Sorry Khloe for making you wear the bag as a head piece, you kinda always get shafted with Kim and Kourt, don’t ya?

Do any of you think that in 2011 there will be a “reality star” demise? Will it be at all possible that we all are not so consumed by what lollipop Kim Kardashian is snacking on or what Sketcher shoe she is wearing? I’d like to think so, but we are a society obsessed with these “stars”. Hey, what exactly are the Kardashians famous for again?

2010 was the year of this self-promoting family. Their name was placed on everything and they marketed themselves brilliantly. One thing they assigned their names to was a collaboration line with bebe. And you know what was included in that line… handbags. Of course they were.

Right now on the bebe website only one bag is floating around that was designed by the Kardashian sisters. It is the Leather and Haircalf Leopard Envelope Bag. The design looks cheap and the materials look even worse. I really dislike the snap front pouch and the oversized whip-stitching. There is simply too much going on and the overall design appears forced. But there may be many people out there that love this bag. Price is $129.99 via bebe.

So tell me: what do you think of the Kardashians by bebe handbag line?

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