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  • Sparky

    Obnoxious narcissists.

  • Karisma

    When your handbag is a lot more attractive than you are, it’s saying a lot. Do we really care that much that they HAD to hide their faces? By the way isn’t the idea of people LOOKING at them on tv and in movies their bread and butter?

  • I actually feel for them. I know they made a choice to be in the public eye but they are humans too, and they reserve the right to want to go to the grocery or airport in peace! Lovely bags too. I think the luggage is the best choice for a bag to hide behind.

    • I have a lot of sympathy for them too; demanding full access to a famous person’s life seems over the top for me, and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone photographing me at the airport just because I was in a movie or something.

      • Karisma

        “Out of sight, out of mind.” If they’re not photographed, we forget about them. Yes, it is demanding, but it’s an occupational hazard and they opted for this business. Sad, but it comes with the territory.

      • It doesn’t have to come with the territory, though! I think there are ways for celebs to lead human lives and us to get our celeb lifestyle fix anyway. It just seems like the current way our culture goes about it is broken.

    • Sparky

      I completely agree about them being human, but from day one they’re obsessed with media attention. The moment they make it – false humility. As nauseating as I find the Kardashians I give them credit for standing by their hunger for attention. At least they are honest about their narcissism.

  • kindled

    Jokes on them, because here at purseblog, we just want to see the bags, and this gives us a great view!

    • kindled

      (I am sympathetic, though. Getting stalked by paps seems awful)

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  • Amazona

    Despite the trouble paps are giving these celebs, this post was absolutely hilarious! Loved the captions, too! :D
    You could do a “1001 uses for a handbag” post next, displaying what else bags could be good for.

  • Lori

    These are some of the best shots of Lindsay Lohan I have seen in a long time. Her outfits are well put together and when you can see her face, so is her makeup. And she has such great bags!

  • Sara

    It’s time for designers to come up with a bag that celebrities can wear on their heads!!

  • Thomas

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