reese witherspoon miu miu coffer

You can not tell me that you look at Reese Witherspoon and think she is not cute. Sometimes she looks gorgeous and elegant but all the time she looks cute as a button. Her daughter, Ava, is a complete mini-me, growing up looking just like her mom. It doesn’t hurt that the other part of her genes are from Ryan Phillippe. Last week Reese took Ava for an ice cream run while the paparazzi snapped their every move. Across her body, Reese sported a white Miu Miu Coffer. I imagine that Reese was digging in her bag to find a Purell hand sanitizer wipe for Ava after she finished her ice cream cone. Either way, love the bag and love these two gals.

Buy the Miu Miu Coffer at Net-A-Porter for $1445.
miu miu coffer1

Two more pics and Reese and her mini-me below!

reese witherspoon miu miu coffer1

reese witherspoon miu miu coffer2
Images via Gossip Rocks

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  • Margarita

    I absolutely LOVE Reese Witherspoon. She, in my opinion, is the perfect example of what a Hollywood actress should be. She doesn’t bathe in the attention of the paparazzi or thrive on bad press…she’s just simply elegant and sophisticated.

    • Darian

      you are so right, but i wish the paparazzi would leave the stars alone they have like no privacy. what do you think??? :smile:

  • EmilyGL

    I LOVE that bag! The color, the shape, everything are gorgeous!

  • Joan

    How nice to see someone actually use a bag…give a person a chance
    to see how functional /fun it might be.[ an extra bonus if that person
    is someone like RW.]

  • cosmofunshop

    Absolutely love this Miu Miu Coffer …. especially the color… linen white…
    Ava looks as cute as Reese… or vice versa ??? :wink:

  • Otter

    Love this bag! Can’t believe my little Reese would let that greasy Baja Fresh lunch bag get near the creamy leather. Careful girl!

  • rach

    I tried this bag on at NM the other day. It’s gorg, but it’s really not white, it’s a very creamy ivory (as you can see the contrast against reese’s stark white shorts) which makes it a great bag to carry into fall’s colder months :wink: it’s definatley on my list of must have bags

    • Belinda

      I really want to buy this bag, but i cant see it in the flesh where i live (brisbane australia) on reese this bag looks massive. Is it huge in real like – compared to a fendi spy say?

  • felicia

    Does this bag come in patent leather?

    • Niamh

      It is for sale on NAP (European site) in black patent leather ( but I haven’t seen it in any other colour; maybe on the NAP US site? Or better still, check a Miu Miu store if there’s one near you!

  • Brooke

    I love it. I can’t decide between a regular black leather one, a black patent, or brown. I’ve walked past this bag a million times it seems at Saks. It’s defintely a good size and very functional.

  • Milly Anderson

    I have that bag … and let me tell everybody … it is wondeful! I love it! It is SO comfortable to carry.

  • sandra chua

    :smile: so nice.. i love miu miu coffer


    Yeah!I just got the coffer for 720pounds,flippin expensive but my bag for life

  • Chi

    it seems to look much nicer on its own rather than when worn :neutral:

  • kissmenow

    does anyone know how to tell the difference between a real or a fake…in white. mine has a brown liner, is it supposed to be grey?

    • laserbeam

      i’ve got a miu miu bag which i bought from the miu miu nyc store which has got brown lining – it’s the real deal

  • kelly

    I can only afford her sandals. You all must make a TON of $$$. How about donating that $$$ to feed the hungry! It sickens me how much a purse costs!

  • erfyiy

    i haet it :twisted: :twisted:

  • kayla

    i look exaclty like reese, i smile, talk, and look exactly like her.

  • kayla

    Ava looks like my cousin and friend :mrgreen:

  • Chriss

    I love this bag, but I don’t think it suits myself or anyone who has a small body frame cos this bag is quite big.

  • astrid

    does it has another color? i really like this bag hmmmmmm…..

  • hazel

    I looooovvee the coffer! Reese is totally pulling off the cute casual look there

  • yanty sabu

    coffer has lots n lots of colour, mine in darkgreen in day & at nite it look black. i love it! now in season colour they add little shine on the leather. great bag!!!!!!!!!!

  • kitty

    why i saw ,one sec-handshop sale $1779, her said unsually is $2350 (Orchard pargon recipe). i love that so much , who can tell me the true price on this bag.

    • IreneVerdi

      i was at the miu miu rodeo today, large is 1630 and small is 1350

  • IreneVerdi

    sorry large is 1650