Jack osbourne diet

Ok I know Jack Osbourne is not carrying a bag, but that’s ok, because this is note worthy. And since this is Celebrities Week, why not? Remember trashy-slobby out of shape Jack? Say bu-bye to that. Jack has bouts with his drug addiction in 2004 and after rehab must have had some sort of revelation- because he has gone from flab to fab. His mum told a magazine that his Thai boxing training has helped him shed more than 40 pounds. Being 5-ft 9-in Jack once weighed about 215 pounds and has now slimmed to 175 says his mom. Actually since then- he has lost even more weight while he climbs 10,000 feet mountains and is practicing his Thai boxing on experienced fighters in Asia. Unfregginbelievable. Jack Osbourne used to be one of those celebs that I saw and told myself, “Well, even if you eat that entire gallon of ice cream you will still look better than him at least”. Now I can’t even say that anymore, because Mr. Osbourne is putting me to shame. I feel like I should go do an ab or something. Maybe I will just move from my desk to my bed and reach for the remote and press the ‘ON’ button.

But seriously, way to go Jack. Thanks to yet one more person putting me to shame.

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  • Shan

    Well if he can do it then we all sure can!!! That is AMAZING

  • Rhiannon

    W O W!

  • jac 2 the line

    good for jack i am proud

  • Moi ;)

    OMG he doesn’t even look like the same guy. And the haircut really makes a HUGE difference!

  • Tuesday

    Doesn’t even look like the same guy. Inspirational.


    jack = attractive? what! u headr me! jack ozz….is hott!

  • mishynoodle

    H. O. T. look at that face!

  • Amanda

    OMG! He is so..HOT!!The words i thought i would never hear my self say about him!(I think Kelly Oz should take some tips from her bro!)

  • ginny

    wow!!! I dont want to seem shallow or anything, but he is cute now!!!!!

  • Di

    WOW!! he grew up, about time, he let go of alot of things thats why he looks so good. good for him i hope he keeps going!!!!
    now how about kelly,she so pretty and young do something girl feel good about your self,you are so blessed!!!!

  • rubber duck

    i wouldn’t say he was hot, but he sertantly lost some wieght, and and the haircut will deffinatly get him some chicks. lets hope he will share some fashon tips with his dad (lol)! keep up the good work, jack, your’e lookin’ good

  • jacklover

    Jack Oz is like totally completely undeniably SEXY!!!! He is so fine and i really like his hair cut he should have done this years ago and he would have been too busy with chicks to do drugs well in closing HE IS SO SO SO SO SO FINE AND SEXY AND GOREGOUS!!!!!!!!!

  • billyjoe

    he’s hot!

  • rubberduck

    i thought you liked someone else…………..billyjoe

  • billyjoe

    hey! i still like the other guy! and excuseme, but you like tre cool but you say that tyler is hot which i so do not think

  • lori d

    Good for him!

  • Theresa

    If he doesn’t speak Afrikaans then I’m not shagging him!

    Otherwise delicious bokkie!

  • Laly-Peru

    He looks awsome..

  • Laura

    He looks really great, he is hot! I would have never thought…but way to go!
    I watched the show where he went mountain climbing and things, he was great and good on him! he is so sexy now. Truly, I think many overweight people get overlooked but when they lose the weight you see their was a hotness underneath all that flab.


    i`ve always had a crush on jack osbourne so me seeing him happy is great ,as long as his happy with what his doing he should keep it up.from a great of jack osbourne :grin:


    it doesnt matter how u look jack as long as u happy with yourself

  • jacklover

    :shock: oh my give me that !!!!!!!

  • julie

    I’m not a huge osbournes fan … it came out first when i was 13 and i started cursing way more at home and I ‘m pretty sure it was the influence o0f that programme…i also had a huge crush on jack when he was fat…but when i was around 15 i grew out of that crush and just saw a fat osbourne who turned me into a cursing verman. But after i watched adrenaline junkie it’s made me wanna go out and climb some mountains. I’m 19 now and i struggled through alot in my teens, but i just wanna say adrenaline junkie is one of the first good things that has come out of the osbourne household. Jack’s always been my favorite anyway. He’s a clever guy.

  • jack

    yeah it’s cool jack just remember the day we swent !! in vegas miss you causin maybe we will come this year!! tc!

  • Julie


    Good job, Jack :-).

  • Tayla

    Wow Jack you’ve gone from flab to fab! Hope you go on and stay like that!:)…Well Done

  • Naggy

    What an amazing transformation. (ipad)

  • KY

    Wow, he looks good! (ipad)