kim kardashian chanel bag We reported on the Chanel Cruise 2008 Trunk Show in October; revealing the Chanel Ice Cubes Bags. The Ice Cubes bags have caused quite the stir, creating a huge separation between those that love the line and those who do not. The ice cubes are designed with clear vinyl and then placed on top of metallic lambskin leather which gives it the feel of the classic Chanel quilting. Chanel has released an Ice Cubes line, including a 2.55, a shopper, and pouchette (are there any others?). While some think these bags look cheap, it is evident that Kim Kardashian loves the Chanel Ice Cubes 2.55 Bag! She was spotted leaving Prive nightclub with fiance?/boyfriend?/friend? Reggie Bush over the weekend. Kim showed off her stunning curves in a hot turquoise number and paired it with her Chanel bag from the Cruise 2008 collection. On this girl with this outfit, the bag looks stunning.

$1,650 at your local Chanel boutique or call (800) 550-0005 to inquire further.

kim-kardashian-and-reggie.jpg kim-kardashian-and-reggie-2.jpg

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  • z

    Those are some hot shoes, too!

  • addicted2chanel

    Oh! I saw the same exact dress (except in pink) on Katherine Heigl on the cover of Cosmo. yep yep.
    But I think she pulls the ice cube off well. Kudos for Kardashian. :lol:

  • foxyqt

    damn kim’s hot! i love her.. she makes everything look good!

  • ntt

    can anyone tell me what kind of dress she is wearing? I’m in love with it

    • MissLoveChanel

      I think it’s Herve Leger.

    • julie

      its marciano. it was on their website 3 months ago its gone now. they have it in black rightnow.

    • Mya

      The dress is from Marciano. I have the exact same one and it fits like a glove!

  • susu1

    I don’t think that I’ve EVER seen a bad picture of this girl! She is super hot and her choice in bags and outfits is EXTREMELY flattering to her. Keep up the good work Kim!

    • Jelita78

      couldn’t agree more! (ipad)

  • Dominique

    Yeah Рit has to be Herv̩ Leger. Kim is gorgeous Рher hair is beautiful.

  • donna

    kim is so hot i wish i was bi she makes everything look good. look at those hips

  • Disney girl

    That dress is from Marciano

  • katkooty

    i love kim..i usually love the skinny look but yea, she carries curves really well..and the bag… i have the same bag and i love my bag!

  • just like heaven

    LOVE the dress …. why can’t Herve Leger make affordable dress??? and no it’s not Marciano

  • eleanor


  • LoveforCocoChanel

    although I really dont pay attention to kim. But I have to admit have she looks beautiful in any pic. There is really no bad pic of her. Plus she could nail an item that is not hot to hot!

  • cris

    The dress is MARCIANO, not Herve. I have it! It retailed for 120 and was on clearence a couple weeks ago for 60. You maybe able to call and see if there are a few still in stores.

    • Sophia

      The dress is Herve Leger- Marciano does knock offs!!!

    • shana Besley

      hello i love the dress can you tell me the name of it please?

  • Unique

    Hate on Kim all you want. She’s a badd bish with a bad azz body.

  • Kim Kardashian Playboy
  • glovegas

    wow….hello do you people have no fashion sense? The dress she is wearing is from Marciano. I have the same one it retails for about 130 and it was on sale 50% off a few months ago. I bought it in December at Marciano in Las Vegas so its probably really hard to find now. Mr.Leger’s bandage dresses do not look like this….although it is a really cute dress (the marciano) the quality is totally different. A Leger bandage dress usually has zippers on the side or back. This Marciano can has no zippers and just slips right on. And skinny girls are not hotttt so if your into the skinny thing thats sick. Plus if a super skinny girl were to wear a dress like that you would see bones, not curves.

  • Samantha

    Does anyone know the name of this Chanel Bag? Dying to get it!!

  • cecilia

    how cool dude

  • Em

    Why is everyone obsessed with her butt??? She is just fat, wait in a few years she will be huge.

  • lalalisa

    omg EM you are mean she does havea big butt but i bet that ur just jealous!! like she is so pretty and i like her she has lots of class and really maybe ur just mad because u dont have a nice butt like hers ……get a life and stop ripping on her like u know her kk

  • vivalalea

    Kim’s hot and to all the haters! Get a life, you obviously show some interest since you gogled her and had time to state your comment. BTW, the dress is not Herve it’s Marciano and it came out early April….

  • lalalisa

    vivalalea yeah its not Marciano its herves kk get ur style in check

  • Kitt

    I have the exact same dress, its Marciano :roll:

  • lalalisa

    no u dont ur lying that dress is by herves not Marciano i dont know why u guys cant get that right and that dress cost 2,300 at the herves store sooooooo really i have that dress and i got it there its not that other designer kikk please get it right :oops:

  • Me

    The dress is ugly and puts the bag to shame actually Herves is not the only designer who has made this style dress Badgley Mischka also has a design similar to this number only better. Kim Kardashian is not Couture she always looks like a slut. IMO the dress is tacky and just looks like a tight dress with buttons on the front nothing spectacular. NEXT!

  • Donald Minus

    :smile: dat bitch a hoe but i would fuck her

  • lisa

    Donald Minus ur gross she wouldent fuck ur nasty ass

  • mara

    this dress is marciano, even kim kardashian is selling this dress on ebay size xs, for dream foundation check it out on ebay kim kardashians store

  • Jasmine

    If anyone is interested in this dress find it here.

    Find it here! :arrow:

  • Jasmine

    If anyone is interested in this dress find it here.

    Find it here!

  • Jassy
  • Jassy
  • dnarong

    YA it is a hot dress I bought mine from Kim when it was on her website. LOOKS so hot on. :smile:

  • johnny

    I think kim is not like any girl without my jan ononna

  • tt

    love the ice cube bag.but just too bag for me..

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  • Berry

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  • luvlyangel

    KK makes the bag, butt n all. The bag don’t make her. And that ladies and not so gentlemen is why she is da %#@! P.S. her WR is hot too.

  • luvlyangel


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