Lindsay Lohan Handbag Style
Image via Egotastic

Friday miscellany is here. I spent my day with an interior designer and my mom picking out window fixtures. Let me tell you, no fun. Who really cares about the rings on the curtain rod and which finial to pick. My head is still spinning. My head continues to spin as I am confronted with a nipply Lindsay Lohan. Yikes. ‘Veryyyy nice, how much???’ say the men. But really, you know me, I am oogling that bag. A tad hidden, but still easy to ID if you know your designer handbags! Let’s play Name that Bag!

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  • Steffi

    Looks like a Chanel… Cloudy Bundle :roll:

  • absolutanne

    Cloudy Bundle bowler in beige! I believe the price is $2225

  • Rica

    I think it’s a Chanel too! Cloudy Bundle! From the stitches, you can tell!

  • Jada

    Chanel- Bowler. :wink:

  • alis

    Does anyone know what her sunglasses are?

  • heidi

    THat bag looks like any other ordinary bag that you can get from Bentley or Access…I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for it.

  • Aubrey R.

    Its definetly Chanel! Luh! Love the purse, hate her! :razz: LOVE YA!

  • Aubrey R.

    CHANEL! LUH! :razz: LOVE YA!

  • Emily

    Most def Chanel… totally gorgeous! :wink:

  • barbar

    thank you for this bag :razz: :eek:

  • barbar

    thanks :smile:

  • Naggy

    It looks like a Plain Jane. (ipad)