

  • fuchsiafury

    What a looker! The leather looks incredible! I admire you for schlepping a crook-of-the-arm bag around the boroughs.

    • Haha, I will promise you that I do not do it every day! I have two Botkier Ava crossbodies that are my go-to for regular activities, plus my weathered old Balenciaga Day. I try to reserve this bag for work stuff or when I’m seeing a friend who I know will get a kick out of it. Or when I’m shopping, because you’ll never get more attention and help from sales associates than when you’re carrying a nearly ungettable It Bag. But I’m actually going to write a post about that for tomorrow.

  • rose60610

    Gorgeous! The red is divine.

  • P

    LOL, you’re so right Amanda! I went to Bergdorf’s last weekend…BERGDORF’s!…and I two very high and mighty SAs fawn over my Black mini luggage that I’d placed on the counter while I browsed. They asked if they could touch it to feel the leather and hold it to feel the weight. Quite bizarre! Hysterical though, because they spent, literally, five minutes looking it over. Love this bag! Got great service that day.

  • JolieLaide

    Love it! I’m dying to find a great structured tote but all the ones I love are out of my price range. I found a great one and it’s in my price range and I love the colors-Pour La Victoire Bordeaux Med Tote. See it here-

  • Jessica

    OMG, i love that color. A stellar :)

  • gpc

    Amanda, very true about attention from sales associates. I was in San Francisco recently and went in every major department store, and some high end boutiques, with my Celine luggage (leopard pony hair – envelope clasp) and got exceptional service.

  • Alexa

    I love this bag and im getting on the waiting list asap! What Are the demensions of this bag because I’ve seen ones that are really big and really smalk but not too many in the middle, but this one looks like the perfect size! (a little Goldylocks of a bag story) Love the color! :)

    • I don’t have a tape measure handy, but this is the “mini” size, which is not actually mini at all. It’s perfect for a day bag and holds a TON. The tiny crossbody one is called the “nano,” and the “medium” is nearly a weekender size.

      • Alexa

        Well thank you! Could you possibly hold it on you so we can see? Ive only seen then the nano and the medium, the mini sounds perfect! Im all over it in the colbalt blue color<3

      • I prefer to keep pictures of myself off the blog, but if you do a Google image search for “Celine Luggage Tote Mini,” I’m sure you can find shots that others have taken.

    • Lindasmith1215 celine luggage tote bags on sale for just 285$

  • Britty

    Yum! The red is gorgeous. I have the Celine tote in black and it is amazing. Such a classic.

    It is on the heavier side, but I would call it “delightfully heavy” because i’m so happy to be carrying it around!

  • Chele

    Wow! Your red Celine tote is stunning.

  • Littlerock


    I just got one of these bags last week! I am in awe of it! Mine is the pebbled leather in Anthracite and lined in a light faux suede. I believe that must make my bag lighter than yours because I didn’t find my bag to be heavy at all. Your bag is amazing! I would kill for a red one but I know II could never find one. Congrats!

  • indi3r4

    Bag twins!!
    I got compliments left and right whenever i carry this bag.. it’s such a beautiful bag!! I can’t wait to get a second one (cobalt blue that is!!).

  • sosti

    it is GORG!! wow… i think i need it!!

  • Kris

    TO DIE FOR. I need this!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Amanda, I love your taste in bags. Congratulations on your stunning Celine luggage tote – the colour is to die for!

  • ellemac

    very nice bag…. how much is it? will try to save up for it….

  • Rebecca

    It is pretty, but it looks just like a Chloe Edith on top.

  • michelle

    I bought one last year in dark navy blue. I have NEVER been sorry that I bought it. I have friends who want one now, but can’t find one. They never seem to be in stock!!

  • Yun

    It’s so beautiful!! I am so jealous!

  • annabelle

    thank you for the wonderful info! these bags have been on my watch..and i love color! hopefully i find the right one!

  • Tongyan

    Love this RED.. it is so beautiful.

  • Millie

    Gorgeous picture, gorgeous bag!

    If I know I’m going to a high-end/really busy store I always make sure I bring one of my more expensive purses along!

  • ana

    Bags twins! My mood feels so good when carrying my mini lipstick, it’s truly a beautiful bag!

  • claudia

    Girl, that is the most beautiful Luggage tote I have seen (in pictures) so far!!! Gorgeous color, congrats!!!

  • Webaj

    I happened to be in Bergdorfs today….they had two on the shelf. Now they have one and I have one:)

  • Jessy

    I LOVE this colour.

  • Ingrid


  • Ingrid

    Oh and i also love the clear chairs.

  • Courtney

    (Almost) Bag twins!! I have the red pebbled from fall 2011. It’s my love!

  • pauline

    hey, im trying to get one too. but still debating between sizes. What size is yours, is it a medium ?

    • CourtneyMc22

      Hers is most likely the mini.

    • Mine is indeed a mini. If you want to carry it like a regular handbag, the mini is the best way to go.

  • jonna168

    i want this celine luggage tote “lipstick” bag !!

  • Lovesbagsalot

    Love ur bag. Now you have me thinking of getting one. Never realty cared for it. Hmmmm. Enjoy your bag!

  • Yaz

    You sure know how to pick ’em! Stunning!

  • Laura

    I love your bag! the color is absolutely stunning!!!!!

  • luvbags

    Love this bag. Does it keep its shape well. I have this thing about bags, I hate when they are half full and loose their shape.

  • Debare

    Hi Amanda – am getting one tomorrow @ Harrods, quick question is the Lipstick SO different from the Burgundy colour ( harrod is stocking burgundy)


  • Debare

    Hi Amanda,

    If your bag ( lipstick color) very different from Burgundy color?
    Please advise


  • Kristen

    Thanks Amanda! I just ordered up this bag in the perfect grey I’ve been wanting (Pebbled Anthracite) and I am beyond thrilled. I’ve been looking forever for the right bag and this post led me to my new baby! :)

  • ping

    It’s so GORGEOUS it hurts! LOVE IT!

  • Regina

    I’ve been a huge Celine fan forever and recently picked up the mini luggage tote in Rome! I too also got it in the lipstick shade which was the first time I had ever seen it. Been on the waiting list at Bergdorf’s for 3 months now for the Burgundy shade but I’m so glad I found this baby on my trip!

  • Maxie

    Gorgeous!….the background is perfect to showcase your lovely bag.

  • imlvholic

    Gorgeous, stunning bags, i got so lucky i found mine, 2 Micros in Cobalt & Burgundy. They’re the best size for me, not too big, not too small & not too heavy. Now, i want a neutral, Camel or Anthra Micro w/ grainy leather. Celine is becoming another Bal addiction.

  • MissNorway

    I just loved the bag at first sight and decided to get one myself! Little did I know that this bag had so many lovers and where nowhere to be found! But now I have a date in Geneva with Miss Celine mini smoot black luggage bag! The price I have to pay for the date is 1750 swiss franc/2000$! Take care.

  • fatmahash

    im in love with this bag! cant wait to get my hands on one !!!

  • Jennifer Stano

    So Im in switzerland- gstaad to be exact- and I just picked up my First Celine Luggage Tote not knowing it was all the rage. They have all the new colors in- from Yellow to red and orange and blue, to the Taupe color I got and a slightly darker color as well !!! If you want another email me and Ill give you the name to the store. I may go back and snag another at this point LOL. xx

    • can i ask you how much for Celine tote in Switzerland now? I want to have one so bad :D

  • B N D_96

    how much is it ? i really want one

  • Emvicky21

    Can some one please tell me what the different between Celine Boston Bag
    and Celine luggage tote bag ?  I thought they look the same.

  • is this a mini? or a medium

  • All I see is a grouchy face..