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  • Sparky

    i’m afraid….

  • psny15

    beautiful bags!

  • cbl

    love her daughter’s LV bag!!

  • JH

    I will have to start watching Real Housewives so I can know who these celebrities are the PB follows so closely. And by the way is the “fabulous” in the description of Slide 6 tongue in cheek?

  • Jennifer McGee

    She is beyond trashy! Does she really think she looks good all plumped up like that?

    • Sparky

      I can’t appreciate the bags – I’m blinded by the sight of that Botoxed, train wreck.

  • JJp


  • kemilia

    I’ve tried watching her Tardy for the Party show and absolutely could not stomach it, and I am a fan of a couple of the Housewives franchises so I’m familiar with the concept.

    But I do like the large black Chanel bag.

  • Yazi

    Err.. the only thing really noticeable is not the bags but the amount of injections/plastic surgery she’s done. Frightening.

  • Deborah

    Oh dear . . .

  • Shanta


  • Her face…

  • ellavanw

    also her daughter forgot her pants

  • Kaly

    Yikes!!! I hate to be snarky but my goodness–Kim has gone way overboard with the surgery/injectables/etc!!! Her face looks like something out of the wax museum!! I barely noticed the bags she’s carrying! Perhaps Versace would be a more appropriate choice ;)

    • Pamela

      Too much

  • Slim

    Her money will not last. Her husband is unemployed, no team wants him. She has six children, stop with wasteful spending on cosmetic surgery designer bags.. think about your children’s future.

  • Kate


  • Gigi

    Call me crazy, but I would rather travel with stuff I don’t care about and leave my pricier items at home. My LV sits safely at home!! No need to worry about theft or damage that way! Hello Kitty suitcase wards away anyone because they won’t want to bother with kids clothes (etc) and I’m 39. I also love Hello Kitty so that works for me.

  • Maya

    Dear Kim, yes, it is true, expensive doesn’t necessarily equals classy, in your case, quite the opposite actually! I’m even guessing Karl is shivering at the idea!! Ta ta!!!
    ….excuse my horrible mood this morning:))

  • Pookie

    This is honestly one of the most hilarious headlines I have ever read!

  • londonhermit

    Tacky and screams, “I have money”!