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  • I love them all but the Chanel WOC wins for me! http://www.jacquardflower.uk

  • Lily

    Who in their right mind told Olivia Palermo, that is was good to pair that Fendi strap with those Fendi sunglasses?

    • Amazona

      When someone else does that, it’s a faux pas. When O.P. does that, it’s SO CHIC and everyone must copy. Yeah, doesn’t sound right to me, either.

    • dela

      Olivia Palermo is the only reality/fashion blog regular/etc that I respect at some level even though I know nothing about her. She seems to genuinely understand fashion instead of being a hundredth version of the same girl.

    • Smithy

      I must say she is lovely and knows how to put clothes together in an interesting way (most of the time), but every time I see her I think what does she do besides be a hanger? Her closet must be enormous.

    • Yoshi1296

      Is matching your sunglasses even a thing?? I just slap on whatever I grab first.

      • Sparkletastic

        Yep. It’s a thing. Lol! I have a sunglasses collection almost as large as my handbag collection and carefully select the right sunnies for my outfit. ????

      • patricia_brown51


    • I get your point that there might be to much print going on in the outfit, but at the same time, who thinks of checking if their bag STRAP and sunglasses clash?

  • Smithy

    I love that Celine Nano. Am I too old, at almost 51, to carry that bag?

    • FashionableLena

      No. Wear what you like. If you’re confident in what you have on, you can pull it off.

    • Not too old at all! In addition to it being important to wear what you like and be true to what makes you feel best no matter your age, I think the Nano is perfectly suitable for nearly anyone looking for a smaller bag with some nice lines. It’s tailored and unfussy, which makes it really versatile.

    • mick brack

      Not at all! My mom is 62 and has borrowed my Nano on many occasions. She always gets compliments and looks great.

  • BarbaraB

    lovee Helen Mirren bag, the color, the style, the size.. everything

  • Sparkletastic

    Soooo not an Amy Schumer fan. She’s crass and unfunny.

    That “get up” she’s in sans makeup doesn’t give her any additional points in my book.

  • Valerieuff

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  • Amy Schumer’s entire outfit is exactly what I’d wear if I were on a flight that long. Super comfortable, the poncho is like a blanket if it gets cold, you need a hat to cover the mess that is your hair after being on an Ambien/Xanax cocktail for a forever flight, etc., sunglasses to hide the bloodshot/dark circled eyes…

  • angelancenteno

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  • Lin Chen

    I just scored a Celine Nano when I was in NYC! Oh, I love every aspect of it! http://www.linspiredandmotivated.blogspot.com