The 2007 MTV Movie Awards were held last night and the sexy ladies were full steam. LA called for short dresses, which brought our the battle of the sexy legs. Hands down, Cameron Diaz has the legs to swoon and pine for; long, sexy, and toned. Victoria Beckham was totally posh, and totally really think and some think playboy-esque. Mandy Moore is one of my favorite Hollywood starlets, she has a rockin’ body and is confident to boot. Rihanna tore the scene with her musical performance, and while many did not like her sound live, she looked stunning.


So who was your best-dressed lady at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards?



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  • belle

    My faves were Miss Jessica Biel AND Alba. Loved their dresses!!

  • Vicky

    :roll: Not sure about Victoria outfit. Those bra looks no-no to me and not sure about the zebra printed.

    Anyway, love Diaz :). She always looks great.

  • alexa

    thats not what rhianna wore performing last night, she wore like a bondage bra top thing with a poofy leather skirt and strapped heels.

    anyway i like what mady was wearing, although she didn’t seem 2 excited 2 be there.

  • mary

    I want Mandy & Cameron’s shoes! Not liking Mandy’s hair though.. :???:

  • merve

    cameron and posh beckham are wearing exactly the same shoes. Can anyone tell me what they are? My guess is Christian Louboutin

  • charry

    Love what Cameron Diaz wore. Of course, it only works if you have her body.

  • catpower

    cameron looks gorgeous!
    BTW whats with victoria anyways..she has this face all the time. girl needs to smile more.
    she looks trashy here. :eek:

  • Erin

    Yeah I also read that article somewhere about Diaz & Beckham wearing the same shoes. Didn’t seem to be a big deal. Victoria always pulls off the craziest ensembles, although this one does look a bit trashy in many of the photos.

  • Lucia

    Victoria Beckham always looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. This dress was perfect for the not-at-all-serious-oscar-mocking-MTV Movie Awards.

  • sarah

    i believe victoria beckham was wearing louboutins and cameron diaz was wearing sergio rossi shoes…

  • merve

    Dressing to shock and only wearing tight designer clothes does not a stylish woman make. pls check out Posh here

  • ellie stevz

    victoria look gorgeous :grin:

    she stunnin soo is rihanna bot stunnin :!:

    loveee ellis x

  • ellie

    victoria always look gorgeous .. love here cloths .. so is rihanna she is amazing love what victoria is wearing lov the colour of the bra lol n love the dress stunning babe xx

  • Milly Anderson

    I love Victoria Beckham’s hair style. I would love to have my hair like that. But I don’t know if I could pull it off as well as she can.

  • ronaldo769

    Victoria Beckham is HOT! O ya gigity gigity goo!