nicole richie jail
Photo via AP and Washington Post

This past week Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail in a plea deal. This deal helped her avoid up to a year behind bars for her second DUI conviction. This sentence came after Richie drove the wrong-way on the freeway and was under the influence of narcotics. Also, Richie was fined $2,048 and ordered to attend drug and alcohol rehab.

Is this enough time for the crime committed? Did Richie get off easy? Was Paris treated more harsh than Richie?

Let’s enjoy a weekend debate!

Story via Washington Post

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  • luce

    i think it is unfair…i feel like she should have had a harsher sentence. paris got a 45 day sentence (even if she didn’t serve all 45 days…) for being convicted of driving on a suspended license, and nicole gets a measley 4 days for 2 DUIs? it is unfair.

  • jennifer

    i think it’s too short of a sentence for having 2 DUIs under her belt.

    and a $2,048 fine??


    she spends more than that on a handbag.


    • Stephanie

      oh please, *I* spend more than that on a hand bag! :grin:

      nah, i think she should her sentence should be something that will actually make her reconsider her actions…on the other hand, she doesn’t strike me as the contemplative type…

  • Jenelle

    what about her lovely chloe heloise bag?! I love seeing stars with bags I adore.

  • Jane

    Paris had multiple violations of her probation, multiple DUIs, stopped multiple times driving with a suspended license, and have failed to register for her mandatory class. She did give the perception of not taking her arrests seriously.

    Nicole on the other hand knows how big of a trouble she’s in, has been keeping a low profile, and desperate enough to even hint that she’s pregnant. Yes this is her second DUI and multiple for Paris means more than 2.

  • Lori

    who makes her sunglasses?

    • Brittcentric

      I’m Pretty sure they are Nour’s Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery.

  • CCgoddess

    I feel glad for Hilary Duff now that I know more about Nicole and her roundabouts with the law. Gosh, who knows with what Joel from Good Charlotte is also involved. Anyway, I think they all deserve to face the law like any citizen.

  • Joan Brakeley

    Money is buying her out, at least the image of money. DUI is not a hollywood
    problem, it is nationwide, and death is the usual result.
    Pregnant or not, anyone who gets behind the wheel when they shouldn’t
    needs to learn NOT to do so.
    sorry for preaching, sensitive matter.

  • Dawn

    The fact is, most drunk drivers do get off that easy – no matter who they are. Paris got the sentence she got due to the charge being driving on a suspended license – something that comes with a higher price than a DUI. Driving on a suspended license can eventually result in a lifetime loss of a driver’s license. What I don’t understand is why these rich people don’t just hire somebody to chauffeur them around.

  • Steffi

    No, not fair, she needs more time in the slammer.

  • Fijibuni

    If she was in Arizona she’d be in Tent city for a year with Joe Arpaio wearing pink knickers haha

    4 days is not going to do anything for her.

    If it was anyone else they’d be seeing the inside of a cell for well over 4 days!

  • louislovesfendi818

    I think if Paris’ sentacning shows us anything is that they are taking celeb crimes much more seriously.

    1 Shes pregnant
    2 She’s a recovering drug addict who is dealing with a lot of seroius issues we don’t know about
    3 We know peobably 10% about whats happening and its all tainted by our publuc perceptionof her and the media
    4 We are not lawyers and have not right to assign blame

  • Otter

    Better question — what bag is she carrying? I see that it is not the Balenciaga bag she is typically snapped carrying.

    • She is carrying a Chloe Heloise bag :) Beautiful!!

  • Conchita

    UNFAIR… and they’re soooo obvious about it.

    I do love her glasses though!

  • PinkyBrewster

    So, she’ll be away from all those B-Bags for four whole days huh? She’s lucky I’m too lazy to start a second career as a handbag thief.

  • Latifa

    i d like to know which brand is her handbag and her glasses if any one knows :lol:

    • Brittcentric

      Pretty sure they are Nour’s Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery.

  • Donna

    The bag is definitely the Chloe Heloise bag – it looks like the smaller version – which is new to me. I’ve only seen the large version. I actually really like this bag on her & now I need to see it in person. I wasn’t a fan of the first larger version – anyone seen it IRL?

  • Brittcentric

    For those of you that asked I’m almost positive her sunglasses are Nour’s Noushi Sunglasses in Crystal Mystery.