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  • Karisma

    Very cute note and the bag is a cutie too. One question: where is she that she needs a coat in this weather?

    • Dylan Propst

      If she’s in LA, she might need it. It gets pretty chilly at night, and once you’ve lived here a while, your tolerance for cold gets lower haha.

  • Jimmy Lin

    no surprise … she is new face for DIOR … i don’t see any difficulty getting Raf sign on that bag …

  • claire

    Nothing is “free”. Celebs are sent stuff because the supplier wants exposure to sell product. As soon as you’re off the hot list the “freebies” stop. Every step is carefully orchestrated. He signed the bag to get us to notice.

    • Charlie

      Exactly. Otherwise those PR companies won’t try so hard to get products exposed to the public, free advertising.

  • Halim Amin

    Rihanna looks good as always but this is not the Dior for her. Maybe something graphic like the small silver cane pattern she advertise! Or a mini Diorama totally customized for her with a sprinkling of stars embroidered or SSSH (mimicking her tattoo)! She is after all the face of Dior! A sharpied signatory just does not cut it!

  • Marni

    I did not notice before, but the Dior Diorama Bag looks very similar to the Chanel Boy Bag. I like the dior better actually.

  • Dylan Propst

    I would like them to sign the authenticity card, but definitely not the bag itself. I would be so anal about the signature fading.

  • Riham

    This is a badly inspired almost-chanel-knock-off kind of bag. Dior is one of the first houses to create an iconic bag (Lady Dior). So why create something so similar to another bag when you have both the vision and the history to create the next It bag.