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  • AshleyG

    Tia is why I LOVE the Lucrezia- it looks great on her! Um, I love Taylor- really I do- but she looks so awkward and contrived in this particular pic…

  • Shafia Baig
  • Dylan Propst

    Demi is carrying a luggage tote, not a phantom. The zipper doesn’t have the braided pull and there is a zipper.

    • Tiffany H.


  • Sofia

    What the heck is that strap thing across Taylor’s chest? Is she wearing a backpack?

    • kristin

      a harness…there were a lot of Zana Bayne harnesses/leather pieces in the Bad Blood video but this doesn’t look like Zana Bayne (beautiful work as seen below) nor does it look particularly chic. TBH her whole ensemble here is wonky.


      • FashionableLena

        The harness is from Free People. Looks better on the model.

      • Smithy

        A fashion harness —- wow. File this under ridiculous trends that I hope never launch.

      • kristin

        oh yeah I forgot they were doing those! Free People has recently done some bondage-inspired lingerie too, which is kind of bafflingly off-brand for them, I think?

      • Sofia

        Ah ok. Thanks. It seems like a pretty useless fashion accessory, but the leather one looks good with certain outfits.

    • CatR

      No, it’s a fashion harness.

    • Jerri R

      It’s a totally functionless harness unless someone attaches a leash to it.

  • Janet Jackson has won at life!

  • Cbl


    • Smithy

      Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

  • CeceliaMGast

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  • Adefees1959

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  • Sparkletastic

    For the love of leather robots. Can we stop with the Celine Luggar bags. Blech!!!

    I LOVE JANET! She can do no wrong in my book.

    Gotta give a huge no on a Nene Leakes show. But, I like her new hair better.

    I LOVE Rosie’s bag! ????

    • Jerri R

      Thank you! Tired of seeing the Luggage Totes everyeffingwhere. Sooooo played out already.

  • Vicu
  • Vicu

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