paris hilton audrey hepburn

As one of the most easily recognizable faces, Audrey Hepburn was both a beauty and fashion icon. Class, style, and grace summed up Hepburn, who has left an enduring following and popularity. But is Paris Hilton Hepburn worthy? Copying the most famous picture Hepburn is know for, Paris posed as Hepburn recently.

Let’s have a weekend debate; Is Paris Hilton Audrey Hepburn worthy? What do you think when you see this picture?

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  • Tere

    She is so NOT worthy.

    • Nina

      Not at all!

  • Sarah

    No, I wouldn’t say that Paris Hilton is worthy of a comparison to Audrey Hepburn. BUT, I would definitely consider Paris Hilton a huge part of our current society. Just because she isn’t as classy or talented as Audrey, Paris has had a lot of impact on pop culture of the 21st century. I mean, not everyone gets full coverage of crotch shots and jail time. So let her do the picture, I don’t think she’s any worse than Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

    • JD

      Yes if they were to choose between them three I am glad it would go to Paris Hilton instead of Lindsay or Britney. But Audrey stood for something more than that of Paris.

    • JJ

      who cares if Paris has had an impact on our culture… she is no where near worthy of this picture. she is a disgrace to blondes and girls everywhere.

  • Dawn

    Ummm, no. What do I see? A halloween costume. She has a lot to live up to to ever be truly compared to Hepburn. Wishful thinking — but everybody needs something to shoot for I guess.

  • Leslie

    Yikes! Why!!!!???!!! It brings to mind the saying, “A pig in an evening gown is still a pig…” or something like that. (Anyone remember the ACTUAL quote?)

    • rebecca

      A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet?

  • Alice

    No, Paris is Paris, she have nth close to Audrey Hepburn :!: She better just be herself~

    • Roxana

      Paris quite a caracter and a unique person. Love watching her. She can only be herself best I think.
      She is nothing like Audrey Hepburn at all. Audrey is a timelless classic and Paris is.. well Paris is just Paris :D

      If either was a bag, Audrey would be a chanel and Paris a… (Fendi maybe? Let’s think about what Paris could be… :roll: )

  • lisa

    No No No No No!

  • nathaniel

    she so wannabe….. :roll:

  • Lauren

    She may not compare to Arudrey, but she does looks gorgous! admit it

  • Vinnie

    She may not be worthy, but this picture is by no means recent. It was done specifically done for Saturday Night Live, two seasons ago, when she was their guest host.

  • Nana

    that spoiled brat :evil: how dare she copy a woman as wonderful as Audrey Hepburn!!!!!!! :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • Stephanie

    I will admit that Paris imitated the picture well, but that’s about it. It takes more than aesthetics to imitate Audrey. This pose is the epitomy of Audrey’s entire image and no one will be able to recreate it…

  • EmilyGL

    I love Audrey Hepburn and Paris is in now way even close to her in class or beauty.

  • Glamazon Huntress

    No way. Audrey had class and Paris does not. She just seems like a spoiled brat in this photo.

  • maomee

    Ha! My first impression of this pic was of Cruella D’Evil from 101 Dalmations. I knew it was an imitation of Audrey Hepburn’s famous photo but all I saw from Paris’ grin was Cruella. :twisted:

  • fashion in the making

    Paris Hilton is to hot and rich then the other i dont even know her name

    • Stephanie

      Perhaps you should consider good grammar while committing crimes against good taste: it’s ‘you’re’

    • KS

      … while we’re correcting grammar:
      1) It’s “too”, not “to”
      2) It’s “than” not “then”

      I agree with Stephanie – learn proper grammar first ‘fashion in the making’!

    • DTC

      And while we’re at it: go to Netflix and start ordering movies with Audrey Hepburn. Start with “Roman Holiday”, “Sabrina” and “Funny Face” and work your way up to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “My Fair Lady”.

      After you have completed your crash course in class, taste, acting skills and complete and utter talent; see if Paris Hilton comes even close to being the woman that Audrey Hepburn was and the icon that she is.

      Paris does not even compare…

    • Chelsea

      Besides the grammar, the sentence should technically be “Paris Hilton is hotter and richer than the person whose name I don’t know” or something (not saying I agree with that statement, but the one posted was not English.)…

  • sandy

    i don’t care much for paris hilton…
    and i can’t see any of the comments above me…

  • william

    Hepburn is rolling in her grave.

  • Christina

    I think the quote is “A pig in pearls is still a pig.” Or maybe not. :???:

    I, like most everyone here, think that Audrey was an irreplaceable person in beauty, talent, and class, and if there is anyone on this earth that may come even close, it is most definitely not Miss Hilton.

  • wgs

    not even close

  • fendifemale

    This is disgusting!

  • Stephanie

    Give me strength! Hepburn was an icon of class and style…Paris Hilton surely can idolize her, but dressing up like her? Pathetic really.

  • dphatgirl

    paris hilton lacks the gamine, yet classy look audrey hepburn exuded in her heyday. that is not to say paris is not pretty. she is. unfortunately, she lacks class. and class is something she cannot purchase with her millions.

  • Laura

    Are you serious? How in the world can someone put Audrey Hepburn and Paris Hilton in the same sentence? She has no style and she definitely possesses no class whatsoever. When I see this picture I think Paris is playing dress up. It would take her several lifetimes to live up Audrey Hepburn. Whoever compared her with Hepburn should be ashamed and embarrassed for sounding so stupid.

    • Margarita

      Amen to that! I could not agree more, you have stated it most perfectly and simply! :cool:

  • bargainhunter


  • Denise

    To put it succinctly – Hell to the naw!!!!!!!! :roll:

  • cici

    you are wrong. this is not a recent picture.

  • my new bag

    Audrey Hepburn is an icon.
    Paris is not.
    end of conversation

  • ugh


  • Rose

    Who let this happen!?

  • Vida

    I am sure Audrey Hepburn had her faults and problems, but Paris Hilton is not and never will be fit to carry her shoes. She is famous for having money and being a public slut. Big Deal. Girls like her are a dime a dozen and would be ignored if they weren’t making money for the sleazy media. She will be forgotten like so many others when she isn’t newsworthy anymore.

  • LVuitton

    Reading Audrey’s history at I must really say, that I see not different in their lives ?

    Given fame through blood, a lot of money and desperate to continue being in the light of fame.

    Absolutly is Paris Hilton SO worth the title of ‘Mrs. Hepburn – 2007’. Glamour all over the place

    • Joanna

      No. Paris is not the Hepburn of 2007, nor any other year. How can you even fathom that?

      Audrey Hepburn has seen it through times of poverty and war, had to flee her own home country in order to escape the impending doom of the Holocaust, suffered from malnutrition, and worked as a spy through her dancing skills. She works as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, traveling to Ethopia frequently, and was unfortunate enough to be in an emotionally abusive marriage. She never saw herself as an actress, but as a dancer. She never had a sex tape of all thing, happened to have good manners, and was, time and time again, praised for her innocent and loving attitude by her co-stars, stars like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, and Fred Astaire, to name a few.

      To top it all off, she never used her daddy’s money seeing as her father left her family, and she always tried to avoid the paparazzi. She had one hit after another in the movie industry and never tried to pass her name off as a musician, knowing that wasn’t her background.

      Mrs. Hepburn was also never dumb enough to copyright the phrase, “that’s hot.” She enjoyed GARDENING, not going to Lesbian clubs in downtown LA or starring in HORRIBLE sitcoms.


      Paris is the opposite of everything I just stated. To even TRY and compare her to the late, great Audrey Hepburn is a crime.

      • Chase

        You couldn’t have put it in a better way. I’m only 14 years old and even I know that Paris Hilton. Can’t be put into the same sentence as Audrey Hepburn.(hence the ‘.’ after Hilton.)

  • bvbirdygirl

    does anybody pity paris? poor thing…

  • valentina

    Sad comparison…fun forum to read though, and I have to say, I appreciate that almost all the participants in the purseblog forums are polite and express their opinions with decorum!Almost…

  • mrsshoegal

    I want to vomit I saw this picture a while back and ugh she is NOT worthy at all. Audrey displayed class not KLAS like Paris.

  • Christy

    Well she is an heiress. On the other hand I think it’s a discrace to audry. Paris may have it all Beuaty,wealth and fame. What she doesnt have is class, tact and style. That is all.

  • chloehandbags

    Don’t worry william, I highly doubt that Audrey Hepburn is rolling in her grave.

    She devoted the latter part of her life to her sterling work for UNICEF and whenever she did an interview, she always seemed to me as though she was far too intelligent and caring to worry about anything as trivial as a young girl imitating a pose of hers!

    TBH, I really couldn’t care less, either! :smile:

    If it made Paris and her PR people etc. happy and even richer (as I’m sure it did!), good for her!

    BTW, if nobody bought the celeb mags and tabloids, people like Paris wouldn’t be half as famous, so in the case of anyone who does, it’s a little pointless to then complain about her and her ilk!

  • chloehandbags

    Don’t worry william, I highly doubt that Audrey Hepburn is rolling in her grave.

    She devoted the latter part of her life to her sterling work for UNICEF and whenever she did an interview, she always seemed to me as though she was far too intelligent and caring to worry about anything as trivial as a young girl imitating a pose of hers.

    TBH, I really couldn’t care less, either! :smile:

    If it made Paris and her PR people etc. happy and even richer (as I’m sure it did!), good for her!

    BTW, if nobody bought the celeb mags and tabloids, people like Paris wouldn’t be half as famous, so in the case of anyone who does, it’s a little pointless to then complain about her and her ilk!

  • chloehandbags

    Whoops, sorry, double post! :roll:

  • Jane

    Anyone can try this pose I suppose. But I think it’s a sacrilege. The estimable Ms. Hepburn is known for her understated elegance and understated elegance is not a word that can even remotely describe Ms. Hilton.

  • naad

    Gorgeous! Love it.

  • Jadey –

    not a chance.
    plus paris has a really dodgy eye?!LMFAO

  • Fendishgirl

    I once heard Paris Hilton saying that she likes Chanel because it’s so sophisticated. It made me laugh so hard. Well she is not even close… no taste, no style. No way!

    • Joanna

      Chanel is turning into the next Target brand genre, along with Louis Vuitton and Coach.
      To call it sophisticated is a joke.

  • missnox

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!
    Absolutely not!!!!

  • Lena

    One thing Audrey Hepburn did possess, which was testament to her loyal following and respect, was her humility.
    Paris, has absolutely NO humility and therefore will never have the kind of respect Audrey Hepburn had.

    PPS. I love how everybody is united in the opinion that Paris Hilton has no class. I think it says a lot about the readers of this blog. I feel like I’m amongst friends.

  • lovelyloey

    She looks like she’s spacey on drugs or something. :shock:

  • Sarah N.

    LMAO! Megs, I started a thread about this a few weeks ago on tPF! It makes me SICK. SICK! :shock:



    OH MY GOD!, OF COURSE she is so NOT worthy.

    Ms. Hepburn was a real lady, period.


    And in this picture looks like DRAG QUEEN.

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

  • Jillian

    :?: Her make-up is applied beautifully, but this image doesn’t make sense to me. Why would she even agree to pose as Audrey Hepburn? :???: :?:

  • *~Angie~*

    :shock: She is most certainly not Hepburn worthy! Nor is she worthy of ever posing as any other iconic star that can be described as smart, beautiful, graceful, classy, elegant…etc.

    She’s simply wretched!


  • JNH14

    Seeing as this is a Purse Forum, and we often discuss “fakes”, this photo appropriately fits the bill…only Paris does not! :eek:

  • skyblue

    this is so wrong. no way is paris hilton an icon nor will she ever be. im disgusted at this picture.

  • Rapunzel

    This is just wrong

  • PJ

    ew NO. totally the wrong person to do that.

  • Yarrow

    Absolutely NOT! Hepburn had class, style and grace, and lets not forget talent.

    Paris is none of those things, she is famous for being a party girl. Let’s rewind, movies she has done were flops, record she made was a flop. Has backstabbed and made enemies out of how many “friends”.

    She is just a star chaser, she wants to be famous and doesn’t care how. Thats called classless.

  • Babi

    NOOOOO WAY!!!!

    She’s the exact opposite of Audrey Hepburn

  • zena


  • Maria D

    Fuck yourself and die! Paris is even better.

    Audrey was just a little girl, who desperately tried to be everyone’s darling. she had NO PERSONALITY at all, just a pretty face and actually too sweet manners and a very annoying emploi, which hostage she was all her life.

    Paris is a Fashionable Bitchy Bitch, shes a very smart businesswoman and she can afford to wear all she wants and to be a bad girl too.

    and she looks damn elegant and sophisticated here.

    • Concerned

      Money does not by class. She’s trash. Simply put. She’s an heiress that can get whatever she wants but she is trash. Her record speaks volumes about her and I pity you for aspiring to be like someone who has done nothing in her life that is worth honoring. Find a more worthy role model for your sake and the rest of the worlds. We certainly don’t need another paris hilton want to be.

    • CG

      Point one you are either very stupid or do not have a clue who Audrey Hepburn was, Paris Hilton will never be in let alone nominated for a role in an Oscar winning film.
      Point two, Paris Hilton does not run her own business and is not a smart businesswoman as you claim, she used her families money to get famous via sextape, i had never heard of her prior to it, also used her families money to run her “business” and if any hilton heiress is even remotely business savvy it would be her sister Nicole who stays out of the slime light and all that crap.
      Paris Hilton does not, could not and will not be able to pull off a photo like the original besides not even being in the same business as Hepburn she isn’t even in the same universe of talent. Paris Hilton is a STD herpe ridden hooker who is talentless.

  • Rachel

    :evil: This picture makes me sick to my stomach, Paris Hilton doesn’t represent a single thing Audrey depicted. She was poised, graceful and a timeless beauty, whereas Paris is a timeless tramp!

  • Maria D

    Gosh! What grace? What beauty?
    Just look at her!

    She looks like an old crasy american lady, all in black and diamonds and pearls with styroform cup of Sturbucks coffee at the hand and croissant at the other.

    Why this so called “Style icon” wears black sunshades and gloves mornings indoor while she is eating?

    thats ridiculous!

  • karen

    Are you kidding me?? Hell no! Audrey Hepburn is turning in her grave as we speak.

  • Maria D

    :mrgreen: Paris may be feeling a little bit of uncomfortable too, whilst reading all that shitty stuff that you, desperate housewives and cheap secretaries have wrote about her here, because of ENVY.

    Hepburn is dead, but Paris is still alive, and she may suffer.

    You should better care about LIVING, not about dead persons.

    p.s. Seeing Hepburn turning in her grave…mmmm…that could be a Show! :))))

    • Alvin Kuo

      Maria D…you are an idiot. Good thing people like you are in the minority, with your horrible taste.

    • Nenna

      I’m sure we are all uncomfortable with someone like Paris desecrating the image of an icon like Audrey Hepburn. It’s not about who is dead or who is alive, it’s about what they do while they are alive. And I can’t remember a Audrey Hepburn sex tape. I remember her making classic movies and her work with UNICEF.

  • Laura

    I think she looks quite cute! :mrgreen:

    • Courtney

      Well, Laura, I hate to disappoint you but no one here seems to be questioning the looks of Paris…just everything else.

  • nicole

    i’m utterly disgusted with this photo. it is a complete JOKE that paris could even consider thinking she’s even an ounce as classy as audrey! she has gone TOO FAR!

  • AudreyISbeautiful

    This utterly discusts me and I was so extremely mad when I saw this. Paris has no right to take this picture because Audrey embodies true beauty, grace, talent, and not tm mention, class! Paris is the opposite; trashy, cusses, smokes, does drugs, drinks, and has even been to jail for breaking the law! She has a lot of nerve to take a picture posing as the beautiful icon, Audrey Hepburn.

    gahh, this is dumb.

  • AudreyISbeautiful

    yeah, i prettymuch feel discusted!

  • Joey

    I love her..she’s human too, people..everyone can inspired anyone they like..i think she’s CUTE~ :razz:

  • Maria D

    Alvin Kio, you ur just a little barkling homey pooch, who likes to bark in a crowd!

    And I must admit, you are in majority here… :mrgreen:

    • Joanna

      learn how to spell.
      and your analogy is pretty weak.

      I don’t see how you even consider that as a comeback, you idiot.

  • heidi

    and thats all I have to say

  • heidi


  • Desiree

    YUCK! WTF? Paris Hiltion is a spoiled brainless twit! I did a google search for Audrey Hepburn Images, and this was one of them. Honestly I am appalled.

  • audrey.

    wow. When I saw this I was pretty disgusted.
    Paris can look up to whoever she wants, true, but normally when a person looks up to another person, they at least have a little desire to be like the person. I mean, Audrey Hepburn: class and sophistication. Paris Hilton: Famous-for-nothing and slutty. Don’t even try to say “She’s not slutty, she’s normal. Everyone can be slutty.” Yeah, that’s true, but if she was normal why would everyone care about her so much. Why would anyone care enough to debate over her Audrey Hepburn imitation if Paris was “normal.”
    So all in all, Paris is a slut, I dislike her, and she is most definitely NOT Hepburn-worthy.

  • maya

    Ahhhhh. Audrey Hepburn was a talented, smart, beautiful icon. Paris is a rich, ditzy, slut. I can’t believe people are even comparing them.

  • sheila

    Noo, paris don’t have the style of audrey, her face is totally diferent , no, definitly she can’t comapare with audrey

  • Mina

    SHE IS NOT WORTHY!!!!!! NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • Joanna

    She looks fugly. The pearls look like they’re from a halloween costume store, her make up is atrocious and she’s blonde. she’s not even doing the pose correctly seeing as she doesn’t have that wholesome quality Mrs. hepburn had when she has posed. She’s ruining Audrey’s image and tainting it just as Lindsay Lohan did with Marilyn Monroe’s Last Sitting poses. I hate the stars of Hollywood in our day and age.

  • Joanna

    Maria D –

    if you’re such the Paris whore, than explain why the “fashionista’s” new movie BOMBED, along with he debut CD, and all she has to show for herself is a failed fashion line and a jail record? What has she done to the American youth that will inspire them half a century later? nothing but sighs of relief indicating that she’s gone.

    and how can you call her a businesswoman? She gets almost ALL her cash from her FATHER’S BUSINESS! she only became famous because some newspaper posted her face on one of their pages, claiming that the partying slut was the new “it” girl. What has she done for herself since them, minus one horrific movie, one bombtastic cd, and a sitcom that made her look lazy AND witless? n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

    and how can you claim that Mrs. Hepburn is classless just because she wore GLOVES while she was INDOORS, EATING? SHOCKER!! because last I checked, she didn’t have a SEX TAPE that completely embarrassed her family. Which is more CLASSLESS, wearing gloves indoors while eating or a sex tape, and need I say, a DUI record as well? I’d go with *ding ding ding* Mrs. Paris Hilton herself.

    Audrey Hepburn has hit after hit after hit in the movie industry. She song beautifully in many of her movies, many Broadways also included, and she was constantly praised by her critics. She survived times during the Holocaust as a young girl for christ’s sake, suffering from malnutrition and endangering her life as a young spy. She didn’t advertise her pets, write her own biographies for profiteering sake, and she made something out her life by becoming the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, not because she “was a pretty face” as you put it, but because she cared and she showed it, time and time again.

    I suggest you study Mrs. Hepburn a little more before you falsely accuse anything against her because frankly, you’ve been making yourself look like a fucking idiot.

    and also, to ridicule Hepburn for drinking “STURBUCKS” (learn how to spell) would to also be ridiculing Paris, seeing as she also stops by STARBUCKS from to time. AT least Hepburn has the decency to buy a croissant instead of stopping at the nearest minimart and picking up a snickers and a bag of cheetos.

  • Nenna

    Audrey Hepburn is a legend and an inspiration. Paris is a disgrace and an insult. She’s not half the woman Audrey was. And she is nowhere near beautiful enough to even be compared to an icon like Audrey.

  • Chase

    I wish Audrey was still alive…she could bring class back to Hollywood.

  • Ken

    Every time I see PH’s face I want to punch her in the eye and kick her in the teeth. :evil:

  • The Whip

    This is COMPLETELY scandalous. The aristocratic, refined, cultured, gentle, delicate, generous, multilingual artist that was Audrey Hepburn has NOTHING to do with a parvenue nouveau-rich animal who has let display her coupling like do stray dogs beside a trash container in a smelly back-alley.

    How could anyone who finds the broadcasting of their genitals amusing try to ever compare themself to a divine person of great rearing, of restraint and virtue?!

    No PR agent could ever BEGIN to succeed in making people forget that this non-artist, “known-for-her-granddaddy(who hates her)’s-money”-and-so-called-elite-partying, vulgar lower-primate is anywhere near Audrey Hepburn.

    I’m offended for the Van Heemstra and Ruston families.

  • katie

    IT IS SACRILEGIOUS! :evil: Paris Hilton is a disgrace. She doesn’t have style, class or elegance. Audrey Hepburn would be rolling over in her grave. :cry: They say imitation is the best form of flattery. But when it comes to this…….ugh this is just foul, and wreaks a slutty stench. She does not have the grace and almost noble like quality Audrey Hepburn had. Audrey dedicated her life to working with UNICEF for a cause…not for something like publicity. Paris said she found some sort of “spiritual healing” while in jail and was going to help people all over the world and stop partying. Well, she hasn’t done either of those. She’s a liar and a cheat, self righteous, snobby heiress who hasn’t worked a day in her pathetic life, not to mention, she’s a $!ut. :shock: And this depiction is a disgrace. Shame on her.

  • Jen

    No. She has less class, style and beauty than Audrey does in her pinky toe.

  • Freya

    This made my Jaw drop.
    It is a disgrace! I actually want to murder Paris Hilton.

    Do you think she has ever even SEEN Breakfast at Tiffany’s???
    PAH. This is pathetic, I pity Paris.

    &btw Maria D, In that photo link you posted, Hepburn is OUTSIDE and NOT drinking friggin’ STARBUCKS!
    Get your facts right before you slag off the greatest woman who ever lived!!!!!!

    I love Audrey Hepburn.
    Paris should die.


  • amazed at the ignorance

    It’s not Starbucks and it’s not a croissant.
    It’s a generic paper coffee cup and a Danish.
    It is also a PR still from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    That’s Ms Hepburn as Holly go Lightly…a role in a movie.

    Paris is just a spoiled little rich kid who wants to be noticed.
    Maybe if Daddy had raised her properly, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
    Impressive length to this thread by the way.
    Amazing what you trip across when shopping for Audrey Hepburn Roses.

  • ella

    i am absolutely disgusted by this picture.

  • xenoredd

    This is sickening. Paris Hilton couldn’t be any more of an opposite to Audrey, in looks, class, or history. This is completely disgraceful, and for a few ignorant people in here to think that Paris can even compare (or somehow be above) makes me truly feel ill.

    Man, this picture made me rage so hard.

  • daniel

    this is like spitting on the Mona Lisa

  • daniel

    btw, to Maria D

    that link u sent was from a movie, in which she was told what to wear or do, not by choice, idiot.
    i hope u see this, idiot

  • Kyle

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even close!!!! Audrey Hepburn is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter and sexier and classier and better in every way!!!!!!!!! Audrey Hepburn is a goddess!!!!!! And Paris Hilton is a dirty pirate hooker!!!!!!

  • dg1138

    I don’t recall Hepburn having a lazy eye. Or crabs. Or no class whatsoever.

  • Geoo =)

    No, Audrey Hepburn is soo stunnin, none can do a take off of her,
    But Paris looks stunnin R.I.P Audrey x x

  • Geoo =)

    Maria D

    That comment with the photo link u said somthing about black sunshades,well dont Paris Hilton wear black sunshades like all the time maybe Paris is copyin Audrey!

    And Paris Hilton aint a Patch on Audrey Hepburn!!!


  • Sarah

    Pearls on a pig is what I’m thinking.
    She doesn’t hold a candle to Audrey.
    Audrey Hepburn was the definition of class and elegance.
    Paris Hilton is a joke. This is insulting to Audrey’s memory.

  • FNSelfExplanatory

    Paris has about as much class as a prostitute…a very ugly one at that.

  • Agar


  • lollipop

    she looks like a pornstar

  • Paolo

    Paris Hilton
    -attention whore
    -everything sad and ugly
    -went to jail
    -most likely did drugs and everything illegal
    -had two sextapes(she’s probably the one who released it)

  • Aaron

    NO. Nana and EmilyGL, I share your sentiments…Audrey is in a class by herself, and Hilton is no comparison NOR any competition.

  • sasou-chan

    Ugly bitch …She doesn’t even worth a shit … -_-

  • Nikki

    I find this extremely insulting. How dare she put on a silly costume and compare herself to a woman who is in my opinion one of the classiest woman in movie history. This is a joke and an insult to Audrey. The worst possible person just took the most famous Audrey Hepburn photo and ruined it’s beauty.

  • ilybaybeee;

    .all of yu are hatersx ..parisx hilton isx not that badd,,,,shesx a qreat qirl…and yu all need to Quit beiin so judgemental….so shesx done a FEW badd thangsx…who caresx??. yu r hatiin and itsx REALLY not pretty sure audrey hepburn had her fuckin flawsx too…..and to yu Freya yur stupiid period…how could yu want to murder her?? yur a dumb assx,,,itsx ridiculousx…./…………………….. assholes.


  • ilybaybeee;

    TO; dg1138

    how do yu knoe she hasx crabsx????
    EXACTLY DUMMY …….YOU DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i support parisx all tha way
    iluvyu parisx!!♥


  • delij

    Comparing Paris Hilton To Audrey Hepburn is like comparing apples to oranges. You can’t compare the two. Audrey is in a class all by herself. Paris is in a different field all together.

    As for the question (which I have to admit is a slick one) :)

    “Is Paris Hilton even Audrey Hepburn picture worthy?”

    Posing like Audrey Hepburn? Sure. Why not. It’s a free world. But…the picture does not represent an icon. It represents tragedy.

    It takes real substance to equal Audrey Hepburn and until Paris understands who Audrey Hepburn was in real life, this picture will only come to define the obvious – the photographers portrait of a punchline or a heartbreaking look at what Paris Hilton could have become.

    If Paris truly wanted to be like Hepburn she would need to model herself after who she really was – an amazing woman who exuded empathy, selflessness and humility of heart in real life; not just a beautiful woman who portrayed style and luxury on screen.

    If Paris can achieve that, count me as being one of the first ones to applaud her; but for now, this picture is the representation of the Photographer and Paris missing the point.

  • Mephura

    Is Paris worthy of the Aubrey Hepburn-esque photo? I’d have to say definitely not. While the point has been raised that there is nothing that should stop her from doing so legally, that is really beside the point.
    When speaking of worthy, we aren’t questioning matters of legality. Yes, if she wants to do the picture (as she obviously did), there is nothing that we can do, or even should do to stop her. It is her right and prerogative to draw a comparison between herself and Hepburn, or any other person for that matter, that she cares to. However, the term worth (and hence worthy) itself is linked to the importance that an individual or, and this is more to the point, the masses assign to something or, in this case, someone.
    While some might argue that she is an, if not the, iconic figure of
    our times, I would politely disagree. While this might be the case for a certain generation and mindset, it is definitely not for our age. Paris is nothing more than another in a long line of overly indulged celebutantes that offers nothing more than a spectacle of idiocy and arrogance.
    I feel compelled here to state that, for the record I’m no great Hepburn fan firstly and, secondly, I’ve no negative feelings towards Paris. Hilton is an attractive girl. However, that is about all (besides the monumental fortune she’s in line to inherit) that she has going for her. I’ve heard it claimed that she’s an intelligent business woman and perhaps it’s true: It’s possible that all we see of her is a simple stage persona that is put out to create a name for herself. I, for one, find that difficult to believe though.
    Hepburn was known for not only her talent on stage and screen, but also for her humanitarian works. Paris is known for a sex tape, a television show that showcases just how out of touch with anyone, besides the social elite, she actually is, and an enormous family fortune. If it came down to it, and I believe I’m not alone in this, I would gladly trade Paris for a second chance at Hepburn any day of the week, and that, by itself, speaks of Paris’s “worthiness”.
    But let’s, just for a second, compare the two pictures solely on the visual and visceral levels. Stylistically and compositionally, the two are similar, as they are intended to be. However, the look in Paris’s eyes, and her expression in general, is one of vapid cockiness and lack of interest. In fact, if there is one thing that she seems interested and sure of in the picture, it’s that she looks good.
    Hepburn’s picture, on the other hand, gives the impression that she is genuinely interested. It’s almost as if you are sitting there with her. She seems to be listening to what you are saying, and an intellect is shining in her eyes. She also seems happy to be there, in that moment, as compared to the smug and somewhat bored look that Paris is projecting. In that single image, Hepburn is transformed from a mere actress into an iconic beauty that embodies so much of what is good and beautiful in the fairer sex. All Paris has managed is a cheap imitation.

    • Irene

      Hello Mephura!
      i liked your comment on topic of whether Paris Hilton comparable to Audrey Hepburn.
      I agree with you, could not express opinion better.
      Opinion is well defined.
      Your writing style is so stylish! Real pleasure & rarity nowadays.
      Are you a writer?

  • hahaha

    if you look closely at her eyes- (try to look at both of them at the same time) – they kinda look like they are looking in different directions…. kinda like those little inbred toy/pocket dogs. lol.
    But no, there should be no comparison between the two. One represents class, while the other, trash.

  • goula goula

    a dumb ho.

    i pity her, paris got some money (not a lot). nd she is living off her advertisement and payment from magazines. i pity this poor b****.

  • Jennifer

    This picture makes me want to puke. There is no comparison what so ever. Not only does Paris not look ANYTHING like Audrey with her blonde hair and tons of makeup, but they act nothing alike. Audrey could not look bad… in roles like My Fair Lady or Sabrina where at the beginning of the movie she was supposed to look like an ordinary person with no makeup and stuff and then they transformed her into a beauty — she never looked all that bad. She was STILL classy and beautiful. If you took Paris into a role like that (not only could she not act near as well) but she would look tough.

    Audrey was a very talented actress, dancer, and singer (even though it was only for her films). She suffered through malnutrition and lived through the holocaust. Then the years prior to her death she was an ambassador for UNICEF.
    What has Paris Hilton done? A sex tap, tried to make it in the music business, and was in a reality TV show where she wrote on cows with lipstick. She has no talent whatsoever. The only reason she did any of those things is because HER PARENTS have MONEY.
    Audrey came from nothing, she had to work for everything.

    In closing – Audrey is an inspiration. Paris is only a trashy wannabe.

    P.S. Paris wearing this outfit DOES look like a Halloween costume..

  • crystal

    No, she is not worthy. Mrs. Hepburn did so much in her life to help people. Why should Paris, because of money, think she had the right to impersonate?

  • Daniel

    paris hilton is hacket as fuck. id rather look at a steaming pile of shite

  • Brittany

    definitely NOT worthy!

  • Brian

    she looks awful. i used to think she was mildly attractive but seeing her in an Audrey Hepburn pose just makes it PAINFULLY obvious she isnt that much to look at. its almost despicable that she holds herself in such high regards. our culture is horribly flawed when people like her become pop icons. didnt you used to have to do SOMETHING to be revered as an icon? F-O Paris.

  • K

    this bitch is googly eyed! HAHAHA

  • Nuri Muñoz

    money is not classs in spanish: esta piruja no debiera atreverse a emular a esta dama Audrey Hepburn…. tremenda Zorra! grrrrrr la tipeja no sabe ni quien fue Audrey Hepburn … da lastima niña rica desorientada y tan poca cosa!

  • Alyssa

    This has to be the most ridiculous thing that Paris Hilton has ever done. She is the last person who should try to compare herself to Ms. Hepburn. Audrey was full of grace, poise, elegance and class. None of which Hilton has. This photo makes me sick

  • sara


  • Helen

    HECK NO Audrey heburn got a classy look nd is classy herself. Paris hilton on the other end- is a Trashy H@3 so NO EFEN WAY IS SHE ANY THANG WORF IT!!!!!!!!!! NO NEVER NEVER WILL BE

  • chad

    NO WAY!!!!! Audrey had class. Paris Hilton is just an attention whore. And a whore in general really. No comparison.

  • Elvira

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Not worthy.
    She is simply ignorant and obviously either feels she does in some way compare to the beauty, presence or personage that was Audrey (a. delusional), or she was just like: “Oh, yeah, like I could like totally like dress up like that Tiffany’s woman and like do a photo shoot, like, yeah . . ” (a. dumbarse). C’mon, we know she talks like that, we’ve all seen it!

  • Brooklyn

    YUK HELL NO………… There is and will only be the 1 Audrey Hepburn EVER to grace this world not even close Audrey had class, Something Paris will never have

  • David

    for being born a rich kid, she lacks thee class and the reputation to be an Audry Hepburn, she is not as elegant or as pretty as Audry. she is not worthy and she is not beautiful, shes ok and maybe 6.9/10 at best. sorry too Paris fans but if a girl dont got it, then she just dont got it. find some one that has a better reputation and better looks (thats a must).

  • Codie

    Oh my GOD!
    Paris hilton!? shut the fuck up already!
    Im so fuckin’ pissed that this picture even exists!

    Paris Hilton is a slutty ass whore who does NOT deserve even to have a photo
    like this taken of her. Audrey hepburn is a fuckin’ Hollywood icon.
    So much more than what this bitch could ever be.
    This picture grosses me out. You’re NOT WORTH IT

  • Stacey

    Not worthy

  • Cecile

    Absolutely not!!!! She will NEVER be like Audrey Hapburn!!!!! Does Paris Hilton have only a bit of Audrey’s elegance, grace and class?!?…NO, NO, NO!!!!

  • Maurisha

    Cant this waste of space and oxygen NOT be unoriginal? Guess she’ll try anything to be in the limelight…wonder whats next Paris?Are you gonna try a Halle Berry pose?what an idiot

  • ILoveAudrey

    Really paris Hilton is not worth it to pose like audrey hepburn. to be honnest with you she´s a kind of a bitch

  • Wow seriously?

    Bleh… why did anyone decide this was a good idea. Even though Paris is a good looking woman… I can’t get past the fact that this is butchering audrey hepburn’s look. I don’t know too much about Audrey but she had an innocent beautiful look with a bit of sex pot thrown in the mix. While Paris kinda spews out skank waves to my eyes

  • DancingDiva

    This is Blasphemous, seriously!

  • Stephanie

    Oh dear, This is so wrong in sooo many ways I am pained to see it. Not only is Ms. Hilton not worthy of this pose but, forgive me, she is not even in the same beauty ballpark as the Great Audrey Hepburn! She wasis and will always be an elegant icon who gave so much to this world! Paris on the other hand has gifted us with “thats hot”? thanks but no thanks the photographer should be shot!

  • Tonia

    She could never come close! Audrey Hepburn had style and grace. She worked hard for her goals. She survived World War 2 and had to overcome starvation and post tramic stress from nursing sick patients. Paris is spoiled brat who never had to work in her life. There is a huge difference from working for what you have to having it handed on a plate. She should keep that picture in her room and NOT in public. She could pretend it is a halloween custom like little kids and some adults pretend they are Snow White and Cinderella!

  • Tiff

    Oh nooooooo!!! Paris, please please pleeeeaaaaase don’t ruin my perfect image of Audrey!!

  • kif

    f off paris hilton. you’re just a stupid sluuuuuuuuuuuuut compared to audrey.


    What is wrong with all of you? Are you even thinking about what you’ve written before you post it? Listen to Audrey Hepburn herself:

    “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”


    “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”

    In all my years of looking up to Audrey, I’ve not found a single word of hate or even anything that insults others. A few of you mentioned that you think Audrey is turning in her grave? Well I would have to agree, but not because of this picture, because of your complete lack of care for another human being. You keep calling Paris “slutty, unclassy, unsophisticated, etc” and Audrey “gorgeous, sophisticated, classy, etc.” Has anyone taken a moment to notice that no one is showing any of these qualities in their posts? You’re all desecrating her memory and everything that she stood for.

    So what if Paris Hilton posed as Audrey Hepburn? If Audrey were alive, she would only be hoping that Paris will aspire to be kind and treat people with respect and dignity. I am by no means a fan of Paris Hilton, but regardless of what anyone has done, in Audrey’s eyes, I think we would all be worthy to pose in a picture like this one. She was never anything but modest and kind to others. The question of this post should never have been asked in the first place. You all say this picture is disgusting? Well I say your comments, stuck-up attitudes, uncouthness, and unkindness are are the inverse of everything that is Audrey; that is what’s disgusting.

    • Me

      I couldnt agree with you more. I absolutley love and idolize Audrey for her kindness and love for everyone around her. Im sure there were many times that she was hurt or felt like she needed to hurt someone in return for their unkind actions or words. Not once, did she ever do anything, she treated them with kindness and love, hoping that they would one day do the same for someone else. She is a Beautiful Role Model in every way, from her day and up to today. Im not a fan of Paris at all either, but maybe Audrey is her idol. She should beable to pose as her idol if she wants to. Just as I or anyone else should beable to. You all should see the beauty in people no matter who they are.

  • NewAudrey

    She isn’t even close 2 Audrey!
    Aaudrey is a legend n Paris is a bi*tich legend!!!

  • Alison

    From what I know of Audrey, she was a master of avoiding scandal so for Paris Hilton of all people to recreate this iconic pose of a classy, beautiful and talented woman just takes the mick to put politely.

    • TRUTH

      People should actually consider reading the posts preceding there’s before stating there opinion…just a thought Alison. And she didn’t “avoid scandal” she just didn’t do anything that was scandalous.

      • TRUTH

        Theirs* Oops

  • Twister

    Paris proved to the world that you don’t have to be poor to be white trash. Audrey was beyond elegant and classy. Why even try to compare?

  • Layne

    No, Paris Hilton is nothing like Audrey Hepburn, however i dont think there will ever be another Audrey. Times have changed, and elegance and class are not what they were. Who do you think has the popularity and class that she had?

  • Dana

    Class, style and grace. Audrey Hepburn was defined by them just as much as she defined them herself, with that singular,ethereal imprint, so personal and inimitable. As for Paris Hilton in that picture? It’s as almost as wearing a pair of shoes a few sizes too small. Class? There might be some potential there. Style? Some. Maybe… As for grace? The picture of her trying to be somebody else, definitely doesn’t convey that feeling. What does remind me off instead,is a younger,tamer,softer image of Cruella De Ville.

  • Breann

    NO WAY!! Audrey is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! Paris doesn’t come close to her. Audrey is so classy on top of it!!

  • Danielle

    Audrey is my idol! Paris doesn’t even come close to her. Paris is just a whore because who has she ever helped out her in her life? I don’t even think she cares for all the suffering people out there in the world. She only cares about herself. BTW, her perfume Paris Hilton, which was given to me by a guy, smells absolutely awful. I never wore it and gave it to my mom instead but not even she wears because it STINKS! And another thing Maria D—it’s not nice to talk bad about people who are dead.

  • Sweep

    What is she holding in her hand? Can someone tell me.

    • Charlie

      its a cigarette holder

  • Charlie

    To be quite honest i find this offensive
    There are very few people that deserved to be associated with Audrey Hepburn in any way. She was an icon and awesome role model.
    I hardly think that paris hilton of all people should be
    To think of everything Audrey Hepburn has done just to have someone like Paris Hilton pose like her because someone says she if famous makes me sick

  • Nik


  • Ell’

    Audrey Hepburn: Class.
    Paris Hilton: herpes, marijuana, oxicotin, cocaine, heroine, booz, prison time, breast implats and a lazy eye…


    I hve a room in my house that is all Audrey. I hve a picture of her with my grandmother. Audrey Hepburn is Hollywood, beauty, glamour and style she knew how to carry herself.
    Why she thinks she can pull it off is crazy, maybe it all the drugs she’s on.

  • Denise

    I think it’s disgusting that she was even allowed to be compared to Audrey Hepburn. She made herself by being nothing more than already rich off of Daddy’s money, leaking sex tapes and being downright DUMB. Audrey became the symbol she was through hard work, suffering through the war in childhood and becoming a humanitarian. She was such an AMAZING hollywood symbol and more of what there should be present in stars today. Whoever’s idea it was to do this picture to be taken should be punched in the face.

  • Claire

    This is an utter disgrace.

  • VM

    Sinto-me insultado!
    É impossível comparar, a Paris que ganhe juizinho!

    Paris… go f your self!

  • Steph

    OMG, are you serious, Paris is a bitch.. she’s a whore, daddy’s little girl, sex star. god, how can you!?
    Audrey is a real lady, classy, and she’s totally PERFECT!

    you have face to compare these!? go and fuck yourself.
    Agree with denise!

  • D.S.E

    Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of style, grace, elegance, kindhearted empathy, and charity.

    Paris Hilton? She is the epitome of selfishness, vanity, and tastelessness.

    Does she have the right to pose as such a great human being? Yes. Can she ever compare to Audrey. That would be a no in my book.

    Having said that you never really know. She could grow up one day.

  • camotsmille

    How can you make such a comparison ?
    Paris is a whore, Audrey a goddess.



  • Ellie

    Oh god no. Paris is the definition of an STD. Audrey is the mother of classy.

  • rebecca

    how dare u!

  • Carlee

    NO! NO! NO! The nerve of that horrible brat!

  • Florence

    She has some nerve ! PH = No class, no depth. She is in no way worthy to try and emulate Audrey Hepburn !

  • Alexandra

    What a hypocrite!



  • Carly Waldman

    No she is a famewhore and is famous for nothing.

  • yesi v.

    Oh no. Please do not ruin Miss Hepburn for me. She was one of the best actresses ever. Paris Hilton has no talent. No wait, she does. She is a professional rich brat.

  • Colleen


  • Tiffany Cheng

    I think this is a utterly disgraceful, I mean yes she can copy Audrey and such for her own pleasure but please! Don’t you ever do it again Paris, it’s not good for you. It’s a symbol of humiliation and unappreciative attitude towards the Hollywood legend like Audrey Hepburn who made so many great achievements during her lifetime, even when she’s old and joined the UNICEF for her good deeds.  I know that maybe you like her or you just want to be like her, reconsider this. 

  • Fiona Skerrett

    I agree that Paris Hilton really is just famous for being famous. Like the Kardashians. Paris Hilton is not beautiful, kind, or talented at anything. I find this picture only broadens my dislike for Paris. I don’t care if she is well known or famous, but Audrey Hepburn is, and will forever be, a fashion and acting icon and deserved her popularity. Audrey Hepburn is an amazing actress, and, as Tiffany put it, a Hollywood legend. I am very disappointed that Paris Hilton did this. She will never live up to Audrey. Shame on Paris.

  • Astronomy

    Have you thought that Paris was simply trying to admire Audrey Hepburn?

  • Anon

    I’m sure she was simply trying to show some variety of respect or admiration for Audrey Hepburn with this but she has no idea the reaction it was destined to get from a large number of people. Audrey Hepburn was amazing. A legend and an icon worthy of being a role model. She was beautiful. Paris Hilton is the iconic image of our dilapidated ‘pop culture’ stars and celebrities of today. It’s very rare indeed to find one that I would be OK with my children idolizing. Audrey Hepburn or someone of her ‘class’ (not to say in riches but in personality and behavior) would be a fine example to live by. At an old job of mine a customer compared me to Audrey and I about died. I think I turned purple I blushed so hard. Seriously, Paris, try thinking before you act, OK?

  • Katelyn F

    I think I’d just died inside seeing this picture.

  • tjh

    Paris Hilton can never in a million years deserve to even look at an Audrey Hepburn picture let alone pose in one. I find this sad. I know Audrey would never have been mean or rude to a girl like Paris since she is by far the most graceful classy woman who ever lived. However, it is hard for me to think the way that Audrey would have about someone like Paris Hilton because she is just such a disgusting human being.