Picture # 1 of “Name That Bag!”

Mischa Barton & Rachel Bilson

For this picture I simply need the name of the bag and the designer of the bag that Little Miss Vixon, Rachel Bilson, is carrying and the same for Mischa Barton.

*Note: I will not make the answer’s you all submit public until tomorrow morning so as to keep it fair!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • shopaholic

    chloe paddington!

  • Stephanie

    Rachel Bilson – Fendi Spy Bag
    Mischa Barton – Chloe Paddington

  • dottcomm1

    it’s your cloe paddington (but your color is so much nicer!!)!

  • Zippy

    O, I didn’t understand, I thought the bag was on the left…

  • noura

    Chloé Paddington!

  • Janie

    Rachel Bilson is carrying the beautiful Fendi Spy Bag, while Mischa Barton is carrying the Chloe Paddington Bag.

  • Cindy

    It is Chole but I did not know the name of it.

  • sandy

    Barton’s bag is the Chloe Leather Paddington Bag in tan.

  • Charlotte

    It’s the Paddington bag by Chloe!

  • The Betsy

    Rachel has the Fendi Spy Bag, and Mischa is carrying the Chloe Paddington bag. Damn, I wish I were rich — I’d have both of those!

  • billyjoe

    mishca barton’s is the tan version of that chloe paddington bag but i have no clue what rachel bilson’s bag

  • nycgirllms

    Mischa–Chloe Paddington
    Rachel–Gucci Spy?

  • christine

    rachels is the fendi spy bag
    mischas is the chloe paddington

  • Jan.m.g

    Rachel = Fendi Spy Bag
    Mischa = Chloe Paddington

  • leah faye

    rachel’s carrying the FENDI spy bag, and mischa’s carrying the CHLOE paddington.

  • Noriko

    I think Mischa’s bag = Chloe Paddington and Rachael’s = Fendi Spy.


    mischa’s is chloe paddington
    and rachels’ bag looks like the fendy spy

  • Laurie

    Chloe Paddington and Fendi Spy Bags

  • cork

    rachel has a fendi and chloe paddington for mischa

  • Chev

    Mischa: Chloe Paddington
    Rachel: Fendi green spy

  • pinkmink

    fendi spy and tan chloe paddington

  • Caroline

    Mischa has the tan leather Chloe Paddington Bag.
    The other girl from the O.C. has the Fendi Spy Bag in black leather

  • Roxy

    Mischa has the tan leather Chloe Paddington Bag.
    Rachael has the Fendi Spy Bag in black leather. Gosh – how many more times does it need to be said?

  • aina

    they’re so sweet…lovely!

  • marie-pier daraiche

    salut je m appelle marie-pier daraiche jai 10 ans et je trouve tout vos film extraordinaire (je les aimes ) :wink:

    p.s. j espere ke vous aller nous inventer d autres films

    dersoler mais si vous pouver me recrire sil vous plais
    moi personne me recris lol

    bey bey et je vous souhaite d etre heuheur vous et monsieur adam lol

  • sagalitar

    hellow you are sow ciute because your fil are o.c!! :grin:

  • Mischa

    :mad: you people are such losers who cares what bag they are wearingg instead maybe you people should do other things rather than minding what bag im wearng. its so funny everytime i google myself i see the wwierdest most crappiest things. wow, people are really free with a lot of time on their hands, :mad:

  • carolina

    :smile: :roll: :wink: i lov how u 2 girls act i loved the oc ! i had been watchin it i lov it ! the oc !

  • ferrago store

    :cool: its just a bag

  • mati

    beautiful purses!!
    mischa i love, i becanme a lesbian cause of uuuuuuuuuu
    kiiseeees, mirtaaa, :). :oops: :roll: :!: :!: :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry: :cry: :idea: :evil: :???: :shock: :arrow: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    mischa te amo, :;O:O:O:O:O:OO

  • codie

    hello mischa i love your bag the best but i like rachels to u are both beautiful in differents ways if i had to meet one of u i would have to pick mischa she is the best.i have every series of the oc on dvd i love in so much.please add me on msn josh-babe14@hotmail.com u both rock this world
    love your fan codie

  • Agniesia

    too zdjecie jest sliczne :razz: :eek: :sad: :cool:

  • Maximiliano

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    se you soom!!!

  • stefania

    m encanto THE O. C. una d las mejores series con las mejores actrices y con un look tremendo
    mi msn es stefy.–@hotmail.com si quieren agregenmen!!!

  • Marcelo

    Boa noitee gentee

    Meuoo so loucoo por The OC principalmete pela rachel bilsonn , se alguem tbm gosta dla me add no meu msn : cello_dsouza@hotmail.com

  • Naggy

    I wish the Chloe Paddington would make a bigger comeback. (ipad)

  • KY

    Chloe and Fendi! (ipad)