Paris Hilton Style

If you could see me now, you would see me chuckling or on the verge of cackling thinking about Paris Hilton going to jail for 45 days. Be that as it may, I do not wish jail on anyone that does not deserve it, but it makes me laugh that Paris Hilton truly believes the system failed her. I hate when I get a DUI and am not allowed to drive, but do it anyway, and then have to go to jail. Life is sooooo unfair, cry! And Paris, word of wisdom from little old me, step away from the motorized vehicle, NOW! Not trying to taunt her, but this may be one of the last times we can play Name that Bag with Paris Hilton for 45 whole days. So let’s do it, can you name that bag?

Close up of the soon-to-be-jail-bird after the jump!

paris hilton style

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  • http://darlasview

    :lol: do you suppose that paris will start a trend for wearing mailbags now that she will be sewing them?

  • suzannah

    maybe chanel-even if I don’t like it on her.. :roll:

  • JNH14

    It looks like the style of Blush-B-Lush bags… :?:

  • nerdphanie

    Is it blush b-lush? And she deserves jail. Drunk drivers are bad people. I’m just glad she didn’t kill anyone.

  • emlovr3689

    that bag looks so tacky…like you could get it off the streets in the city.

  • fashion in the making

    all of u hater she is going to go to jail and come out and still be Paris Hilton even more famous then she already is go Paris

  • Katy

    she thinks she can get special treatment because she’s a star. HA think again. i dislike her A LOT.

  • Christine

    Chanel rock and chain?

  • Al

    I am sorry, but when did it become ok for someone to violate their probation just because they happen to be “famous”? She should serve her sentence just like any regular person would have to. She and all other “celebrities” are not any different than anyone else. Do the crime, do the time!!

  • snowtire

    it’s a blush b-lush bag.

  • amb

    :mrgreen: it looks like a fendi…wait no..ugh idk lol umm maybe a botiker??

  • jessica

    :mrgreen: i think this bag is very ugly, her outfit doesnt even match!

  • yanlız

    :neutral: slm ben uğur türkey bu msn ekle sevinirimoks

  • -dvb-

    Paris Hilton is always beautiful and very very sexy. i like!

  • elvie

    hello!!! i love paris hilton she is my idol…she is wearing very nice clothes in very nice for her,,, :smile: :smile: