Name Jessica Albas Ross Bag

No, it is not technically a Ross bag, but it was her bag of choice to take to Ross. Who wouldda thunk celebs are real people like you and me and go to Ross?? ;-) Well they do, and Jessica Alba shows us that they do. Lately the sexy star has been sporting trucker hats and beautiful bags. Her bag has made its way into the baby seat of the shopping cart to watch over her Diet Vanilla Pepsi and other goodies. Personally, I don’t even know the bag she is carrying, but it looks practical and cute. Can any of you Name Jessica Alba’s Ross Bag? And I want to reiterate that by Ross bag, I mean the bag she is carrying in the store :-D

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  • worldclass

    Nope, she’s not still like the rest of us. She’s in a grocery store, merely using a ROSS cart.

  • stephanie

    yes, she has city club bags on the ROSS cart, but definitely that store is not ross cause it doesn’t have the mess all around.

  • Naggy

    Cheap bags need to be featured more often from Ross to Target! (ipad)