Jessica Simpson Handbag Style

The easiest most mind dumbing way to start my day back is with a picture of Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber. Both always have a total “Duh” or ‘I’m totally lost and no significant thoughts run through my head” faces. You can see it in their mouths, that is the key to their existence. As Jessica Simpson has allowed John Mayer to tone her down, bland her out, and make her appear ‘normal’, her handbag style has still kept up to par decently. For those of you that love the designer behind the bag Jessica is carrying, this will be easy for you. Easy to get dirty, Jessica Simpson sports her white designer handbag with pride and shows off the intricately created intertwined handle. Humor me and join in a Tuesday morning game of Name that Bag!

Check out a closer picture of the handbag after the jump!

jessica simpson handbag style

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  • Xavier

    Where does she get the money for all these Louis Vuitton bags? Her last album tanked!

  • Didi

    oh Louis Vuitton indeed … new S/S collection Monogram Olympe



  • Kathy

    she gets the money from the idiotic teenagers who still buy her products and watch her horrible movies…

  • Diva Divina

    That’s the Vuitton’s new Nimbus bag in Ecru

  • kit

    yes.. its LOUIS VUITTON…

  • eunice

    does she even have anything in there…?

  • Lisa

    Yes, LV. I hate those handles! They are huge and so uncomfortable. It’s a miss in my book. Not to mention the fact that it’s white cloth. HELLO! Going to get filty fast.

  • Jacquie

    Saw Lindsay Lohan carrying it not too long ago…not impressed with her white/black outfit and the off-white of the LV, not doing her or the bag justice!
    -jacquie from likeWise

  • Didi

    It’s actually leather I think … it doesn’t look that bad except for the braided handles imho

  • Superqueen

    Lindsay Lohan carried the ‘Stratus GM’ bag, I def prefer that to the one Jessica is carrying in these images :(

  • 09


    does she have actually anything in the bag?

  • Narkeasha

    I sorta like it although somehow it looked like just any cheap bag in the picture. maybe pic quality no good.

  • Brooke

    That bag is hideous and Jessica Simpson really does seem to have this natural permanent brain dead look on her face in every pic ive seen of her lol. but anyway hate the bag and another thing i can’t stand is that she has it unzipped and walking around with it. sorry i know i sound nuts but i can’t stand it when i see someone walking around with there purse all opened up. lol it’s a huge pet peeve of mine. :mrgreen:

  • Naggy

    It looks like paper mache. (ipad)