Seasons come and seasons go, but in the fashion world, Celine is still the must-have bag for people who are interested in a bag’s must-haveness. The brand only has one US boutique at the moment (although it’s opening a New York City location in the coming months) and the bags are distributed through ultra-prestigious retailers in extremely small numbers. For my Spring 2011 Celine Luggage Tote in lipstick red, I sat on the Kirna Zabete waiting list for three long months after paying for the bag in full, sight-unseen. And I’m glad I did, because none of them ever made it to KZ’s sales floor.

Pre-season pictures of Celine’s designs are almost as difficult to find as the bags themselves, which is why I squealed in delight when Elle Creative Director Joe Zee tweeted this picture of Celine Resort 2012 Handbags yesterday morning during a market week appointment. Neons! Exotics! Is that blue crocodile I see? I’m calling Kirna Zabete to reserve my chartreuse Luggage Tote as we speak. Click for a larger view.

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  • mimoko

    I need one of the classic box!! Truly amazing rainbow of colours!!

  • 19yearslater

    They are so pretty. This bag has really grown on me since the advent of its popularity.

  • Joyce


  • Lulugurl

    I love the colours, but just not a fan of the style itself….but oh the colours!!!!

  • rose60610

    I like Celine and have only seen the bags at Barney’s. I think the prices compare with Hermes. They do go on sale sometimes which makes me a little skeptical that such an exclusive hard-to-find brand would hit the discount tables. For the beacoup $$$$ I’d go Hermes.

    • Generally their price points are far under Hermes. My luggage tote was $1750.

      • rose60610

        Point taken. Other styles were over four thousand. Pretty as they are, I just wistffully admire them from a distance.

      • Some of the box bags do get quite expensive, I’ve never really understood why that was. They’re beautiful pieces inside and out, but the price point doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the accessories line.

  • Vasia

    oooohhhhh f……I need them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am inlove…..

  • harveydent

    I love the clutches!!!! The colors are amazing, and against the gold hardware they’re even better! As for the luggage, I’ve never been a fan of the single color ones, I prefer the color blocked version, I wish they could’ve continued that with these fun shades :)

    • I’m betting they did, this is only a small peek! The multicolor luggage totes have done very well for Celine, they’d be crazy to stop making them.

  • MizzJ

    Such gorgeous colors!

  • spaceyjacy

    Oh jeeze, the box bags look incredible in those colors! I like them even more now!

  • LauraL

    I have a Celine bag that I got at a resale store in Paris about 15 years ago. I have to say, it is the most well made bag that I have. It is a beautiful light blue gray color and is the most butter soft leather ever. Knowing what a great bag that it is makes me want one of these even more!

  • Blo0ondi

    i think i finally found the green i want.. i might get the green box after all! i know the price tag is insain but i liked it since i saw it!

  • Charisse

    I was watching the slide show and I saw some beautiful Chloe Shoulder bags. Chloe is always my favorite. Hands down! I love the size, the flap, and the tassels. The leather is extremely soft; Chloe can do no wrong.

  • Graciella

    I’m not really a fan of the Luggage (I like them, but would never buy one), but the classic box bags are stunning. I love the beige and the green ones in the pic!

  • KellyX

    If only they would make more sizes and colors for the shoulder luggage. Love the bags, but I just can’t make do with a heavy top handle bag :/ sigh

  • Saymama

    SWOOOOOON! I just want one in all black so it can be my every day bag for work, and I live in Paris and can’t seem to find one! I’m hoping the black ones come out again! Loving this amazing color palettes though! When are they due to hit the streets?!! *Le Swoon*


    Hello Ladies,

    If your highly interested in any Celine handbags, or have any questions on how to order you dream Celine, please feel free to contact me. I’ am more than eager to assist you. Hope to hear from you soon!

    All the best,

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  • sunflower

    Oh dear I think I may need a Luggage in that lovely green. Lovely photograph.

  • sunflower

    Oh dear I think I may need a Luggage in that lovely green. Great photograph.

  • indi3r4

    lipstick red luggage [x]
    next on the list..
    cobalt blue [ ]
    burgundy [ ]

    but that shocking pink luggage is ohhh so very cute!!

  • michelle

    I wasn’t sure about buying a luggage bag last year. I went into Barneys a few times before I ended up buying the smaller size in Navy blue. I am not sorry that I bought the bag. The leather is beautiful. I have gone into Barneys a many times in the last couple of months and have never seen any size luggage tote???

  • jinky m.salendab

    i really inlove wit celine bags.i lik to have it all….mashallah!

  • Chele

    Gorgeous colors! Love the orchid (hot pink) and blue….

  • Melissa

    I can’t get enough of neon highly structured bags these days. The neon pink will be mine!

  • rossy

    i really need one of the bag ,the pink one but it s espensive

  • gwendolyn

    Black Friday morn. 7 am. Local T.J Maxx. Celine
    Mini Luggage in lipstick red. $1100. Perfect, with certificate of authenticity, dust bag, original tags, etc.
    Bought it. Love it. Must be the Holy Grail of Black Friday shopping! How will I ever top it?

  • Anna

    I love the new colors. I went to see them at a boutique and they were all beautiful. .
    I ended up buying the lemon yellow. Wanna get a deep khaki if I could.

  • JCM

    the neon pink still available? so tempting. and i want it badly

  • Katherine

    I own a medium Classic box bag in BLUSH.  Perfect condition.  no scratches.  I’m looking to trade with someone that owns one in BLACK and also in excellent condition.  I should have bought black.  If you own a blk one and want to trade it with me for a rare gorgeous blush box bag please contact me OLENJACK@HOTMAIL.COM