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  • Luiza

    do a many bags of ashley tisdale post!! she has this back-pack but her entire collection is TDF

    • buffmom33

      Hey Luiza I think they have done Ashley Tisdale a while back! If I find post will comment:)


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  • viennaprinzessin

    I’m not a fan of this bag, but seeing a young woman carry it, I’m warming up to it. I wouldn’t carry it. But it looks good on her.

  • Sara

    I think she looks wonderfully age-appropriate in this outfit. And rich, of course, with that cute backpack ;)

  • PJGambler

    Looks good on her, it shouts “I’m young, rich, and successful”. However, I would never carry this or any other backpack even if it were covered in diamonds.

  • crumpet

    It’s not that I don’t get why people designate this backpack as “age appropriate” (how many of us once crammed our textbooks into home-decorated, frayed surplus versions splashed with color and emblazoned with the names of our fave bands in superfat perma-sharpie), I think this designer version looks OK on any age that I’ve seen pictured so far on this site.
    If anything, knowing the price point can in some ways make it seem less appropriate for a teenager, depending on your point of view on all-ages luxury of course…though I guess anyone familiar with this item would automatically be making a pretty safe assumption about the said teen’s personal financial status!