katherine heigl red bag1
Katherine Heigl shopping with her red handbag

It appears that Katherine Heigl is a lover of the color red. From her red Valentino Bag to her red Escada dress at the Oscars this year, Heigl has paved the way into the new hottest color, red. And recently she has been spotted toting a new red bag. Yep, Izzie’s gotta new bag! (I have to revert to calling her Izzie because I am one of the biggest Grey’s Anatomy fans and can not wait for the show to start up again!!). Unfortunate for me and lucky for those of you that are amazing at identifying bags, I can not put a name on the red handbag Katherine Heigl has been seen sporting lately. This red handbag is large, stunning, and captivating. And right now, while red is the hottest color, I am clamoring to figure out who the designer is. So let’s play a little game of Name that Bag!!

katherine heigl red bag

Images via CU

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