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  • Nadine

    I just do not understand the appeal of moschino at all. Or how the brand manages to stay afloat when only the odd celebrity seems to be the only time you ever see their merchandise off the runway…

  • Y Ajayi

    That moschino bag nope!

  • Sofia

    I almost didn’t recognize Katy Perry

    • rigidmink

      She’s looking Amy Winehouse-esque

  • FashionableLena

    I love the Moschino dress. The shoe clutch? Not so much. Love Kate’s entire outfit, and the shade of blue on that Ricky bag is gorgeous.

    • Smithy

      katy looks matronly and generally horrible.

  • Cara M

    I wanna be Kate Winslet when I grow up! Love her.

  • Jess

    Moschino is very fun coked out brooklyn trust fund baby and Katy Perry is very my mom singing along non-commitedly to lyrics she doesn’t really know in her SUV in the suburbs, so it’s really weird to see them together so intimately

    • Smithy

      great comment.

      • raymundrockette

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    • shopper

      I think she looks like an idiot. Its not even fashion. It looks like she covered herself in double sided tape then rolled over a pile of Moschino giveaways.

  • shema770

    Can anyone tell me what bag Amal Clooney is carrying here? I’ve never seen it and that blue stripe! Or can you feature this bag here?


  • maggie g

    FYI: I was in Barney’s NYC this week. Not an LV (except for 2 Neverfulls), Gucci, Prada in sight. All ladies carrying Celine (esp luggage totes), Chloe, Hermes.

  • Rendy Haryono

    I dont understand with this girl (Emily Anderson)… Most of her posting are very absurb and no content at all… The article’ headline/title with the content (photos) mostly are not related…. For example this article, she said “travel internationally” suppose to be the photos need to be taken in the airport or something related with travelin… But we can see after dinnner, etc… Also in the other posting, she mentions celebs with celine bags, but from 8 photos, only 2 with celine bags… (2 out of 8??? Come on!!!)

    Why purseblog has this kind of contributor on their website, it totally horror!!!!

    • Four out of the 8 photos are in airports. Katy is in Milan and I don’think she lives in Italy so that counts a traveling. I would say that 5 out of 8 is enough to generalize that the post is about celebs “traveling internationally”. Nowhere in the title or the post did she say that “a lot” or “most” or “many” of them were carrying Céline. Per the title and the “etc.” in it, the intent was probably just to list the brands, but of course, she couldn’t list them all in the headline.

      So, you know, calm down. It’s a bag about handbags. You’re not supposed to get this worked up about it.

    • The Rice Thins Gown

      I feel like her posts are no different from the other weekly posts we’ve seen on this blog about celebrities and their handbags. The series has never been very indepth and I think the title of the posts are only meant to highlight some of the designers featured or what some of the celebrities are doing.

  • Guest

    For the record Emily, I really enjoy your posts.

  • StevenMPagan

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  • Vicu

    Brand New Celine Trapeze with tags


  • Hadrien

    Moschino is street fashion becoming mainstream with a great sense of humour. But with a higher price tag.