Sienna Miller YSL Ostrich Rive Gauche Bag

Sienna Miller may refuse to quit smoking, but we need to grant her some slack, she did have quite a turbulent time these past few months with Jude. On our end we need to give Sienna props on her outfit for the Chain of Hope Ball at the Dorchester Hotel this past week. Her black and white ensemble was retro and funky and her bag was to die for. Sienna carried the Yves Saint Laurent Ostrich Rive Gauche Bag while avoiding Jude a bit and looking completely stylish. The YSL Gauche Bags are also available in crocodile and cheverette leather (pictured below). On the inside the bags feature satin lining and two pockets. I’d opt for the ostrich just like Sienna. Buy via Saks starting at $1495.

YSL Rive Gauche Bag

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  • bags

    where can i buy an original ysl Rive Gauche Bag ostrich skin bag. same as Sienna Miller. i’m looking online but no one seems to sell that one!?
    HELP!! :???:

  • raquel

    ysl boutique only!

  • JO

    Can I buy the YSL Gauche bag in crocodile leather online?

  • someone

    How horrible an ostrich skin bag! yuck! You people disgust me! you should be ashamed for carrying animal skins! :evil:

  • Beckie

    This disgusts me! Who would want something like that, forreal. That’s a living creature, and you’ve made him an ACCESSORY. You took an innocent life, and for what? A HANDBAG :cry:
    Pigs. :evil: :mad: :evil: :mad: :evil: :mad: :evil:

  • Anon.

    Not just any handbag. A Gauche handbag. :roll:

  • gabrielle

    Ostrich handbags are actually by products.It’s recycling in a sense.Ostrich meat is popular in other parts of the world. :grin:

  • veggie

    To gabrielle: recycling? :shock:

    “The animals are dead only because there is a demand for their flesh and skin. If the demand decreases, fewer animals will be killed. You can “vote” for compassion every time you shop, simply by refusing to support industries that hurt animals and choosing humane alternatives instead.”


    oh and i love samm and she has a very very cute smile, ehe . :)

  • missy

    Cry me a river someone and becky. Why don’t you find a worthwhile animal cause? Ostrichs are birds, very tasty birds I might add, and I see no problem carrying an ostrich bag when their meat is used for food. You’re not winning any support with your comments of “vile” and “disgusting”. If anything it makes me want to eat more meat and buy more handbags to irk you some more!

  • Charmaine

    Then we have to buy handbags of calf skin only? That’s horrible too! Ostrich is animal but cow is not???

  • Naggy

    I prefer the plain black one the most. (ipad)