Where do we begin? Ok Lindsay Lohan… you are not a blond, it is ok to eat, it is also ok to smile, and what on earth is that smirk for? I do like the extra flare she added to the bag, and I must admit at least the bag doesn’t look like an oversized suitcase on her arm. But there is something about that look on her face that makes me not like the rest of whats going on in that picture.

Ah, Jessica Simpson. I usually love how you carry yourself and your ginormous collection of handbags. Let’s blame this on the photographer, shall we? Because face it little miss daisy, you aren’t looking too sweet right here. The bag looks like you could hop inside of it youself, like you’re sweet little puppy Daisy does into her Louis Vuitton carry case, and then you could let your overly large body guard behind you tote you around in it.

But it is a toss up between which girl looks better (in these pictures) carrying the Marc Jacobs Scarlet Bag in Electric Blue. It is up to you folks, so let us know what you think!

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