victoria beckham marc jacobs mikaMama’s got a brand new bag! Leave it to Victoria Beckham to carry the latest and greatest in the handbag world. We all know that Victoria is friends with Marc Jacobs and has been seen carrying Marc Jacobs handbags before. Over the weekend Victoria spent time without David and with the girls. She hid from the camera and used her new Marc Jacobs bag as a protective force. Her bag, is a stunning bag from the Marc Jacobs runway and an exclusive for the Spring and Summer 2008 line. The Marc Jacobs Mika Bag is an exclusive for Spring 2008 and available in black, taupe, salmon and lemon. Victoria Beckham opted for the taupe, which is offset with green trim and magenta leather woven through silver metal handles. While the bag is simple, the colors are bold and brilliant, looking much more vibrant in the pictures and giving the bag a very artistic touch. The bags are said to cost around $1,795 and are exclusive. Inquire through your nearest Marc Jacobs boutique.

marc jacobs mika bag
Marc Jacobs Mika Bag

Victoria Beckham Style: Marc Jacobs Mika Victoria Beckham Style: Marc Jacobs Mika

Victoria Beckham Style: Marc Jacobs Mika

Sweet Summertime

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