Mary Kate Olsen Shopping

I’m stumped. While Mary Kate Olsen buys the cute little honey bears, I just want to figure out the danged designer of her bag! Does anyone know- What do you all think her bag might be? Brownie points to you in advance :-)

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  • crazy beeotch

    i think this is a d g bag

  • billyjoe

    me too! YAY BROWNIE POINTs!

  • lori d

    That bag is HOT. best one I’ve seen on here!

  • megansafds

    does anyone know the name of the bag? or where to get it? oh marykate, you’ve left me lost! haha, e-mail me @ thanks so much..

  • Luciana

    hello! i’m Luciana and i’m from argentina ( really i don’t speak english very well) but i think that, the bag of mary kate it may be of her grandmother, it’s very old! in it it could be some drougs or food that she stole……

  • cybasistagirl

    Oh yeah, right, like this girl EATS !!!???
    Perfect foto-opp for an ANOREXIC !
    Eat something, you midget !

  • sar

    so who designed it, because i cant find it anywhere.. and i looked for d g

  • mary-kate olsen fan/owner of every hot designer or vintage handbag (or any bag!! ) that ever existed in my life since i was 6!!!!

    OK, Mary-KAte’s bag is clearly no brand name designer, trust me here i know. That bag is obiously vintage. Most probaly from a vintage warehouse store in New York which I could never tell you.

    There’s your answer!

  • ketta

    Girl??EAT SOMETHING!!!!
    Gril??I think that I don’t NOW you.. as I think…
    Girl??Beautiful hair!! :] :D

  • stephanie

    okay so the girl was anorexic but she gained the weight back and don’t forget.. she’s like 5’0! she’s already tiny.. leave the girl alone this is for comments about bags

  • Mary-Kate

    Hello, I bought it at What Comes Around Goes Around in New York City,

    -Mary-Kate Olsen.

    • Milly Anderson

      Mary-kate is awesome. And I love her hair.

    • Ashley Olson

      hello, you are on crack.

  • Jane

    Dude… leave her alone. MK is gorgeous. Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous and wishes secretly that they were as thin and pretty as her. And yeah– that bag is beautiful; I want it!!

  • phenobarbiedoll

    i agree with this being a perfect photo opp…and shes just buying the honey for her sister to eat out of her ass

  • NoBoHO

    It’s the Yves Saint Laurent “Vincennes” bag. I know because I own one :)

  • Can someone tell me if this is a new chanel handbag on this website photo?

    Is pls provide any details. The chanel boutique doesn’t have it.

  • Anonymous

    she looks stupid with that vintage bag.i dont like them now but i liked them when they were younger.mka looked prettier when they wre younger.she is so thin why dont she eat something

  • Dulce

    :???: i don’t know she is human been so she is not perfect and maybe that bag isn’t hers..and she is beautiful but she is anorexic !! that is a shine (( i don’t write very well english so i hope u will undestand me something :razz: hahha bye…ahh she has to eat something plissssss that girl

  • mary


    esa bolsa parece de su abuela …… :!: :!:
    asi o mas vieja :!: :shock:
    q no tiene dinero para comprarse una a la moda o un poco mas actual :?: :?: :!: :???: :cool: :mrgreen:

  • isabela

    :lol: :wink: :roll: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :roll: :razz: :oops: :grin: :cool: :smile: :smile: :mrgreen:

  • naa

    I think the bag is nice..
    And Mk looks great (L)
    not very skinny,

  • mollybaby!

    well, i think the bag is Dolce and Gabbana. I just love mary kate! and I love her style, despite what the tabloids say. Go mk!

  • adriana

    it’s vintage
    :smile: bought ebay

  • drik

    amei a foto de mary-kate…

    ela como cempre linda e simples.

    a amo muito.



  • Mary-Kate

    :razz: Hey! Thats me!!! I wont tell you were the bag is from, because it coast a fortune and i want to be unic! By the way, by my products please!

    • anon.

      woah u retard, celebs dont look at their own pics on the net and say Lyke Omg thats me!! (maybe because there are about a million pictures of them already so they dont give a damn?)
      and if it was her i think she’d spell ***Unique*** right.
      haha if you wanna try and impersonate someone dew it ryte haha :idea:

  • mary

    hmmmm, havaianas


    para mi lo que tiene hai mary kate son drogas y remedios por que ella es anorexica :twisted:

  • jojo

    u very cooooool

  • jojo

    i love ashley and mary kat very mach

  • maria

    i really like that bag it’s soooooo cute and i guess mk is still not eating :sad: :mad:

  • katte

    shis fat

  • ashley

    master that portfolio is beautiful and really only good just as ahsley and mary kate olsen i love girls to them an enormous kiss to each one :razz: :smile: :grin: :lol: :eek: :!: :!: :!:

    and also i speak spanish :grin: :mrgreen:

  • mellany

    i hate that purse :twisted: :evil:
    they give desire me to vomit :oops: it makes sick to me :oops: :???:

  • Blair

    OMG mary-kate olsen is the BEST !
    leave her alone.


  • amanda

    i love you mk olsen
    you are the best

    • From Hungary

      Hy…I’m a hungarian girl, and I1m in the 8th year in a primay scool. I very like you MK… YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

      In hungarian: Hali! Én egy magyar lány vagyok…és 8-os egy általános iskolában…Én nagyon “szeretlek” MK… TE VAGY A LEGJOBB…

      And…please you write me… PLEASE !!!

      In hungarian: És…léci írj nekem… LÉCI!!!

      :D :grin:

  • veve

    vintage store in new york :wink:

  • :smile: :smile: :smile: i love u mk soooooooooo much i want to meet uuuuuuuuuuuuu
    :smile: :smile: :smile:

  • Evie.

    Sorry but, for everyone who is saying ‘she should eat something’, i hope she has fully recovered from her anorexia but she may still suffer from some of it so its not fair for you to blame her for an illness she can’t control. Would you go up to a depressed person and say ‘cheer up already!’? I didn’t think so. And also, shes only about five foot! Pictures can be deceiving you know, and yeah she would be wayyyyy too skinny if she was five foot nine, but its all about your bmi yeah? I just think some people should be more respectful of the fact that anorexia is actually an illness. Also, i think the bag is D&G.

  • From Hungary

    Hy!! I’m again!! Where are you MK? Please come here and write me something! (… and I very like your bags and clothes…) so…if you here, you write me PLEASE… my dreame: I chat with MK…!

    In Hungarian: Hali! Újra én!! Hol vagy MK? Léci gyere ide és írj nekem valamit! (…és én nagyon szeretem a táskáidat és a ruháidat…) szóval…ha itt vagy, akkor írj nekem LÉCI… az álmom: Beszélgetni MK-el…!

    oh yes…if you are in Hungary, come in Pásztó too!!! :D

    In Hungarian: ó igen…ha Magyarországon vagy, gyere Pásztóra is!!! :D

  • I think that MK is the best.
    I not very speak in inglish because I’m Argentine. I hope you understand me.
    MK: I am you number 1 fan.
    I do not have any more to only say that I love youuuuu!!!!!!!!
    I really hope meet you some day.
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!(L)(L)
    I hope that you write me some day.
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  • mary

    the bag is stupid and so r the olsen

  • From Hungary

    Hi!…Mary-Kate….PLEASE write me…Do you didn’t wanted wrtie for me?….for a hungarian girl?.. :)

    if you wanted write for me, ask I … and I wrtie that for you! :) PLEASE! :D

    In hungarian:
    Hali…Mary-Kate…..LÉCI írj nekem…Te nem akarsz írni nekem?….egy magyar lánynak?… :)

    ha te akarsz írni nekem, kérdezz engem … és én leírom neked azt! :) LÉCI!!! :D


  • From Hungary

    and I love you so much too…like the argentine barby…and in my opinion you are the best of best…(if like this :D) … MK…you are the BEST! :D

  • From Hungary

    upsz…. I’m sorry… not : ask I ….. <this is ask me … :D


  • From Hungary

    … MK … you are the best’s best! :D (L)

  • From Hungary

    Hey! Anybody here? … :( … nobody? .. OK…all right, then soon… :(

  • From Hungary

    I’m sad bacause nobody here for a lot of days ago…..
    All right… I go too …
    But Mary-Kate … you must know, you’re the best forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • From Hungary

    Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year :D

  • Naggy

    It almost looks like there’s a mothman shadow on her bag. (ipad)

  • KY

    I have never seen that bag before. (ipad)