The Katherine Kwei Donna Clutch is as recognizable and stand-out as they come. The knotting technique Kwei uses for her designs is not seen with any other designer, which is clearly her individuality factor. And because of this, it is hard to miss one of her designs.

Recently, Fergie was seen pairing her colorful fuchsia Katherine Kwei Donna Clutch with her black on black outfit. There are so many reasons why this work, including the fact that her somber outfit desperately needs a pop of color. The Donna Clutch has been seen in a variety of materials, including watersnake, but I think I have found my favorite rendition. I am clearly drawn to hot pink (like my Botkier Venice Hobo). Not everyone wants such a bright splash of color on a larger bag, so it is perfect to opt for a clutch. Buy via Saks for $645.

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Image via Just Jared

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  • Voodoo

    I think that clutch looks awesome with her outfit! (fb)

  • marina t

    not for me, i will rather save up and get me a chanel flap! (fb)

  • Candice

    Loves it!! (fb)

  • Samantha

    That’s cute.. and affordable! :) (fb)

  • swags

    I think the clutch is a very sharp splash of color with her outfit. The clutch itself is unique and pretty. I am a pink fan, have a pink bag I love but find it looks best when I don’t wear pink.

  • Raleine

    it was a very unique and subtle way to add colour to her outfit. definitely love the clutch! (fb)

  • saikick

    Oh my goodness!!
    I WANT that clutch!!! <3
    I have tons of black outfits, and this clutch is super unique. I love how it's edgy but feminine at the same time!

    Thanks for posting! ^_^ (fb)

  • Cherul

    not a very big fan of the clutch esp the knotting but i agree that the color gives a good contrast with her outfit.(fb)

  • Sonia

    Like it on her… But not sure for me… Not for the office of course… And my weekends usually need something less fashionable as sad as that sounds. (fb)

  • hoofbeats95

    CUTE! Fergie can pull anything off. (fb)

  • Pat

    Really liking the design on this clutch. Would love to be able to see/touch it irl to better appreciate the craftmanship. I love pink and this color is perfect to brighten up any dark colored outfits I have. Fabulous. (fb)

  • Lydia M

    She looks fab! (fb)

  • Meredith

    I think the pink clutch looks great with her outfit, but I can’t pull off anything pink – not even a clutch. I’d like it in a caramel or melon color, though. (fb)

  • Maryann

    She looks great. I love pink with black. The clutch is beautiful and the shoes too! (fb)

  • Brenda Cervantes

    I love it! Amazing color! I love her handbags! Everyone compliments mine! Katherine Kwei’s my favorite designer! And she’s so sweet!!!!! (fb)

  • stephanie

    Love it! Its fun but stylish. Nice pop of color. (fb)

  • Amy Beth

    I <3 hot pink right now. Love it!

  • BLynnT

    Love the fun pop of pink with her black outfit! (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    I`d wear this anytime!

  • Audrey H.

    I think the clutch looks great with her outfit. (fb)

  • Brenda

    Loving the semi-fringe! (fb)

  • D

    I love this clutch! I would really love to see it in yellow. I can’t seem to locate it on, maybe it’s only in stores :(

    • Kathy

      Hi D,

      Yes it’s only in the stores in Saks. I am sure if you call them they can ship it to you or I can try and help you do this if you want. Email me anytime if you are having trouble.

  • Celina

    I love bright pops of colour, they add so much to any ensemble – think she looks great! (fb)

  • Tracy Kennedy

    Ah, such a cute clutch. I’m glad it’s not as huge as I originally thought it was (see my FB comment), lol. (fb)

  • Stacy

    Katherine Kwei is very good at what she does. These clutches nice. Love the styling, the material and Yes, especially the color. I Love bright colors when they are “done” right. (fb)

  • Debbie C

    I think it looks cute with her outfit. A nice pop of color. (fb)

  • dguerrero3

    I like it with her outfit, it looks very fergieish…(fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    I’m really happy for Katherine Kwei! I love the intricate frill pattern. So lovely. (fb)

  • Jane

    I am a huge fan of Katherine Kwei, I look at her website daily just so I can look at her beautiful designs. I am fortunate enough to own two of her bags. I absolutely adore her work and would love to own many many more pieces. I have wanted this clutch since I first saw it on the site. I would love to own the Donna satchel in hot pink. Fergie was smart to buy this clutch and if I had her money I would own as many Katherine Kwei handbags I could get my hands on. I think Josh Duhmel is so good looking so that would be my second favorite accessory. (fb)

  • mai

    That’s a lot for a poor student like me… but it is cute! (fb)

  • covertanjou

    Very pretty bag. I love the color. (fb)

  • Rashida

    I think it’s fun and pretty fb

  • Doris

    I love it and think it goes great with her all black outfit. Just the right splash of color! (fb)

  • mika

    cute.. (fb)

  • gacats

    Like the clutch but especially diggin’ that tall male accessory she has! (fb)

  • Barb

    She does need that pop of color! I would love to see the snake! Love the knotting! (fb)

  • Leslie

    I love that clutch, the knotting is so unique. She has one hot hubby. (fb)

  • Jun

    Love the style and the color! She pulled it off great with the outfit (fb)

  • Carol

    Love her entire look! (fb)

  • Loquita

    Beautiful clutch – Katherine Kwei’s work is certainly unique, and I have liked everything that I have seen so far!

  • Kayla

    This is fabulous! (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Wow this is great! I want this (fb)

  • Nola

    I love this clutch. I’ve never heard of “Fergie” though. LOL

  • Valentina

    I love knots, knits, braids… all those make me think more about the work behind the bag or garment. I want this! (fb)

  • faith24

    umm… my hair always tangles and gets this annoying knots- this is all i can think about when looking at this clutch (fb)

  • best2222
  • Jocephine

    The pink clutch looks striking with her black and white ensembles! She rocks!

  • Jocephine

    (FB) :P

  • Paula C

    This is WILD…I LOVE IT!!

  • Paula C

    This is wild…love it!! (fb)

  • annabelle

    awww so want this!!!
    i have so many images going through my head on what to wear with this one! (fb)

  • Roxanna

    I like the color but not the design. Ill take her hubby instead (fb)

  • Beth

    I only recently became aware of Katherine Kwei but I quickly became a fan of her unique and identifiable designs. This clutch is no exception. Great colour too. (fb)

  • sunchicka

    What a stunning clutch

  • Leticia

    It’s a gorgeous purse, but I don’t think Fergie’s doing it justice with this outfit… When I read she was wearing the purse over black I imagined it’d be a super glamourous dress… (fb)

  • Kate

    Omg I LOVE that bag and the way fergie is wearing it so unique!

  • Karin bag4bag

    This looks gorgeous – love the knotting and the color. Have never had a pink bag except for a sparkly evening sequinny thing. Might be time now !!! (fb)

  • Lynn

    A Malaysian songstress cum designer came out with a clutch design similar to Katherine Kwei’s knots.

  • Savannah

    Its stunning, but I wouldnt pat that much for a clutch. (fb)

  • Julia

    Forget the bag, forget the whole outfit… Hello Josh! Now where can I get an accessory like that ;)

    The bag is great and I love the color! (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    While the colour if nice but I am unsure about the overall design. I am not a clutch person anyway (fb)

  • Tamee

    Definitely different – the way they handled the fringe on this one. I’m still not a fan of fringe, but this one’s ok. I think I like the color more than the style and structure though. (fb)

  • Paulina

    I’m not a big fringe person either, but I do love the knotting details. Also… Josh Duhamel! *drool* (fb)

  • Monique

    Fab color! It’s Wednesday. I’m hopeful about the Linea Pelle giveaway! (fb)

  • LynnDenise

    I like the color and the knotting on that bag. (fb)

  • Cate

    One word: wow. (fb)

  • Denise

    I picture a western grandma trying to be cool wearing this (fb)

  • Jane

    I REALLY love this! So unique! (fb)

  • Monique

    great clutch (fb)

  • Sonya

    Think Pink!! Pink is my favorite color and Fergie I must say, is wearing it well. It makes her outfit pop, since it’s basically all black. She is wearing this clutch well.

  • Nikki

    I love the color. But my favorite part about it is the knotting style at the bottom. It’s definitely unique! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I’d rather take Fergie’s man :p (fb)

  • Emma G

    I don’t like Fergies style tbh (ipad)