Lindsay Lohan Paddington Bowler Handbag

Herbie is at it again, in the world of handbags that is. Carrying a new bag while she was seen out shopping… seems to be just about the only thing she’s been up to lately. The bag she’s wearing is the Chloe Paddington Bowler. Tres chic!

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  • Noriko

    I love tht bag! Do they still sell that style? I haven’t seen it on net-a-porter for a while and we don’t have a Chloe here :(

  • Roy

    Lindsay always carries the best bags. But that bitch doesn’t pay a dime for a single one of them I am sure! She gets soooo much press and ends up in ALL of the magazines, she prolly gets a new bag shipped to her a day by designers clammoring for her to tote their brand…Lucky girl!


  • crazy beeotch

    its okay i guess….i’ve seen better

  • Lisa

    The Paddy is great! The lock is kind of heavy but what they hey for fashion…I have it in black! Its a great handbag and you can defend yourself but hitting an attacker with the lock!
    PS Nordstoms carries this bag!

  • billyjoe

    agreed! but i’ve never seen the white version

  • chemlex

    Okay, but can we see a picture of the actual bag? And by bag, I mean the purse, not the shriveled up, cancer-spotted bag that I will never understand what people see in.

    This site has become too celeb-centric ever since that theme week – I just want to admire purses.

  • pinkmink

    I saw it on Neiman Marcus (online) recently, maybe like one or two weeks ago. Well I don’t remember if it was the white one or not because I didn’t really care for it that much. I really like Chloe Paddington but I guess I wasn’t feeling the bowler one that much.

  • Coco

    Hi there! I´m thinking about buying the Chloé bag but I want the black one, what do u guys think? Or should I buy the balenciaga bag? Sienna Miller has a lovely one.

  • elisa

    :wink: te adoro linsay

  • nance

    : :wink: you know i very crasy you i cheer up never dire.

  • Naggy

    It’s too shapeless and does not have enough good design elements to compensate. (ipad)

  • KY

    Love the bag! (ipad)