victoria beckham marc jacobs mikaMama’s got a brand new bag! Leave it to Victoria Beckham to carry the latest and greatest in the handbag world. We all know that Victoria is friends with Marc Jacobs and has been seen carrying Marc Jacobs handbags before. Over the weekend Victoria spent time without David and with the girls. She hid from the camera and used her new Marc Jacobs bag as a protective force. Her bag, is a stunning bag from the Marc Jacobs runway and an exclusive for the Spring and Summer 2008 line. The Marc Jacobs Mika Bag is an exclusive for Spring 2008 and available in black, taupe, salmon and lemon. Victoria Beckham opted for the taupe, which is offset with green trim and magenta leather woven through silver metal handles. While the bag is simple, the colors are bold and brilliant, looking much more vibrant in the pictures and giving the bag a very artistic touch. The bags are said to cost around $1,795 and are exclusive. Inquire through your nearest Marc Jacobs boutique.

marc jacobs mika bag
Marc Jacobs Mika Bag

Victoria Beckham Style: Marc Jacobs Mika Victoria Beckham Style: Marc Jacobs Mika

Victoria Beckham Style: Marc Jacobs Mika

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  • Miss_white_lily

    For once i don´t like the new bag from Marc Jacobs. Not my taste at all. Hope someone else falls for it instead. :smile:

  • SKelly

    I like the bag in one color, not the somewhat weird taupe-green-burgundy combo. I’ve always loved MJ’s double quilted squares on leather and patent.

    Also, I think two straps that are that heavy looking overpower the bag. IMHO. He’s almost there!


  • Bert

    FIERCE! enough said.

  • roe

    i’m sorry guys and gals. i have to say i think this bag is fugleee!

    i dont say that about alot of bags but 1800 for this?

    it looks like something chanel thru in the blender.

  • luce

    i like it when it is all grey..but in the multi-colored it looks oooooglayyyy!!!

  • Christina

    I L-ov-e Marc Jacobs But he does, and has done much better than this.

  • tuffcookie

    im thinking im the only one who likes this bag? lol but then again, im all about the ugly color combinations.

  • Nik Izyan

    i love it!
    but i dont think i’d buy it for the price.

    if only he made it for his diffusion line

  • sandra

    I…. LOVE IT…! But then conventional has never attracted me. I’m all for quirky combinations. Love it, love it, love it!

  • mette

    Very surprised to admit this,but I like the bag in just the colors Victoria has it. Looks certainly different. But what I can´t understand is how come Posh looks so old,weary and non-happy in the pictures? The woman has it all,only the sky is the limit.

    • Jahpson

      she is rich in love, family and wealth. she is not entitled to smile when everyone wants her to.

      she is a true fashionista. you dont see models on the catwalk walking around with big goofy grins do you? Or any serious fashionista for that matter!

  • Jahpson

    i like the grey one. not crazy about all those colors..they dont even go with each other

  • GeorgiaT

    it’s pretty. like the colours.

  • Kahlila

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove this bad.. I definitely will buy it one day, not anytime soon since I cannot afford it… I love how the colors just dont match.. the one Posh has is PURRFECT!

  • Kahlila


  • Kahlila

    i dont know why but its just so eye-catching

  • kendra

    i would buy this bag, it’s cute :grin:

  • closet therapy

    Oh wow, I love it! I love the exaggerated chain links and the color scheme of the taupe… *drool*

  • mich

    i think this bag is very very cute. Posh’s color and the gray one are very nice. not a big fan of the other two.

  • Sara

    It seems everyone is doing the chanel chain on their bags recently. Be&D has a similiar style called the Chatterley Satchel. It’s really pretty. It is similiar to this bag but i think it is more sophisticated. Check it out on Be&D’s website or

  • Kendra

    This isn’t so bad. As a little hand/clutch this works. (fb)